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The Impact of Youtube to the Academic Performance of the Science

and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
students of Polomolok National High School
Table 4 The effects of Youtube in the STEM students in their Academic Performance
Significance Statement Code Name Formulated Meaning Theme Cluster

Introduction Kay sige nakog lantaw, dili nako maka study

It helps me in my study, knowing that videos help me see a
Getting destructed
It can help in learning, learning to manage time
grasp ideas well apprehensive, on the other side, it is time
lapsing. If you become fun of watching videos in youtube,
The YouTube video hosting service constitutes a social networking website on which practically any for me it is a serious matter to manage time
Kaghan ka mabal-an sa imong ginalantaw, pero hindi ko Christine It snatches time Negative
individual or organization with Internet access can upload videos that can be seen almost immediately by wide basta matapos ang mga gagawin sa bahay at hindi
audiences. makapag review
You can gain more information, maka destruct sa study Allyssa To gain more information; getting destructed Can see a positive and negative effect
Moreover, Youtube is one of the most popular hangouts on the internet. At Youtube, you find videos from kay imbis mag study maglantaw na lang
I can get information through there, I can be updated to Remuel Seeking for learning; getting destructed Can see a positive and negative effect
actors, wannabes, businessmen, and even political candidates, it is a wild and woody place (Sahlin and Botello, latest news and issues that can use as a basis or example
in our lesson, but also I get destructed so I have a less
2011). The idea that anyone, anywhere, could share their videos online caught on. Just over a year later, 65,000 review of study about the previous or next lessons

videos were being uploaded each day. YouTube barely stayed online as traffic to the site soared and its videos We will be entertained and through that we can be stressed
Lyn Seeking for entertainment Positive

were being watched more than 100 million times a day (Bazley, 2015). Youtube is indeed one of the In a good way, its beneficial to be more knowledgeable esp
because of the subtitles included in k dramas
Shaina To gain knowledge, seeking for new insights Positive

most followed and watched on social media. Educational Videos that has correction to my subject,
assignments and requirements
Judy Seeking for corrections Positive

Youtube helped young teens and adults in Philippines. Especially in studying. Filipinos are into Youtube,
Table 4 shows the effects of Youtube to the STEM students in their academic performance. It shows two (2) of them gave a negative effect of using
because aside that it is entertaining, it also gives us those educational videos and tutorial, makes a work get Youtube. Four (4) of them found a positive effect and two (2) of them found it both negative and positive. Because they found out they get destructed it
easier. snatches time. On the other hand, it has a positive effect because they found out that they can gain information, knowledge and learnings; they get entertained
Polomolok National High School is competitive school. Using Social Media sites are also their asset. and get corrections in this way, it can be easier for them to learn.

Students are more like into videos. Some students have their study using Youtube. Some students use this or Table 5 How Youtube affects the STEM students in their Academic Performance
Significance Statement Code Name Formulated Meaning Theme Cluster
entertainment and some of them, using it just for fun. Maganda ang epecto kay makita nako ang dapat nako Miles It satisfies the needs Advantage
In Polomolok National High School, DepEd provided the school those 50 newly computer sets. For new It affects mi in a way that I can easily access in learning Fatima It meets her satisfaction Advantage
into new idealistic, good and understandable way
and advance sources for studying. And easier to use. Nakakaapekto ito sa aking academic performance dahil Christine Gave more attention in watching youtube videos Disadvantage
This study, the researcher will know how Youtube will affect the academic performance of the Science hindi ko nagagampanan ng maayos ang aking pag aaral
sa pagkawailing manuod sa youtube
and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Students in Polomolok National High School and how it helped Actually, dili siya maka affect kung kabalo ka mag
manage sa imong time og disiplina sa imong sarili
Allyssa Seeking for time management and being disciplined enough Advantage

them. Youtubing can have a positive impact or affect me in my

Remuel It gives good impact Advantage

It does not affect my academic performance because I Lyn Managing time Advantage
can manage my time and know how to organize things

It affects my academic performance because I can be Shaina Seeking for clearer instruction Advantage
able to earn new things in some tutorial videos
Research Questions Because I spend time watching musical videos instead of Judy Kills time Disadvantage
doing assignments
Table 5 shows how it affects their academic performance. It shows that six (6) of them found it has advantages. Two (2) of them found some
1. How often do they use Youtube? disadvantages. The advantages are, it meets their satisfaction, it helps them to seek more, and it aids on their learning on how to manage their time
2. What types of videos on Youtube they always watch? and to be disciplined enough on how to use Youtube. The disadvantages are, it takes attention and it kills time
Because of its advantages, it will be a basis in learning new because we can easily learn from Youtube. Tutorials and instructions will do.
3. What are the benefits they get from watching videos on Youtube?
4. What are the effects of Youtube in their academic performance?
5. How it will affect their academic performance? Conclusions
The researcher concluded that youtube has a good impact on the academic performance of the students.
Methodology It makes them more advanced in learning things. It able them to seek more knowledge because it is easier. Videos
on youtube can be easier than reading because instructions on videos are clearer because its like actually
speaking to you that is why it is easy. Also, it makes them more eager to learn more. The effectiveness of using
The researcher will present a qualitative research upon determining the impact of Youtube to the academic
youtube videos in acquiring learning can be a new strategy to be more effective and to be knowledgeable. Also, it
performance of the Science and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Students. The approach used in this study is
gives entertainment that even television cant give you. But because of it, it can be a destruction, also it kills time.
naturalistic approach. A phenomenology study to know the students experience in using Youtube.
But because of its disadvantages it able them to learn to have a time management and to be disciplined to use
The researcher used a non-probability sampling in the study particularly Quota sampling where in the
time. Youtube is indeed, a good source of information that can helped the learners academic performance.
researcher will identify students with the same interest on Youtube. There are eight (8) respondents chosen from the
STEM class.
The data for this research will be gathered using Questionnaires. The question is to fulfill the researchers Recommendations
inquiries about this study. Comprises of five (5) questions. The same questions will be given to all respondents.
The respondents will come from the selected Science and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Students, 1. To the learners, they should be aware of everything they want to watch on youtube, and to know what are the
who are active in using Youtube is terms of studying. Eight (8) respondents will do. The researcher choose them because things not to watch on. And to prioritize the thing they have to comply and to help themselves not to be addicted.
of their interest in using Youtube and how it affects their academic performance. And to be active on their academic performance.
The study will be conducted at Senior High School building of, located at Barangay Cannery Site, Polomolok, 2. To the parents, they should be aware of the impact of watching videos on youtube and how it affects their
Southe Cotabato. It is about 4 Kilometers away from the main part of the Municipality of Polomolok. academic performance. For them to guide their children in any way they can. To warn them about the negative
effects of it. And to monitor their academic performance.
3. To the Department of Education, the department should be able to implement a highly and advanced way of
teaching to empower the use of technology and videos in teaching.
Results and Discussions 4. To the teachers, they should be able to learn how you use videos, for a new teaching style that can easily
catches up to their students. And to be advanced because they are living in the 21st century and they must know
the importance of using Youtube videos as their basis in getting information.
Table 2 The types of videos on Youtube the STEM students always watch
Significance Statement
Music Videos and movies; K drama
Code Name
Formulated Meaning
Theme Cluster
Educational Videos. Christian Videos, Spoken Fatima Entering Both Educational and Non-Educational Both Educational and Entertainment
word Videos
Bazley, T. (2015). How Youtube changed the world. Retrieved from
K dramas, music Videos Christine Non-Educational Entertainment
Music Videos, Math Tutirials Allyssa Entering Both Educational and Non-Educational Both Educational and Entertainment
Music Videos from different artist, Dota Games Remuel Non-Educational Entertainment
Sahlin, D., C. Botello. (2011). YouTube For Dummies. New Jersey: Wiley Publisher
Replay ABS-CBN Entertainment Videos Maness, K. (2004). Teaching media-savvy students about the popular media. English Journal, 93(3), 46-51.
Music Videos, Experiments, Government News Lyn Entering Both Educational and Non-Educational Both Educational and Entertainment Burke, S., & Snyder, S. L. (2008). YouTube: An innovative learning resource for college health education courses. International Electronic
Korean Dramas Shaina Non-Educational Entertainment Journal of Health Education
Official Music Videos, Entertaining Videos, Judy Entering Both Educational and Non-Educational Both Educational and Entertainment Desmet, C. (2009). Teaching Shakespeare with YouTube. English Journal
Educational Videos
Skiba, D. J. (2007). Nursing education 2.0: YouTube[TM]. Nursing Education Perspectives
Table 2 shows what type of videos the STEM students usually watch. It shows half and half result. All eight (8) of them found it entertaining to watch Trier, J. (2007). Cool engagements with YouTube: Part 2. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy
Youtube videos. Four (4) of them showed that they watched Educational videos, but four (4) of them did not showed interest in watching Educational Juhasz, A. (2009). Learning the five lessons of YouTube: After trying to teach there, I don't believe the hype. Cinema Journal, 48(2), 145-150.
videos. It seems watching videos in Youtube is indeed entertaining . Berk, R. A. (2009). Multimedia teaching with video clips: TV, movies, YouTube, and mtvU in the college Classroom International Journal of
Technology in Teaching and Learning, 5(1), 1-21.
Table 3 The benefits of the STEM students that they get from watching videos on Youtube Jones, T., & Cuthrell, K. (2011). YouTube: Educational potentials and pitfalls. Computers in the Schools, 28(1), 75-85
Significance Statement Code Name Formulated Meaning Theme Cluster Duffy, P. (2007). Engaging the YouTube google-eyed generation: Strategies for using web 2.0 in teaching and learning. European Conference
For me to be updated to the latest music Miles Seeking for updates Not into Educational benefits on ELearning, ECEL, 173-182.
Willmot, P., Bramhall, M., Radley, K. (2012) Using digital video reporting to inspire and engage students. Retrieved from
It exhibits time usually understanding with what the topic or Fatima Seeking for learnings Positive
video speaks or shows about
Pappas, C. (2015). 8 Important Reasons Why YouTube Should Be Part Of Your eLearning Course. Retrieved from
Maka udate sa latest kdrama Christine Seeking for updates to be entertained Not into Educational benefits
Mahajan, T. (2015). IMPACT of Youtube. Retrieved from
Kung naga youtube ko, especially mag lantaw kog tutorials, Allyssa Seeking for learnings Positive
mas dali masabtan
I can get some ideas of information about something and I Remuel Seeking for learnings, and to be updated Positive
can also be updated in youtubing

We can get a lot of information by watching videos and it Lyn Seeking for learnings, and to improve Positive
improve our thinking and mental skills

Actually, it is for my personal consumption Shaina Seeking for progress Positive


I get additional general information, I am entertained Judy Seeking for learnings, to be entertained Positive

Table 3 shows the benefits they can get from watching Youtube videos. It shows that six (6) out of eight (8) find out that they can get positive benefits
to their academic performance, looking forward for more learnings they can get from Youtube. Two (2) out of eight (8) were not looking forward for the STEM STRAND
benefits they can get when using it in their studies. They gave much more attention to be entertained rather to gain knowledge.