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EE 147
Dura, Erojo, Macaalin, Montaos
What is Sound Energy?

A form of energy associated with the vibration of matter

SI unit is Joule (J)

Mainly associated with the potential and kinetic energy of air

Brief History
In theory, the first sound in the universe is the Big Bang

Leonardo Da Vinci (1500s) discovered that sound travels in waves

Marin Mersenne (1640s) first measured the speed of sound in air

Robert Boyle (1660s) discovered that sound waves must travel in a medium

Sir Isaac Newton (1670s) formulated a relationship between the speed of sound in
a medium and the density and compressibility in a medium.

Daniel Bernoulli (1700s) explained that a string could vibrate at more than one
Todays Use of Sound Technology

Hearing Aids
Video Cameras

Energy transfer is carried out by particle to particle collisions in

the medium transmitting the sound wave
Sound energy may be converted into electrical energy for
transmission and later be converted back to sound energy at the
receiving end
Sound energy is easily lost during transfer or transformation


- Used mostly by the medical field, allowing doctors to see

inside patients bodies. It sends sound waves into a
persons body, and provides us with a digital image of
their insides, based on the pattern of reverberation.


- Ships on the ocean make use of

the reflecting properties of sound
waves to determine the depth of
the ocean.

- Sound waves create compressions in the air

between two plates, and when two compressions
meet at one point, it creates interference.
- When a drop of water, for example, is caught in
the interference between these two varying
frequencies, it starts to hover in mid-air.

Stabilizing Brain Waves

- According to a research conducted by Robert
Monroe of The Monroe Institute, songs made
from a series of overlapping and changing
frequencies have given listeners the ability
to balance out the brain waves in each of
the brain hemispheres.

Growing Plants
- In 1962, Indian researcher Dr. T. C. Singh
carried out studies which showed how
sound can increase plant growth. After
playing Indian music near balsam plants,
he found that they had grown 20% taller
and carried 72% more biomass.

Healing Wounds
- A sound technology that involves spraying a saline
solution over a wound area and applying low frequencies
to the solution has been shown to have a particularly
high success rate in healing certain types of wounds,
such as foot and leg ulcers. One study saw 69% of ulcers
treated over 12 weeks with this innovative method
completely healed.
Curing Cancer
- Researchers at Princess Grace Hospital in London have been developing a
system for destroying cancer cells with sound. Using High Intensity
Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), they have successfully destroyed prostate
cancer cells in their test patients, using only sound waves to heat up and
kill the targeted cells. This technology was applied to 159 men with
prostate cancer, and after one year, 92% of them did not have a
recurrence cancer.
Advantages and Disadvantages

Too much sound energy may damage human ears
Very susceptible to energy loss