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WinCE .

NET & XP Embedded


Paul Yang
Application Engineer
Applied Computing Group
Advantech Co. LTD.
Selecting a Windows Embedded OS
WinCE Design Goals
WinCE.Net Features
WinCE Development
XP Embedded Design Goals
Build and Deploy XPE
Selecting a Windows Embedded OS
WinCE Design Goals
WinCE.Net Features
WinCE Development
XP Embedded Design Goals
Build and Deploy XPE
Selecting a Windows Embedded OS
Feature Windows XP Embedded Windows CE 4.2

Disk Space 5MB - 200 KB

API Support Full Win32 Best of Win32 plus CE Specific


CPU Support X86 x86, MIPS, SHx, ARM, PPC

Device 100% compatibility with XP Fine-tuned for size derivative of

Drivers Professional NT Driver

Real-Time Required 3rd Party Add-Ons Yes

Development Target Designer and Component Platform Builder / eMVT

Tools Designer / Visual Studio
Selecting a Windows Embedded OS

X86 No ARM, MIPS, SHx or x86


Require Yes requires hard real-time OS

or via third-party
Using No customized Win32 applications

XP Either Windows
Embedded .NET

Selecting a Windows Embedded OS

WinCE Design Goals
WinCE.Net Features
WinCE Development
XP Embedded Design Goals
Build and Deploy XPE
CE Products

Windows CE 1.0
Windows CE 2.x
Windows CE 3.0
Windows CE 3.0 Add-on Pack
Windows CE .NET 4.0
Windows CE .NET 4.1
Windows CE .NET 4.2
Windows CE .NET 5.0 (Macallan Beta 2)
Window CE .Net Design Goals
The robust real-time OS for rapidly building smart mobile devices

Scalable wireless technologies to flexibly

Mobile connect mobile devices into existing

Reliable core OS services for efficiently

Robust enabling the most demanding real-time
embedded designs across a breadth of hardware

Build smart .NET devices and create rich

Smart personalized experiences that span devices, PCs,
servers, and web services

End-to-End toolset for rapidly building smart

Rapid designs on the latest hardware with rich

Selecting a Windows Embedded OS

WinCE Design Goals
WinCE.Net Features
WinCE Development
XP Embedded Design Goals
Build and Deploy XPE
Components & Emulator

Graphical UI for adding / removing components

Drag and drop component features
Dependencies automatically handled

Target Emulator like any hardware platform
Runs in a desktop window
Skinnable to reflect your product
Board Support Packages

Available for a Selection of CPUs

Design flexibility
4 Major CPU architecture families
ARM/SA/XScale, MIPS, SH, x86
Over 2000 CPU types
10 integrated Board Support Packages
Extensible CPU/BSP plug-in model for 3rd party BSPs
BSP Wizard, Export Wizard and other PB tools avail
Third parties can install BSPs for their hardware into
Platform Builder
Broader selection of drivers

CPU-native or companion chip (CSP) drivers

Block level storage drivers
Installable File System Drivers
FATFS, ISO-9660, UDFS, and File filters
IEEE 1394
SBP/2 Storage and AV/C device protocol support
USB Class drivers
Printer, Mass Storage, Remote NDIS (Ethernet only)
Broader selection of drivers

NDIS/Ethernet drivers - 10/100, 802.11, Bluetooth, USB

and UART
DDI/DDHAL Display/Video Drivers
Tvia 5000, MediaQ MQ200, MediaGX Video, ATI XL, FLAT,
DX8 D3D Multimedia Driver
3D Labs Permedia D3D driver
Wave/DSHAL Audio Drivers
MediaGX, Ensoniq, Philips, Unified DX and WAV audio driver
Network Connectivity

Personal Area Networking (PAN)

IrDA, Bluetooth
Local Area Networking (LAN)
NDIS 5.1 supporting 802.3 miniport's
802.11, HomePNA etc. emulate Ethernet
RNDIS (enabling USB NIC on a string)
Wide Area Networking (WAN)
Provides infrastructure for packet-switched and dial-up networks
through NDIS
Rich selection of 3rd party solutions for DSL, ISDN, GSM, GPRS,
Wireless Network Connectivity

Security Notifications
802.1x and Extensible Media Sense: Detect roaming
Authentication Protocol & network status
Smart Card
Multiple Network
Roaming Connections
802.11 Zero Config AutoDial
Media Sense

OS Services

Windows Instant Messenger Application

Instant text messaging, presence, notifications and audio (VoIP)
Based on Real Time Collaboration / SIP protocols
Open Communications Platform
Dial Up Networking / Virtual Private Networking PPP, RAS,
Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)
Winsock 2.0
WINS Name Registration
TCP/IP including TCP/UDP and Multicast
NDIS 5.1
Windows Integration and Home Networking

Easiest Windows Integration

Terminal Services Client RDP 5.1
Includes high-color and redirection of clipboard, serial and parallel ports,
smart card, and audio
Implemented as an ActiveX control for greater flexibility
Integrates with NT server, 2000 server, and XP Pro
Home Networking
Internet Connection Sharing
IP Bridging
RAS, FTP, Telnet (both client and servers)
Web Server
SSL support (for HTTPS)
Supports Active Server Pages (ASP)
User Interface Flexibility

Window Manager and UI technologies

Skinnable Controls
Ability to replace look and feel of common controls like
buttons, check boxes and scroll bars
Separate presentation from functionality
Multi-Monitor support
Dynamic screen reorientation
Ability to rotate the screen in 90 degree increments
ClearType support
Improved text readability on LCD displays

Kerberos and MSN/Passport communications
Credential Manager support certificate based authentication
Smart Card support
Unique device ID
Data Encryption
Protected Store
User data can be encrypted
SChannel support
Secure content via Digital Rights Management
International support

User configurable multi-language support

Font compression
East Asia fonts only
Compresses fonts for 30 to 50% savings in image size
Decompresses and Caches glyph by glyph for optimum RAM use
and performance
Chinese IME, OS and app support
Japanese IME, OS and app support
Korean IME, OS and app support
IME customizable UI sample for CHT/CHS/JAP/KOR

DirectDraw DirectShow
Drawing surfaces, blting, Media playback
flipping, overlays, alpha DVD - Video
blend, VPEs
DVD navigation and
Direct3D playback, sample player app
D3D 8 real-time 3D rendering
Richest multimedia in the
embedded market
Unified audio model - mixing,
sample rate conversion, DirectX, Windows Media,
capture MP3
MIDI, composition

Enhanced WM Player sample

Hosts the Windows Media ActiveX control
Content management, play-lists, DRM enabled
Additional optimized codecs
Audio: WMA v2, WMA v7, WMA v8
Video: MS MPEG-4 v2, v3, WMV v7, WMV v8, MS ISO MPEG-4 v1, v2
Other: Fraunhofer MP3
Digital Rights Management (DRM)
DRM 7 remote license acquisition, PD DRM
Play encrypted audio and video ASF files
Allows copyright owners to encrypt/manage ASF content

IE for Window CE (IECE)

IE 6.0 class browser
Feature parity with the desktop
.NET Passport Authentication
TV-Style Navigation
Directional Tabbing, Fixed Width Layout

Selecting a Windows Embedded OS

WinCE Design Goals
WinCE.Net Features
WinCE Development
XP Embedded Design Goals
Build and Deploy XPE
Development Process

Platform Builder EVC / VS.Net



Advantage of Parallel Development

Linear Development Model

Port H/W Customize OS Develop Apps

Parallel Development Model

Develop Apps
Customize OS
Port H/W
Software Development Kit

Expanded SDK Export Wizard

Creates an SDK installation package in MSI format
including documentation
Installs into eVC++ and/or VS.NET
Standard SDK
Standard set of common components
Easy to set up in Platform Builder
Enables easier application porting between
device classes
Application Development Options

Native Application Model Managed Application Model

Visual Studio .NET
eMbedded Visual Tools
with Device Extensions

C or C++ C# or VB .NET

Applications for
Win32 Applications
.NET Compact Framework
Compiled Runtime

Windows CE .NET Operating System

Native and Managed Applications

Native Applications Managed Applications

Must be rebuilt for each new Built once for all devices

CPU or Platform Runtime engine manages

Developer manages system system resources

Require runtime support
Can run without extra
files (.NET CF)
Applications access only
support files
the services exposed by the
Can access all operating
system services and APIs Run directly on desktop CF
Must be ported to run on without porting
desktop systems Legacy interoperability not
Support COM, ActiveX supported

Selecting a Windows Embedded OS

WinCE Design Goals
WinCE.Net Features
WinCE Development
XP Embedded Design Goals
Build and Deploy XPE
What Is Windows XP Embedded

Design Goals:
Componentized version of Windows XP
Based on the same binaries as retail version of
Windows XP Professional
Choose only features and services you need
Includes additional embedded-enabling features
Enable broad range of devices to utilize rich Windows
XP Professional features
Powerful new Authoring tools
Streamline the end-to-end development process
Windows XP Embedded

Industry-leading security, reliability, and performance

Reliable enable dependable solutions that will stand the test of

Based on Windows XP Professional binaries providing

Full-Featured the latest technologies- including rich multimedia and
embedded features- in componentized form

Rich networking and management capabilities

Connected provide seamless integration with PCs, Servers, Web
Services, and other devices

Faster time to market through rich end-to-end

Rapid development tools that streamline OS customization,
device bring-up, and application development
Windows XP Embedded

Reliable fully protected memory model

Device Driver Rollback
Windows File Protection
Driver signing

Full-Featured Secure
Encrypted file system and NTFS
Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)
Smart Card Support

Kerberos Authentication protocol
Internet firewall
Increased performance
Faster boot and log-on
Rapid Improved resource management
Improved registry performance
Windows XP Embedded

Componentized Windows XP Professional

Reliable Over 10,000 individually selectable OS features,

services, and drivers
Customized, reduced footprint OS
Full Win 32 binary compatibility
Latest multimedia and browsing
Full-Featured Internet Explorer 6
Windows Media Player (WMP) 8
DirectX 8

Connected Latest hardware and device support

USB, IEEE 1394, PnP, UDF 2.01
Granular power management with full ACPI
2.0 support
Rapid Easily localization with Multi-lingual User
Interface (MUI)
Windows XP Embedded

Embedded Specific Features

Reliable Flexible boot and storage options
R/W storage devices such as Flash
ROM, Magnetic Disk
Nonvolatile Read-only storage devices
such as ROM, CD-ROM.
DiskOnChip Flash, ATA & Compact
Enhanced Write Filter

Hot Swappable Compact PCI Bus
Device Update Agent
Remote Boot
Watchdog Timers
Rapid Headless Operation
Windows XP Embedded

Rich networking
Legacy support plus Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP),

IrDA, 802.11, PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE), UPnP, and
Network Location Awareness
Enhanced peer-to-peer networking
Wireless LAN support
Full-Featured Real Time Communications
TAPI 3.1
MSMQ Support
Outlook Express


Windows Messenger
Local and Remote management
Built in support for WMI, MMC
Active Directory Client

Remote OS Install
Terminal Services
Windows XP Embedded

Fast Design Starts

Reliable Automated hardware analysis and auto-selection
of correct drivers for your device
Design Templates jumpstart development for
common devices
Efficient, Managed Workflow

Rich component search and filtering capabilities
Intuitive drag and drop UI
Auto-generated task list guides you through
completion of your design
High Performance build environment
Assisted component authoring- convert your
apps and services into components
Auto-conversion of any device .INF into a
Rapid Automated dependency checking and build
Rich Embedded Applications

Utilize existing off-the-shelf applications

Full Win32 API support
Little or no porting required
Rapid application development
Use familiar tools to write rich applications
Over 6 million Visual Studio developers worldwide
Visual Studio.NET supports 21 MS and 3rd party
Windows Embedded Studio

Target Designer
Select from over 10,000 components with ease
Automated dependency checking and task lists
Hosted, high performance build environment for your customized OS
Component Designer
Assisted component authoring for your applications and services
Streamlined authoring with easy addition of files and registry branches to your
Automatic conversion of device .INFs to components
Database Manager
Enables your components to be added to Component Database
High performance database management
Target Analyzer
Automated analysis of your target hardware
Facilitates auto-generation of base OS configuration supporting your target hardware
Building and Deploying XPE
Target Analyzer Process Overview
Target Designer
Base OS configuration

Add Features to Add your components: Check

Base OS Config Component Designer Dependencies
>10,000 individual .SLDs contain information for Verify relationships,
components component to build itself: add/delete components
Macro Components Properties, Resources, etc. Build order established
Design Templates Auto-conversion of .INFs Task Lists

Build Process

Ensures components built in right Runtime

Allows special case logic and fully
OS Image
scripted build process
Example Device Scenarios
Retail POS Kiosk/ATM
Set-Top-Box Thin Clients

Game Platforms

Gateway/Media Store
Network Devices


Selecting a Windows Embedded OS

WinCE Design Goals
WinCE.Net Features
WinCE Development
XP Embedded Design Goals
Build and Deploy XPE