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PanelViewE 2711E xxx

ProSoft Part Number: AN-X-AB-DHRIO
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ent 4.3
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Retrofit Pan
elView Plus 4
6touch tama ou
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PV300 teclado PV400

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PV300 teclado PV800

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PV Plus 6 400
PV 550 Touch PV 550 Keypad PV Plus 6 600 Keypad
PV 600 Touch PV 550 Keypad/Touch PV Plus 6 600 Keypad/Touch

PV Plus 6 600 Touch

PV 1000 Keypad
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PV 600 Keypad/Touch
PV Plus 6 700 Keypad
PV Plus 6 700 Keypad/Touch

PV Plus 6 1250 Keypad or Keypad/Touch

PV Plus 6 1250 Touch


Migraao PanelView
Rockwell Automation Support Center

31941 - PanelView 1400 Standard Obsolescence and Recommended Transition

Access Level: TechConnect
Date Created: 05/13/2005 12:00 AM
Last Updated: 02/26/2013 01:17 AM

This information of our intent to make the PanelView 1400 Standard product line inactive as of September 30, 2005. Inactive means that after September 30, 2005, new
product will no longer be available for sale. The size and type of display used in this product is increasingly becoming difficult to obtain economically. Therefore, Rockwell
Automation has decided to obsolete the PanelView 1400 CRT based product. Please note that this obsolescence only affects the PanelView 1400 Standard CRT based units,
the rest of the PanelView Standard product line will continue to be available for sale. This letter will provide a brief overview of our recommended transition strategy.

Catalog Numbers Affected

2711-K14C1 2711-K14C10 2711-K14C12 2711-K14C14

2711-K14C15 2711-K14C16 2711-K14C20 2711-K14C3
2711-K14C8 2711-K14C9 2711-T14C12 2711-T14C14
2711-T14C1 2711-T14C10 2711-T14C20 2711-T14C3
2711-T14C15 2711-T14C16
2711-T14C8 2711-T14C9

24126 Limitations converting PanelBuilder32 applications to RSView Machine Edition V3.0 to V6.0 20/ 03/ 14 21:24
It is recommended to begin to transition of PanelView 1400 CRT Customers to PanelView Plus 1500 Flat Panel Product the PanelView Plus 1500
PanelView Plus terminals are available DC and AC powered as standard.
OEM and System Integrators who presently use the PanelView 1400 Standard on an ongoing basis need to be informed of this obsolescence plan and informed that the
Rockwell Automation Support Center
PanelView Plus 1500 product is a cutout compatible replacement product.

Customers and End users who will mainly be concerned with the maintenance of their existing PanelView 1400 Standard terminals need to be informed of our intent to

24126 - Limitations converting PanelBuilder32 applications to RSView Machine

continue repair of these units as long as possible, typically 5 to 7 years.

Edition V3.0
Customers tousers
and end V6.0
who are concerned about replacement need to be informed that the PanelView Plus 1500 is a drop in replacement for the PanelView
Standard 1400.
Access Level: TechConnect
Date Created: 03/04/2003 12:00 AM
Last Updated: 10/15/2013 09:45 AM

Limitations (0)
converting PanelBuilder32 applications to RSView Machine Edition V3.0

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Old PVP 400/600


PV Standard
Subject to change based on parts availability
Repairs services available after transition period
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