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Designing Marketing

Campaigns for Brand Equity

Product Strategy
The New Media Environment

Presented By:
08EM-045 - Sumit Agarwal
08EM-040 - Saurab Parasar
08EM-039 - Saurab Arneja
08EM-035 - Ravi Shekhar Agrawal
Focus of the Presentation

How marketing activities & product

strategies build brand equity?
How can marketers integrate these
activities to enhance brand awareness?
Improve the brand image, elicit positive
brand response and increase brand
How brand itself can be effectively
integrated into the marketing program to
create brand equity?
Reebok as case !
Reebok - Overview

Type: Subsidiary of Adidas since 2005

Founded: Bolton, England (1895)
Headquarters: Canton, Massachusetts,
U.S., Bolton, England
Industry: Sportswear and Sports Goods
Products: Footwear, Accessories,
Origin Of the Brand
Joseph William Foster was making a living producing regular
shoes when he came up with the novel idea of a spiked
running shoe.
He founded a company in 1895, named J.W. Foster and
In 1960, Joe and Jeff Foster renamed the company in England
In August 2005, one of the company's largest rivals, Adidas,
announced that it would acquire Reebok for $3.8 billion. The
deal was completed in January 2006.

* Reebok started its operations in India in 1995.

Product Strategy
Product Strategy

The product itself is the primary

influence on what consumer
experience with a brand.

Product is at the heart of brand equity.

Innovative in Technology

Since Reebok created the first-ever track and field spike back in
1895, it has always held innovation as its paramount global
brand value.

EasyTone : EasyTone activates key leg muscles and

tones them with every step.

KineticFit : Provides a fit system that

accommodates the changes in size and shape of
an feet as it moves.
Innovative in Technology

HexRide : A cushioning technology created to provide a

cushioned, lightweight ride.
Innovative in Technology
Xstatic : To create an anti-odor, anti-sweat & anti-
DMX Foam : DMX Foam is a proprietary foam
formulation that delivers a cushioned ride in a
longer lasting, more lively feeling system.
PlayDry : It is a moisture management system that
helps keep you cooler, dryer and more comfortable.

DMX Shear, DMX Max, Hexalite, 3D Ultralite,

SmoothFit, PlayShield, PlayWarm

High Perceived Quality

Better Performance
Conformance to meet the specifications
Reliability & Durability
Style & Design
These product characteristics defined quality, and
influenced consumer attitudes and behaviour towards the

Supported by aggressive ad campaigns across years.

Reebok Advertising Campaigns

2003, Terry Tate: Office Linebacker

Fan favourite fictitional character "Terrible Terry Tate"
worked for the fictional company Fletcher & Sons,"
promoting proper office etiquette while looking stellar in
Reebok product.
Reebok Advertising Campaigns

2005, I Am What I Am
The campaign encouraged young people to embrace their own
individuality by celebrating their contemporary heroes.
Very cool because it didnt just show you a shoe it showed you and
experience. The campaign is people running and ordinary things look
different in a way to inspire the runner to run faster.
Endorsed by music icins like Jay-Z, Daddy Yankee and 50 Cent; top
athletes Allen Iverson, Donovan McNabb, Curt Schilling, Kelly Holmes,
Iker Casillas and Yao Ming; screen stars Lucy Liu, John Leguizamo and
Christina Ricci; and skateboarder Stevie Williams.
Reebok Advertising Campaigns

Sept, 2007, There Are Two People in Everyone

Highlights Reeboks unique brand point of view of
celebrating an individuals balance between sport and
Live through a host of media -innovation in television, retail, out
of home media, print, digital and various other integrations.
Features some of 2007s biggest sports icons from around the
world including Cricket standouts Rahul Dravid and MS Dhoni,
football star, basketball all-star, tennis star, Korean pop
sensation, top Japanese model, South American triathlete, martial
artis, etc.
Reebok Advertising Campaigns

2007, Yao's Power

Reebok and NBA star Yao Ming teamed up today in Beijin
Olympics 2008, this campaign exclusively for China.
Reebok also launched an interactive website, which is created especially for Yaos
fans to demonstrate their support.
Reebok Advertising Campaigns

2007, Reebok Nation

A 30-second local TV spot
It showcased Reebok's incredible ties to Boston sports.
It meant to bring excitement to the Reebok brand.

Reebok Advertising Campaigns

2008, Your Move

Communicated to consumers through an integrated platform
which includes: digital, TV, out-of-home, print, PR and web
'Your Move' is an invitation for people to express
themselves and to do things in their own unique way in
sports and life.
Brand ambassadors are Henry, MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh and
Bipasha Basu.
The New Media Environment

We saw from above campaigns that Rebook has always been

in traditional media like TV Commercials, Posters, Banners,
Newspapers, Radio, Magazines.. Etc.

But, as the media is changing, we can now see how Rebook

has used this for brand building though various means. Like:
website, reality shows, mobile marketing, movies, paid
search on google / yahoo, buzz marketing, sponsership etc.
Reality Shows



A true-life show depicting the daily struggle of

the McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania Montour High
School football teams attempt to win the
Mobile Marketing

Reebok new footwear promotes My Name Is Khan

Reeboks MNIK collection is a fusion of sports and lifestyle.

It is targeted at a growing, globally sports and fashion
conscious Indian market.
The key highlight of the collection is the footwear.
Winning Stride that Shahrukh Khans character, Rizwan
Khan, wears throughout the movie.
Paid search on google / yahoo
Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing is a viral marketing

technique that attempts to make each
encounter with a consumer appear to be a
unique, spontaneous personal exchange of
information instead of a calculated marketing
pitch choreographed by a professional

North America - National Football League

(NFL) since 2002, the
Canadian Football League (CFL) since 2004

Canada Cycle & Motor Co. Ltd. (CCM) -

National Hockey League (NHL) in 2004

Europe - European soccer clubs, Liverpool


Australia - Australian A-League Football


India Indian Premier League, since 2008

International Cricket - official sponsor of

ICC in 2007
Social Networking : GoRunEasy

Reebok introduced a promotional social network for

runners, encouraging them to run at the speed of chat.
Social Networking : GoRunEasy

Runners can participate in this social network by

creating a profile.
Add Flickr photos of themselves running.
Share their favorite running playlists.
Join groups of other runners.
Use Google Maps to create your own run.
Goruneasy is integrated with the Reeboks main site,
so theres no problem finding a place to buy new

Integration of products, technology with marketing

Marketing Communications as the voice of brand to
establish a dialogue and build relationship with
Add elements to brand equity through different
marketing campaigns
Use of new media environment for brand building

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