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Between Special
Educators and

Ellen Will & Mati Peaslee
Roles and Responsibilities:

Special Education Teachers: Paraprofessionals:

Writes IEPs/goals providing instructional support in small groups;
Plans Daily Instruction monitoring hallways, study hall, etc.;
Delivers Instruction providing one-on-one instruction;
Supervises Paraeducators meeting with teachers;
Collects Data on students modifying materials;
Develops student interventions collecting data on students; and
implementing behavior management plans;
providing personal care assistance.
Provides input on students to the teacher
Reasons Why the Collaboration Is
Benefits the students

Students get a lot of one on one attention,

Help create new ideas and goals for students, you can accomplish more having

Teachers and Paraprofessionals can share the workload;

Having each Paraprofessional responsible for one or two students can help
with classroom organization and management

Special Educators and Paraprofessionals can support each other,

Paraprofessionals can help collect more information on child; and offer other
Key Roles of Successful
Open Communication

Establish roles each person will play in the classroom

Treat each other with respect and as equals

Learn to work together and harmonize in the classrooms daily routines

Have a good professional relationship

Establish trust, respect and support
Common Problems

Lack of communication

Teacher and paraeducator dont understand each others roles in the classroom

Lack of time for collaboration and discussion

Misunderstanding of classroom rules and behavioral plans

Interruption of the teacher or class

Unshared Workload

Personality/Moral Differences

Not respecting each other's roles

Personal Interviews

Ellen: Mati:
Talked about how it is helpful to They share roles in the classroom
have paraprofessionals Defining roles in the classroom was difficult
Their roles in the classroom at first and common problems arose
Discussed with me what each persons
Common problems roles were in the classroom
Understanding Roles
Work Ethic Collaborate and communicate during
Personality Clashes their lunch period briefly daily
What are the qualities of a good They also communicate through email
collaborative relationship Give each other respect and demand
Open Communication, Respectful, equal respect from the class
Trustworthy, Hardworking, Discussed having open
communication and flexibility

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