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Industry : Conglomerate
Type : public limited company
Founded : 1988
Founded : Gautam Adani (chairman)
Business area : Resources, Logistic, energy & agribusiness
Holding company : Adani Enterprise
Headquarters : Ahemdabad,Gujarat
Subsidiaries : Adani port & SEZ Ltd, Adani power,Adani gas
Employees : 10,400 (as on 2014)
Profile : Mr. Gautam
Born : 24 June (age 52) at 1962.

Residence : Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Occupation : Founder and Chairman of Adani Group

Nationality : India

Spouse(s) : Priti Adani

Children : Karan Adani

Jeet Adani

Subsidiaries : Adani Ports & SEZ Limited, Adani Power,

Adani Gas Limited

Website :
Gautam Adani :
Gautam Adani is Gujarati born 24 June 1962.
Indian entrepreneur who is the Chairman and founder of Adani Group.
He founded The Adani Group in 1988 and today it is a globally integrated
infrastructure player with businesses spanning coal trading, coal mining, oil & gas
exploration, ports, multi-modal logistics, power generation, Agri. Infrastructure,
edible oil & transmission and gas distribution.
He is business experience of more than 33 years.
Adani group from a modest background to create a $8 billion professionally
managed empire in a relatively short period of time.
Gautam Adani has a vision of Nation Building by developing assets of national
economic significance. This reflects in the choice of businesses the group has
entered and developed.

Gautam Adani Priti Adani,

Chairman, Chairperson,
Adani group Adani Foundation

Rajesh Adani Pranav Adani

Managing M.D. Oil & Gas,
Director Agro

Malay Mahadevia
Whole Time
Vneet S M K Thapar
Jain CEO,Mining India

Sudipta Atul Chaturvedi

Bhattacharya CEO, Agri business
CEO,Ports & SEZ
P K Panda
Vinay prakash Group President,
CEO, Coal HR
Ameet H Desai
Group CFO
Adani Enterprises
The Flagship Company of the Adani group is Adani Enterprises
Limited. In April 2014, it added the 4th unit of 660 MW at its
Tiroda Power plant, making Adani power the largest private power
producer of the country.
Its diversified businesses include
resources, logistics, agribusiness and energy sectors. The Group is
the largest port developer and operator in India with Mudra being
the countrys largest commercial port. It owns Fortune, Indias
largest edible oil brand through a joint venture with Willmar in
Adani group manages one medical college, Gujarat Adani institute
of medical science(GAIMS) and one management college, Adani
institute of infrastructure management(AIIM) in Ahamdabad,
Coal mines & Trading
Oil and Gas production

Ports and SEZ
Multi model logistics- Railways &

Power Generation &
Gas Distribution
CSR in Adani enterprise
Corporate Social Responsibility is the management tool that every
company needs to achieve success in a sustainable society while
fulfilling its business purpose.
Like any other company,Adani group also has corporate social
responsibility towards society.
Adani group live and work in the communities where their
operations are based and take the responsibilities to society
Adani group invest 3% of group profit in community initiatives
through the Adani Foundation.
Adani group carries ADANI FOUNDATION for CSR activities. Adani
Foundation is the corporate social responsibility arm of Adani Group.
As the Adani group enhances its footprint, the foundation plays a
pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life in and around the
communities the group operates in.
Vision : Accomplish passionate commitment to the social obligations
towards communities, fostering sustainable and integrated
development, thus improving quality of life
Mission: To play the role of facilitator for the benefit of the public
without distinction of caste or community, sector, religion, class or
creed, in the fields of education, community health, and promotion of
social and economic welfare and upliftment of the people in general.
Focus Area
Education Community health

Sustainable livelihood Rural infrastructure

provision of universal primary education
promote gender equality and empower women
Increasing and enhancing teachers effectiveness
encouraging community participation and improving school
environment by making it child centric, friendly and conducive to
learning are the three pillars supporting the edifice of the education
Foundation adopts two approach for education :
Establishing its own school
Support to govt. school
Community health
Adani Foundation is primarily engaged in improving the quality of
health, through easy accessibility of health services to the
Foundation runs special mobile health projects, variety of health
related camps and various need-based programs. It also extends
need-based support for government community health centres
located in isolated areas.
Adani foundation adopts some innovative programs like:
-"Health Cards to Senior Citizens", for securing cash free medical
- "Health & Nutrition camp", for adolescent girls at door steps,
- "Kidney Stone" awareness, prevention and care project are
Sustainable livelihood
The Foundation works towards improving the quality of life of the
people by promoting sustainable livelihood activities through
participatory, community-based approaches:
Self help group
Village development committee
Enhancing employability of youth
Skill development training
Social greening initiatives
Support to traditional artisan
Drip irrigation project
Rural infrastructure
Investing in promotion, protection and upgrading of physical
capital, i.e., infrastructure and equipments
Reduction of poverty through development of
Projects in rural infrastructure :
Water conservation
Rural drainage project
Solar street light
School infrastructure development
Adani group SWOT analysis
Strength Opportunity:
The diversified nature of the Adani Group helps
Can diversify into Hydro-electric power
in the growth of Adani Power
significant opportunity for Adani Power to
Strong Project - Execution record
expand its operations and compete with
other contenders
Since the largest supplier of coal is Adani
Opportunity to establish presence in other
Enterprises, this reduces the cost of coal to Adani
parts of the country

Present only in very few states namely Changes in International prices of coal.
Gujarat, Maharashtra and Haryana.
Changes in International policies
regarding import of coal.

Facing delay problem in security

clearances from GOVT in different ports

Mundra Tiroda Ahmedabad Dahej Shimla


Rural Adani DAV Rural

Health and
Developmen public Developme
t school nt

Education and Adani Vidya

Education medical grants Mandir

Community Health

Sustainable Livelihood

Rural Infrastructure
Groups :
Ports controlled by Adani Group are:
Adani Mundra Port
Adani Hazira Port
Adani Murmugoa Coal Terminal
Adani Vizag Coal Terminal Pvt. Ltd.
Adani Petronet Port Pvt. Ltd. (Dahej)
Adani Kandala Bulk Terminal Pvt. Ltd.
Adani power
Power generation Under Execution

Mundra Tiroda Kawai

(APL) is implementing Adani Power Maharastra

4620 MW Power Plant Limited (APML) is Adani Power Rajashthan
Phase -1 : 2 x 330 implementing 3300 MW Limited (APRL) is
MW Power Plant. implementing 1320 MW
Phase - 2 : 2 x 330MW Phase -1 : 2 x 660 MW Power Plant.
Phase - 3 : 2 x 660 MW Phase -2 : 3 x 660 MW Phase-1 :2 x 660 MW
Phase - 4 : 3 x 660 MW
Power Transmission
Mundra - Dehgam transmission line of 430 Kms, which is the
longest dedicated transmission line by private sector.

This will be the first HVDC transmission line by private sector in

the country. APL is also setting up another 1000 Kms 500 KV
HVDC transmission system for supply of power to HPGCL.

50km 400kV Mohindergarh-Bhiwani transmission line for supply of

power to HPGCL.

Adani Power Maharashtra Limited (APML), a subsidiary of APL, is

developing a 221km 400kV Tiroda-Warora Transmission Line
Future Projects

2640 MW Coal based Thermal Power Project at Dahej, Gujarat through its subsidiary company
Adani Power Dahej Limited.

1320 MW Coal based Thermal Power Project at Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh through its
subsidiary company Adani Pench Power Limited

3300 MW Coal based Termal Power Project at Bhadreshwar, Gujarat through its subsidiary
company Kutchh Power Generation Limited

100 MW Solar Power Project at Surendranagar, Gujarat through its subsidiary

company Adani Renewable Energy LLP

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