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Lorito et al.

2011, Nature
From Chile
tsunami and
May 2012
data Science objective: Monitor the
response of the outer
accretionary wedge up-dip from
the zone of greatest slip during
the Feb. 27 2010 Maule
earthquake and characterize the
structure in this region.

Logistical objective:
Deploy 10 broadband OBSs with
integrated flow meters and
acquire high resolution seismic
reflection data.
Lorito et al.
2011, Nature
tsunami and
Aftershocks recorded by the Cross-section of seismicity and crustal
IRIS RAMP deployment. Note structure. Moscoso et al., EPSL, 2011.
lack of seismicity in outer
accretionary prism.
SIO rapid response:
Bathymetry no obvious change
(unlike Tohoku)

Pressure sensors clear signals from

Experiment plan:

Trehu/Tryon Chile Deployment May 201

MCS data OBS

Experiment plan:
Name Latitude Longitude Depth (m)
OBS01 -34.46167 -73.31365 4715
OBS02 -34.51668 -73.19052 3722
OBS03 -34.54968 -73.06738 2756
OBS04 -34.50843 -72.9609 2588
OBS05 -34.44792 -73.08735 3426
OBS06 -34.40937 -73.19385 3667
OBS07 -34.36805 -73.3436 5264
OBS08 -34.30743 -73.22712 4558
OBS09 -34.35703 -73.09402 3541
OBS10 -34.3956 -72.96755 3555

Deploy ~5 OBS.

Then shoot MCS data while OBS

techs rest.

Then deploy ~5 OBS.

Then shoot MCS data until the

end of the cruise.

Acquire swath bathymetry, gravity

and magnetics while shooting.
OBS with integrated flow meters

5 standard L4/DPG

5 Trillium
Compact/APG OBSs

Tryon flowmeters
being attached to all
10 OBSs (requires
risk analysis)

Shipping March 30
Trehu/Tryon Chile Deployment May 201
Trehu/Tryon Chile Cruise List May
Anne Trehu - PI (OSU)
Mike Tryon - co-PI (SIO)

Oregon State University: SIO SGG:

Yi Lou - OSU visiting student Lee Ellett - Geophysical Engineer
Mark Williams - OSU graduate student Jay Turnbull - Geophysical Technician
Luke Decker - OSU graduate student (?) Patti Haase - Protected Species Observer
(possibly 1-2 more students) TBD - Protected Species Observer
TBD - Protected Species Observer
Universidad de Chile:
Emilio Vera S. (Faculty) LDEO OBSIP:
Andrei Maksymowicz J. (PhD Student) David Gassier
Felipe Gonzalez (MsC Student) Theodore A. Koczynski
Emilio Bravo (MsC Student) Vincent R. Oletu
Natalia Cornejo (MsC Student) Andrew R. Stolzmann
Eduardo Contreras Reyes (Faculty)