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Crime vocabulary
Copy the box can you fill it in?

Crime (verb) Crime (noun) Person (noun)

to steal theft thief
to rob robbery robber
to mug mugging mugger
to vandalise vandalism vandal
to assault assault assailant
to shoplift shoplifting shoplifter
to murder murder murderer

Can you think of any more crimes?

What the difference between?
rob and steal? You rob a place and steal a thing.

a burglar and a thief? A burglar steals from houses or

flats but a thief steals from

murder and manslaughter? Manslaughter is when someone is

killed by accident.

a policeman and a judge? A policeman wears a uniform and

a judge works in a courtroom
- Have you ever been the
victim of a crime? What
- Did you ever get burgled?
Did anyone ever break
into your house or flat?
What happened?

- Listen to the lady telling

her mother about a
burglary? How many
things did they steal?
Listen again and answer the questions

1. How does she say Through the small window

they got in?

Laptop, MP3 player, playstation 3,
2. Write down three Wii, children's games, some old
things they took? jewellery

3. How does the Terrible and so sad

woman feel now?

make sure alarms are on, all the
4. What is she going to doors are locked and bolted, put
do in future? alarms on the doors.
Talk about these crime questions
with a partner.
1. What are the most 5. Do the police in your
common crimes in your country carry guns? Do
area? you think this is a good
2. Do you think the police idea.
do a good job where 6. How can we keep crime
you live? low?
3. Have you ever been the 7. Do you think some
victim of a crime? What criminals should be killed
happened? if they commit very
4. Have you ever serious crimes?
committed a crime? 8. Do you think we have too
What did you do? many laws or not
Writing report writing

Youre going to write a report about a crime you

saw. It could be a car accident, a robbery or
something. It doesnt have to be true!
Write what you were doing when it happened.
Write where it happened.
Explain what happened.

Include an introduction, a main body and a

conclusion. You must write 150 words.