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Emerging Issues Related

to Global Education
In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for
EDUD 6322 Trends and Issues in Multicultural Education by Kristi D. Lewis
Literacy Rates
Align all assessments with state adopted standards, implement formative and
summative assessment system, disaggregate and analyze data, communicate
results, collaborate with all literacy stakeholders, utilize a comprehensive

Identify formative and summative assessments aligned with state-adopted

guidelines, provide technical assistance to educators, develop a data system,
use multiple forms of data, collaborate with teacher preparation programs

Quality teaching standards: Content Knowledge, Teaching and Learning,

Literacy, Diversity, Professionalism

Save the Children is promoting the Literacy Boost program and to

incorporate literacy into urban cities around the world. Text books that are
provided should be in their native language and should be illustrated and eye
catching to keep their interest and attention. Teachers should be trained on
how to use books effectively and encourage students to use creative thinking
to stretch their minds outside of the textbook.
Role of Teachers
Resource provider, instructional specialist, curriculum specialist, classroom
supporter, learning facilitator, mentor, school leader, data coach, catalyst for
change, learner

Having a voice in the policies and decisions that affect students, teachers
daily work, and the shape of the profession -guiding the growth of
colleagues - sharing in decision making that used to be only made by
administrators -- and the best administrators know theyll make better
decisions when they listen to teachers.

The Department of Education utilizes practitioners that

spend a year working as Teacher Ambassadors.
Extraordinary educators, that advise and discuss
initiatives-- and they are heard on important policy
Teachers should know that they are accountable for their classrooms, and if
they are bored they need to teach out side of the box. Different incentives
should be offered to get teachers excited and motivated about why they
began teaching in the first place.
Parent and Community
Teachers and schools must incorporate parents into their
curriculum and get them active in their childs education.
Research has shown that it is crucial to have this support
come early on in a childs life before they even start
primary school.
Communities must support all children with all backgrounds
and abilities, whether it be race, culture, gender, or disabilities,
in their education. It is every childs right to have access to an
education and it is within a community that the support for this
must happen.

Going beyond the immediate community,

media partners and other influential
members of society can advocate for
childrens educational rights .
Global initiatives such as non-traditional learning to supplement their formal
classroom learning Including mentoring programs between students and
community members. Research has found that learning happens through
communities and through teaching each other. Children can learn things
from their peers in their own community which will enhance and boost their
educational levels.
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