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US Auto Industry Market Map

Cars and SUVs are largest segments and both are very fragmented with the top 5
models having under 30% share. The pick-up segment is much more consolidated.

Source: Good Car Bad Car

Music Spending
American consumers spend $109 per year on music with live concerts taking
up $38 and total live spend slightly greater than recorded spend.

Source: 2014 Nielsen Music U.S. Report

International Market for US Films
Asia Pacific has surpassed EMEA as the largest overseas market with China
and Japan accounting for over half of the Asia Pacific market.

Source: MPAA Theatrical Market Statistics

Where Billionaires Live
Billionaires are relatively evenly distributed among Europe, North America and
Asia. New York, Moscow and Hong Kong having the most in each region.

Source: Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census 2014

Super Bowl Ad Spending
Despite all the beer and food consumed during the Super Bowl, auto is the
biggest spender on ads and Budweiser is the only beer company represented.

Source: Kantar Media

Unauthorized Immigrants from
Mexico and Central America Benefit Most
Most unauthorized immigrants are from Mexico or Central America. They will benefit
most from the executive actions with over 55% eligible for deportation relief.

Boston Area Commercial Real Estate
Biotechs relocating should consider Cambridge, which has the highest concentration but is
more expensive and has a lower vacancy rate, or 128 West to be near similar firms
US Electric Vehicle Market
Toyota leads the largest, conventional hybrid segment. GM, Ford, Nissan and
Tesla dominate the higher growth, plug-in segments.

Source: Company data

Diageo Market Map
African markets are mixed, with Nigeria as the largest declining market and
East Africa as the largest emerging market.

Source: Company data

Package Delivery Market
FedEx is in a weak competitive position in Europe.

Source: Company data

Global Wine Capacity
Spain has the largest planting of grape vines in the world.

Source: OVI
Vodafone Mobile Customers
More than half of mobile customers are from Core AMAP markets but they only
generate 21% of Vodafones revenue.

Source: Company information

Football Revenue Mix
There is a significant variability in mix between Top 10 revenue teams.

Source: Football Money League 2015

Billion Dollar Start-Ups
The 97 startups now valued at $1B+ are spread across many tech sectors and
3 continents with a concentration in the US and in software-related companies.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Tennis Aces
The USA leads the way in total aces among Top 20 all time ace leaders but
Croatia has produced the top 2 players.

Source: ATP World Tour

Goal Tracking
Goal 1 is the largest revenue opportunity and we have already realized more
than 60% of the total upside.

Source: Company data

Global Wealth Distribution
Asia Pacific has the largest share of global private wealth.

Source: BCG Global Wealth 2015

Sales and Cost by Product
Product 1 is our leading product but it has the has the highest product cost in
the portfolio.

Source: Company data

Global Airline Traffic
In Asia, more than 70% of traffic flows originate in the region but in Europe half
of the traffic is from other regions.

Source: PlaneStats
Where Is Same Sex Marriage Legal?
Americas and Europe lead the way in granting legal recognition to same sex
marriage. Few countries in the rest of the world have yet to follow their lead.

Source: Pew Research Center

Same Sex Marriage Breakdown by Country
While 14 European countries recognize same sex marriage, they cover only 1/3 of the
population. Recognition by the US, Brazil and 3 others mean about 60% of the people in
the Americas are covered.

Source: Pew Research Center

Emmys by Network
Emmys are spread evenly among broadcast and cable networks, while HBO
and Netflix dominate premium cable and broadband.

European Broadband
The market for European broadband is highly fragmented. Vodafone is the only
company to compete in more than 2 of the 5 largest markets.

Source: Industry, Company data

Restaurant M&A
Most of the transaction value in the past 5 years has been in the quick serve and
mid-upscale casual segments.

Source: Bloomberg
Global IT Market Map
Applications continue to be a dominant segment in the 2+ trillion $ IT industry.

Source: Industry data

U.S. Restaurant Geographic Mix
Most of the large national chains are still strongest in their home region.

Source: Company data

US Telecom Market Map
AT&T and Verizon dominate the US telecommunications market.

Source: Company data

Sales Pipeline by Product Line
Business application deals worth $623K are in the final stage of the sales cycle.

Source: Company data

Customer Purchase Drivers
Customer research revealed that price and product are the largest drivers of
controllable churn.

Source: Industry research

European Internet Stocks
Holding companies dominate the European internet space.

Source: Company data

Automotive Purchasing Map
Leer supplies all wiper components but is the dominant motor supplier.

Source: Company data

BMW Model Profitability
Most of BMWs profitability is driven by larger models, particularly the 5 platform.

Source: Company data

Starbucks Location Map
While Starbucks operates the majority of outlets in the Americas and EMEA, its
Asian markets are more skewed to the licensing model.

Source: Company data

US Postal Service Volume by Type
The vast majority of volume is standard business mail, particularly advertising
letters and flyers.
2014 Top Places to Work
More than 40% of the top 25 places to work are technology companies.

Source: Glassdoor
S&P 500 by Sector
Did you know the top stocks in each sector of the S&P 500?.

Source: S&P 500

PC Market is Consolidating with the
Top 5 Gaining Share
Led by Lenovo and Dell, the top 5 PC makers shipped between 5 and 11%
more units in Q3 2014 than Q3 2013. All others shipped 18% fewer units.

Source: IDC Worldwide PC tracker

Tenfold Variation in Labor Costs
Among European Countries
Total labor costs vary between 54 per hour and 5 per hour in the 18 largest
European countries.

Source: Eurostat
Facebook Government Data
Requests by Country
The US and UK grant highest percentage of government data requests

Source: Company information

Ford Vehicles Fuel Economy
3 of the 4 top selling (non-hybrid) models have high fuel economy.

Source: Company information

Football Revenue Growth
Nearly all of the Top 20 teams by revenue showed growth in 2014.

Source: Football Money League 2015

Value Carrier Regional Growth
Value carriers are expanding their share of capacity, particularly in Central
America and the Caribbean.

Source: PlaneStats
Tennis Success on Grass
Roger Federer is the all-time leader in grass court winning percentage. Andy
Murray is the only other active player in the all-time Top 30 using this metric.

Source: ATP World Tour

Internet Usage Lags in Developing World
There is still significant upside in internet usage in developing regions. In Asia, with more than
half the worlds population, nearly 3x as many people use a mobile phone as use the internet.

Source: ITU
SAP Market Share by Segment
Nearly 2/3 of SAPs revenue is in software segments where it has a market
share over 20%.

Source: Company information

US Beer Market
The domestic segment of the market is mature but both imports and craft beers
are growing rapidly.

Source: Brewers Association

Auction Results by Make
Although most of the sales of used pickup trucks were Fords, the Dodge and
Toyota trucks brought a higher average price.

Source: Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

Apple Product Line Profitability
The iPhone is the biggest driver of Apples profitability.

Source: Company data

Technology Sector Leaders
Apples share of hardware, which includes tablets and phones, is more dominant
than other technology sector leaders.

Source: IDC, Gartner

U.S. Nutritional Supplement Growth
The $30B nutritional supplement market is growing at 8%, driven primarily by the
rapid growth in sports nutrition and meal supplements.

Source: Nutrition Business Journal

BMW Sales Growth
European markets are still nearly half of BMW unit sales but
they are not growing.

Source: Company information

Starbucks New Channels
K cups and US Foodservice are driving new channel growth.

Source: Company information

Close Rate by Sales Office
The Boston and Denver offices are underperforming on close rates.
US Coffee Industry Profit Pool
Most of the profits in the value chain go to processors and coffee shops..

Source: Gottfredson and Schaubert, The Breakthrough Imperative, Collins, 2008

Federal Budget Growth
Interest and Health Care are the largest growing budget segments.

Internet Penetration by Country
China has the largest percentage of online users but Germany and the UK have
the highest penetration rates.

Source: Internet World

Earnings Comparison
The 9% decline in earnings was largely driven by EBITDA and D&A.
Who Profits from March Madness?
Six of the 32 conferences received 64% of the profits the NCAA distributed
from the Mens Basketball Tournament with the Big East leading the way.

Source: NCAA
The Most Profitable College
Football ProgramUniversity of Texas
UTs program produced $82+M in profit in 2012-13 with royalties from from its
TV network supplementing ticket sales and NCAA and conference distributions.

Source: rograms-1-texas/

Apple Revenue Growth
Growth in iPhone sales and in sales to the Chinese market account for much of
Apples revenue growth between Q2 2014 and Q2 2015.

Source: Company information

Diageo Marketing
Procurement savings resulted in a 4% increase in marketing spend.

Source: Company information

Return on Investment
We will recover the investment in this project in 3 years.

Source: Company information

Vodafone Profitability
Profit margin declined slightly, driven largely by the organic decline in Europe.

Source: Company information

Airline Revenue Drivers
The primary driver of revenue improvement was increased capacity.

Source PlaneStats
Diageo Sales Change
The gains from acquisitions were offset by currency changes.

Source: Company information Cash Flow
Cash increased 16% during the year, driven by cash from operations.

Source: Company information Cash From Operations
The positive cash flow from operations was driven by large depreciation and
amortization expenses and deferred revenue.

Source: Company information Change in Cash
The major uses of cash were loan payments, investments and growing
accounts receivable.

Source: Company information

Customer Profitability
The top 6 clients account for more than 90% of profits.

Source: Company information

Global Financial Growth
Financial assets have grown rapidly over the past 2 decades and growth is
expected to remain robust during this decade.

Source: Bain & Company Global Private Equity Report 2015

Global Wine Production
Production was rising until 2004 but it has since fallen by 15%, primarily in old
world markets.

Source: OVI
Dunkin Donuts Store Growth
Dunkin Donuts geographic footprint will be more balanced as it expands beyond
its core markets.

Source: Company information

Apple Revenue Growth
iPad and iPod are the 2 categories that are expected to decline in 2014.

Source: Company data

iPhone Component Cost Increases
The component costs for iPhones have grown 11% in the past year, driven
largely by display cost increases.

Source: Teardown analysis

Starbucks Operating Income
Starbucks operating income is 20% of revenues.

Source: Company information

Private Equity Deal Analysis
The proposed deal will generate $231M in value through EBITDA improvements
and debt payments.

Source: Company information

Sales Pipeline Analysis
We are nearly $700K below target in our current sales pipeline.
Mobiles Place in the Top Ad Markets
The US and UK are leading markets for mobile advertising while some larger ad markets,
specifically Japan and Germany, are adopting mobile advertising more slowly.

Source: eMarketer
Diageo Markets in Africa and EE
South Africa is a small market for Diageo but it is the only market with positive
volume and sales growth.

Source: Company information

Airline Delays Among Largest
Global Carriers
Asian airlines have both the best and worst performance among the largest
carriers in percentage of delayed flights and length of delay.

Source: FlightStats April 2015

European Telco Growth
Vodafone is projected to have the highest earnings growth while Telenor is the
only operator expected to grow revenues by more than 2% per year.

Source: Bloomberg, company data

Customer Profitability
To improve customer profitability, we must reduce the cost to serve (shown in
lime) or raise prices (shown in orange).

Reduce Cost Raise Price

Source: Company data

Global Wealth
Asia Pacific is projected to grow but at a slower rate than in 2014.

Source: BCG Global Wealth 2015

Global Consumer Stocks
Japan Airlines is significantly cheaper than other consumer stocks with similar
dividend yields.

Source Bloomberg
US Office Rental Market
The best deal may be in Atlanta but Dallas may be a better choice given its high
vacancy rate.

Source: DTZ Office Trends Report

Auto Industry Profitability
General Motors and Fiat/Chrysler are underperforming relative to competitors.

Source: Company information

E Commerce by Category
The grocery category has the highest growth but it also has the lowest E
commerce share due to challenging logistics and consumer preferences.

Source: Planet Retail

Soft Drink Industry
Monster Beverages achieves high margins by focusing on energy drinks and
alternative beverages.

Source: Company information

Global Wine Consumption
Many of the bigger consumption markets are declining but China is on the rise.

Source: OVI
Technology Adoption in Asia
There is a significant gap in technology penetration between developed and
emerging Asian markets.

IT Budget Trends
CIOs project that innovation, security and analytics will increase as a percentage
of IT budget, while infrastructure and transaction applications will shrink.

Source: IT under pressure: McKinsey Global Survey results

Extreme Poverty declined 48% from 1981-2011
Decreases were greatest in East and South Asia, while Sub-Saharan Africa
saw a 98% increase.

Source: World Bank Extreme Poverty

Facebooks Geographic Mix
While Facebooks users are distributed around the world, North America and
Europe account for a disproportionately large percentage of its revenue.

Source: Company data

Pricing in the Beer Market
Guinness is priced at more than double of the average of other global beer

Source: Industry data

Technology Unit Volume
Tablets are driving the growth in unit volume and are expected to nearly equal
PC sales by 2016.

Source: Gartner
Smartphone Operating Systems
Although Apple captures most of the attention, there are 4 times as many
smartphones using Android vs. iOS.

Source: Industry data

US Electric Vehicle Market
Toyota leads the largest, conventional hybrid segment. GM, Ford, Nissan and
Tesla dominate the higher growth, plug-in segments.

Source: Industry data

Music Industry Forecast
Paid subscriptions are expected to be the only growing category in the music

Source: Industry data

Apple's Revenue Mix
In the current quarter the iPhone accounted for 69% of Apples revenue, up from
57% last year. China accounted for 29% of Apples revenue, up from 22% last year.

Source: Company data

Diageos Beer Business
The beer business is 20% of Diageos revenue and Guinness is more than half
of beer revenues. 75% of beer sales are from Africa and Europe.

Source Company data

Cost per Transaction Comparison
The Northeast call center has substantially higher direct costs, likely due to
higher wages and rent.

Source Company data

Vodafone Regional Performance
The UK is the 2nd largest market for Vodafone but it has the lowest margin.

Source Company data

What Do We Spend on Fathers Day?
Americans spent $2.6B on outings or meals out, the largest amount of any category.
The most popular gift was a greeting card, given by 62% of buyers, and the highest
average spend was $75 for electronics.

Source: National Retail Foundation

US Coffee Business
Starbucks controls 1/3 of the retail coffee business by selling high margin
specialty drinks, mostly to consumers under 40.

Source: Industry research, company information

Vodafone Customer Mix
Customers with content bundles tend to buy higher priced plans. More than half
of Netflix bundle customers trade up.

Source Company data

Rental Car Customers
We have the opportunity to grow our leisure only business by tailoring our
marketing to the 3 key customer segments.

Source Company data

Apple Financial Trends
Apples operating expenses are growing faster than revenues.

Source Company data

Coca Cola Geographic Breakdown
Europe is very profitable but it is the only declining market.

Source Company data

BMW US Production Trends
Most of the growth in production is for the X3 model.

Source Wards Automotive

Vodafone Revenue Growth
Many markets are still declining but every market except Portugal improved
during the quarter.

Source Company data

Las Vegas Revenue Engine
While Baccarat accounts for just 11% of the tables on the Strip, it accounts for
47% of the table game revenue and $1.6B of the Strips total revenue of $17.3B

Source: UNLV Center for Gaming Research

Airline Fleet Mix
Airlines are deploying more narrow body planes and large regional jets while
using fewer small regional jets and turboprops.

Source PlaneStats
Attributes by Customer Segment
Rationals rated quality as the most important attribute while Partners valued local
presence the most. Neither segment placed much importance on company ownership.

Source: Customer Research

Freshman Retention Rates
The percentage of freshmen who stay for sophomore year is an indicator of college
quality. Here is a comparison of the 37 small private colleges in Massachusetts.

Source Shorelight Education

Manchester Team Trends
Manchester City revenue is growing rapidly as it closes the gap with
Manchester United.

Source: Football Money League 2015

Airline Profitability
Although United and American have the highest international revenue, they
have far lower margins than the value carriers with international routes.

Source: PlaneStats
Vodafone Data Penetration
Only 34% of Vodafone data customers are using more than 500 MB per month,
leaving significant upside as data usage grows.

Source Company data

Customer Targeting
The market research project is expected to identify 50 high priority customers
in the key target segments.

Source: Company data Revenue Growth
Salesforce has been growing at a 34% CAGR over the past 5 years.

Source: Company data

Technology Use by Generation
Millennials, the first generation of digital natives, are heavier users of
technology than the generations that preceded them.

Source: Pew Research Center

Growth Target
We hit the revenue growth target in 2014.

Source: Company data

Smartphones by Price Tier
The growth in smartphones is in the lowest and highest price tiers.

Source: IDC, Gartner

Smartphone Market
Although Samsung is shipping more units, its margins are 56% lower than

Source: IDC, Company data

Customer Retention Rates
Consumers have lower retention rates than business customers.

Source: Company and industry data

Pizza Market Share
Independents and small chains own half of the delivery market but the large
chains are dominating the digital channel.

Source: Company information

Wine Consumption in China
Wine consumption in China has exploded. While domestic production has also
grown, import volumes have grown even faster to keep pace with demand.

Source: OVI
Starbucks Growth by Region
Growth in the Americas been relatively steady, EMEA has rebounded and growth
has moderated in China and AP.

Source: Company data

Luxury Goods Sales
Chinese consumers are the largest purchasers of luxury goods but the majority
of purchases take place in Europe.

Source: Industry data

Smartphone Apps
There is not much variability in the total number of apps across markets but
Japan is definitely the top market for paid apps.

Source: Industry data

Steakhouse Cost Bar
Food and beverage costs are the largest component of the steakhouse costs and
beef is naturally the largest category.

Source: Company data

US Media
Digital is the largest category of consumption but advertising spend has
not yet migrated from TV and Print.

Source: Forrester
Apples Financial Results
EPS is growing but operating margins are under pressure.

Source Company data

The Market for iTunes
iTunes growth is volume driven since revenue per user has been declining.

Source Company data

Cloud Penetration by Segment
SCM and HRM are the 2 software segments with the biggest upside for cloud

Source: Software industry data

Weekly Sales Trend
Sales are ahead of the weekly target but the rolling average has been declining
over the past couple of weeks.

Source Company data

Starbucks Earnings Growth
EPS has continued to grow but the growth rate has stabilized.

Source: Company data

Music Industry Profitability
There is upside in both revenue and margin for record labels as the industry
migrates to subscription services.

Source: Industry data

Growth in Connected Devices
The internet of things will drive rapid growth in the number of connected devices.

Source: Cisco
US Restaurant Chain Comparison
The top mid-tier restaurant chains have been unable to grow their average
check size by more than 1-2% since the global financial crisis.

Source: industry research

iPhone Sales Trend
While unit volume has steadily increased, gross margin has declined.

Source: Company data

European Auto Stocks
Fiat had the largest decline in 2011 but has seen the biggest increase in 2013
and 2014.

Source: Company data

iPhone Cannibalization of iPod
The introduction of the iPhone ended the growth of the iPod.

Source: Company data

Airline Capacity Growth
Markets above the line have higher seat growth than ASM growth due to
shorter flight lengths.

Source: PlaneStats
Asian Economic Profile
Australia has population growth rivaling the developing Asian countries but its
inflation is in line with other developed Asian economies.

Source: Datastream
Restaurant Stocks
Investors are paying a premium for earnings growth at Dunkin,
Dominos and Starbucks.

Source: Bloomberg, Company information

European Sector Performance
For European stocks, the travel and leisure sector has the highest yield but
telecom has the highest growth.

Source: Datastream
Software Growth by Category
Supply Chain Management & Logistics has high revenue and profit growth.

Source: Industry data

U.S. Branded Spirits Growth
Spirit brands above the line have been able to increase prices. The bourbon
brand, Woodford Reserve has been particularly successful.

Source: Industry data

Project Timeline
The taskforce will complete the project according to this timeline.
Client Project Plan
We will deliver a fully-functioning app to the client in early May.
Consulting Team Workplan
This is the 3 month workplan we will follow on this engagement.
Team Vacation Schedule
There is only 1 week during the summer when the entire team will be available
for the launch event.
Webinar Project
The training presentation was completed according to the following timeline.