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How to write an email?

From : Date :

To : Time :

Subject :
Dear (eg: Dear Ken Fu, Dear Aimil)
Dearest / My Dear (for close
(Dearest Li Rou)
Opening (1 Paragraph)

May begin the email by:

Asking about the persons health.
How are you? I hope that youre in the
pink of health.
Hows your family getting on?
Im fine and I hope youre fine too.
I hope that youre as fit as a fiddle.
Opening (1 Paragraph)

Asking what the reader had been up

Hows the weather at your place?
Not too hot I hope.
Did you get to visit your
Did you go on your trip to Paris as
you had hoped? They say Paris is a
beautiful city.
Opening (1 Paragraph)

Expressing happiness: For example:

I received your letter on
Im happy to receive your letter
Thank you for your letter which I
Im so glad to hear..
Im glad to learn that.
Content (1 paragraph)
In the 2nd paragraph, mention your
main reason for writing the letter. You
may use the following phrase:
In your last letter, you wanted me
to describe / advice..
Im writing this email to.
Closing (last paragraph)
Inform the reader that you are ending the email. You
may use the following phrases:
Ill write again soon.
Do write to me soon.
Well, thats about all for now.
Please give/send my regards to
Please convey my warm regards to.
Let me pen off here.
Take care of yourself.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Im looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Hope to receive a reply from you.
Bye / Goodbye.
Signing off
If you are writing to friends or
relatives, you can sign off using:
Your friend,
Yours sincerely,
Yours faithfully,
Your niece / nephew,
Lets do a simple practice
From : Date : 3rd March 2017

To : Time : 10.04 am

Subject : Internet Safety Talk

Dear Ket Le,

How are you? I hope that youre in the pink of health.

I am writing this email to tell you about how to stay

safe online. Ket Le, do not give out any personal details to
strangers. You should not send your photo to your online
friends. Please get your parents permission if you want to
meet your online friend.

Hope to hear from you soon. Goodbye.