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If you want to build a ship, dont

drum up the men (and women)
to gather wood, divide the work
and give orders. Instead, teach
them to yearn for the vast and
endless sea

- Antoine de Saint Exupery

What was Jesus goal?
Jesus came proclaiming a new
Kingdom, a new way of thinking,
being, doing
The Kingdom of God (as Mortimer
Arias states) may be viewed as: The
reign of Christ
Matthew 6:33: But seek first the
kingdom of God
Mark 1:15: The time is fulfilled, the
kingdom of God is at hand, repent
A Kingdom both come and

A Kingdom of opposites: The weak will

be strong, the poor will be rich, the
powerless will have power and the
powerful humbled; the valleys will be
raised and the mountains lowered
What was his strategy?

Discipleship; Making disciples,

followers, learners

Matthew 28:18-20: As you are going,

make disciples teaching them to
obey and lo, I will be with you
Where will your invest your
Jesus Focused His earthly
mission on the 3and
the 12, WHILE NOT
out to the Masses of lost
(young) people!

Jesus staked His whole mission on a

bunch of sinful, unskilled, unimportant
Who will you stake your mission on?
Addition vs. Multiplication
1,000 People a Day (Addition)
1 Year - 365,000
5 Years - 1,825,000
10 Years - 3,650,000
20 Years - 7,300,000
30 Years - 10,950,000
Addition vs. Multiplication
Multiplication: 1:2 etc
1 Year 2
5 Years 32
10 Years 1,024
20 Years - 1,048,576
30 Years - 1,073,741,824
Addition - Roughly 21,917 Years to
reach the World
Multiplication - Roughly 33 Years

Once these men and women do
Yearn for the vast and endless
sea, someone will need to teach
them HOW to build the ship.

Jesus focus was building people, not


Programs (The branches) have their

place as an overflow of the roots and

Organization exists to support the

1. Jesus was Prepared and His Vision
was clear.
Jesus spent time alone, apart with His

2. Selection (Recruitment) The 12

were not Christians when he began his
Disciple making process) Luke 6:12-13
He was looking for FAT people.
3. Teaching took place not in a seminar or
even in a bible study but by life on life
Association (Intentionally spend time
with) Luke 8:1

4. Consecration:He required Loyalty and

Obedience John 14:21

5. Impartation: He Gave Himself to the

12; (Lay down your life for your friends
John 15:23; John 12:24
6. Demonstration: He Modeled to/for the
12; Lead by example Philippians 2:4

7. Delegation: He Gave them Jobs to do;

Moving from being player to player-
coach to coach player to coach
Matthew 28:18-20

8. Supervision: Communicate,
Communicate, Communicate; He processed
the jobs He had given them to do
Colossians 1:28-29
9. Reproduction: (Reproduce yourself
many times over; He kept the Goal of
in Front of
them. Matthew 28:18-20; John
15:8; 2 Timothy 2:2.

10. Regular Retreat: Jesus seemed to

have a rhythm of retreat, engage,
retreat etc. Mark 1:35-39
In the end
Discipleship and the art of making
disciples is not a program, it is a
Discipleship begins with my own
discipleship; followership; learning
lifestyle We cannot give away what
we do not have.
Discipleship is more art than
Discipleship is messy and hard and
How can you create opportunities for
the people who are following you to
see the real you?

What are some good ways that you

can communicate how important
Gods Word is to you?
Acts 1:8 But you will receive
power when the Holy Spirit has
come upon you, and you will be
my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in
all Judea and Samaria, and to the
farthest parts of the earth. NET

Take a minute right now to draw your

circles of influence
Who are the three that are your
Primarily should be your family if you are married, who is
closest to you?
Who is in the next area? Judea and

The region where you live and the

region next to you.

Where and who is your farthest parts

of the earth?