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Evaluation Activity 2 Age: 15-30

How does your media Economic

Class: C1-E
product represent
Social Group:
particular social Teens
groups to your
Retribution audience? Scream
2017 film 1996 Film
Killer- Female Killer- Male
Victim- Male Victim- Female
Weapon- Knife Weapon- Knife
Style- Plays Style- Plats
victim victim
Mask-No Mask- Yes
Clothing- Black Clothing- Black
Voice- Dark Age- 19-20
Tone Location- House
Age- 19-20 Victims Pos-Not
Location- House tied up.
Victims Pos-Tied
The killers from both films have a similar style.
We can compare Sydney plays around with Stephen similarly to When planning for
Sydney to the victim how the mask plays with Casey in the our film, we thought
in scream whereby beginning. it would be a good
Both killers have similar weapons. idea to make our
she is stereotypically Represented as serial killers as its the most
characters challenge
presented as weak common weapon amongst them.
stereotypes. This
Both have dark clothing, reflecting their
and helpless personality and portraying them as dark. would give us a
whereas the mask is Both voices are dark to represent them as great chance to
presented as dangerous. represent our
Both dominant. characters in detail.
dominant where
Stephen Clay, the For example,
presenting a clear
victim in our film, is contrast between
a contrast to the our protagonist and
dominant serial killer
their stereotypes
but it can be argued allowed us to find
that Stephens ways in which we
situation links to the can exploit it and
state of the male present her
differently. She is
victim in scream. represented as
Both victims are being played by the dominant, which we
killer. tried to make
Both have light colours representing appealing for the
them as the victims. female gender. Our
Ages of the victims and the killers are victim is also a
similar. countertype of
males. They are
represented as
dominant and strong
however there is a
clear contrast
Our media product more Killer is a female in retribution whereas,
or less represents the in scream it is a male.
strong female group as The killer in retribution is not wearing a
our protagonist mask whereas in Scream the killer is.
challenges stereotypes Used to create an Enigma.
of the female gender
and the black race. Our
protagonist, Sydney
Johnson, challenges the
stereotypes by
presenting herself as
dominant in every way
as she ties up her

dominant male. This
shows how our
protagonist challenges
the stereotype, however
she does conform to a
stereotype which
involves cooking or
cleaning as she is seen Victim is a male in retribution whereas in
putting food in the oven Scream the victim is a female.
and taking off her oven The victim in Retribution is black whereas in
gloves but she then Scream she is White.
Stephen is tied up whereas Casey is not.
challenges the
stereotype when the
knives and her victim is

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