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SAP Best Practices

Preconfigured Business

Interested in Value-Add?

How can you achieve

value-add by reducing costs for your

evaluation/implementation project?

value-add by reducing business process


value-add by increasing revenue?

but only one answer.

SAP Best Practices

SAP AG 2004
What are SAP Best Practices?

SAP Best Practices are Cost

the sound foundation methodology
for prepacked ready-to-
use business solutions
Best Practices
SAP Best Practices Extensive
cover well-proven
business scenarios Time Risk
that help to exploit the Components
potentials of mySAP Extensive preconfiguration to set up
Business Suite a) the complete system landscape
b) end-to-end business scenarios

Flexible building block Detailed documentation on settings &

technology enables
you to implement and Clear methodology: comprehensible
adapt your solution in a step-by-step approach
very flexible way
SAP AG 2004
SAP Best Practices
Traditional project
Enable fast and easy implementa-
Working prototype
tion of mySAP Business Suite
With SAP
Best Practices Demonstration of a solution that
is easy to:
adapt to specific

Get a living and fully documented

prototype within days that you
can rapidly turn into a productive
Time and effort savings

Identification and anticipation of reusable business processes

and project activities

SAP AG 2004
SAP Best Practices Deliverables Structure

Documentation Preconfiguration

BP Scenario overview
BP Business process procedures
Master data

Documentation (IMG)
Best Practices Installation Guide
Step-by-step guide to be used Test catalogs
together with the installation role Installation role
Best Practices Configuration Guide

for all scenarios

Definition and documentation of Preconfigured configuration settings
integrated business processes and installation automation

SAP AG 2004
How do I get started?

You have installed the software required for your solution in your system
landscape (e.g. SAP R/3, SAP CRM)

The SAP Best Practices package
contains two components:
Documentation CD with business documentation,
technical documentation, documentation
templates and conversion forms
System add-on. The Add-On contains all necessary
elements (CATT procedures, Business Configuration
Sets, programs, transactions, project IMG, test catalog)
that are needed for the installation process of
SAP Best Practices

To prepare for the installation of SAP Best Practices

import the SAP Best Practices add-on into your system

SAP AG 2004
SAP Best Practices: Installation

SAP Best Practices

Choose the scenarios that you
would like to install

Business Scenario

The documentation provided with
Scenario 1 SAP Best Practices enables you to
make a profound decision
Scenario 2
Scenario overview including
Scenario 3 Scenario diagrams

SAP AG 2004
SAP Best Practices Installation Guide & Installation Role

The installation role

is the counterpart of
the installation guide

It supports a step-by-step Installation roles are available
approach to set up a for SAP R/3, SAP BW, SAP CRM,
prototyping environment SAP EBP, SAP APO

SAP AG 2004
Technical Information: Building Block Principle

SAP Best Practices Building Blocks

Building Blocks

are the technical methodology for the SAP Best Practices
development and delivery

provide SAP Best Practices users with small, flexible, and
transparent pieces of functionality (Building Blocks), for
example a specific scenario that can be implemented like an
add-on to an existing solution

foster inter-operability and reusability by providing the
necessary guidelines and tools to enable content developers to
create Building Blocks that follow a common structure

SAP AG 2004
SAP Best Practices Tools

SAP Best Practices takes advantage of

three tools that speed up implementation

Business Configuration Sets (BC Sets)

Computer Aided Test Tool (CATT & eCATTs)
Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW)

The installation role

comprises automated
activities. You can

Activate a BC Set
Start a CATT procedure

SAP AG 2004
Business Configuration Sets (BC-Sets) - Definition

BC-Sets are groups of configuration


which are grouped according to logical, business

management criteria to a unit
for documentary, preconfiguration, quality assurance and
re-use purposes
which are independent of the original configuration
which are accessible across the system landscape

BC Sets represent snapshots of

configuration settings

... ...

Business Configuration BC Set

Process tables/views
SAP AG 2004
Computer Aided Test Tool (CATT) General Usage

The CATT allows you to combine and
automate business processes as
repeatable test procedures.
CATTs check process transactions and transaction
chains automatically.
Check transaction results.
Check system messages.
Check database updates by performing determining
values and making target/actual comparisons.
Check reactions to changes in configuration settings.

CATTs allow to create
Sample master data
Test data
Training data

SAP AG 2004
Installation Procedure

Load user roles containing installation 3.

activities for required scenarios into
respective system and assign users to this

Work through user menu to install
required scenarios

Wherever possible, installation 4.

steps have been automated.

Simply enter your personal data
and execute the transaction

All steps are documented in the
installation guide

Your personal 5.
solution prototype
SAP AG 2004
Turn SAP Best Practices into a Live System

System Define requirements
Run Run Train project team
Pick and choose from
Activate the pre-settings

BC Sets
Load them into the
development system
Automatic transfer of
Activate preconfiguration used

selected BC Sets as a basis for further


delta Customizing
SAP Best Practices are the
foundation for the entire
duration of your
Import implementation project

SAP AG 2004
Benefits of SAP Best Practices

Save time and money

and achieve predicted results
Less risks
avoid common e-Business beginners mistakes
through competitive business expertise
Fast track
to extending your business solution with new business processes
No trial runs
start straight off with a fully documented prototype that is fully reusable

Failure is not an option!

it works: what you see is what you get for implementation

among project team members and executives becomes more effective

Business platform for partners

evaluation, joint development, own development

Consistent approach
focusing on integrated end-to-end business processes

SAP AG 2004
Information on SAP Best Practices

More information and contact (Internet) (SAP Service Marketplace) (e-mail)

How to order
Documentation CD only
free of charge
Order online: On the Services Marketplace from the Knowledge Shop
(Partners/Customers, only!)

Complete software package with Documentation CD and Configuration Settings CD

To be ordered from your contract department or directly on the Service Marketplace from the Software Catalog (Partners/Customers only!)
SAP AG 2004