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My Place in the World

By: Elise Murphy

How my place in the world affects
my identity
This lesson is designed for a third grade classroom and
incorporates social studies, literacy, and visual arts
together for students. Students will first listen to a read-
aloud of the book, All the World by Liz Garton Scanlon to
promote their participation in the world and how they
play a part in it. We will then have a short discussion on
their position and how they can be a part of multiple
different communities. Students will then create a visual
representation on their different communities and draw
or cut out and paste a picture
Key Concepts: What I wanted the
students to know
1. Visual Art
Students will understand the concept of home that Do Ho Suh uses in his artwork
Students will learn how to create a circle collage of different sizes
Students will learn how to express personal meaning in their artwork on the different circles
2. Literacy:
Students will understand how to add personal meaning into their reflections
Students will be able to create complete sentences
Student will be able to summarize a broad and personal thought into a complete sentence
3. Social Studies:
Students will understand where their state and country fall at on a map
Students will learn about their communities and how they can play a part
Students will understand that each community plays a role with one another and affects a greater
Essential Questions

How do we play a part in the community?

Who is considered to be a part of your community?
How do your actions affect the community?
Lesson Objectives: What you want
the students to do
Visual Art: The students will be able to . . .
Analyze the themes in Do Ho Suhs artwork
Construct circles into a collage
Express personal meaning within their artwork
Literacy: The students will be able to . . .
Add personal meaning
Create complete sentences
Summarize a thought and put it into a complete sentence
Social Studies: The students will be able to . . .
Understand where places fall on a map
Identify what their communities are and how they can play a part
Understand the role of each community and how they affect one another
Anticipatory Set
The opening activity will be a class read aloud over the
book, All the World by Liz Garton Scanlon. After the book
is read and we are beginning to discuss, students will
explore why this book is important to address without me
telling them why. After students discuss this, we will talk
about the different communities that we are all a part of
in the world and they will be able to make a graphic
organizer on this information.
Summative Assessment
The summative assessment for this lesson will also be
the evaluation of the reflection that the students
compose. The reflection should be a completion of 1-2
sentences on why each community is important for them
to be a part of. Students can include what the community
means to them, what their role in this community is, and
how they affect this particular community.