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Health and wellness in the

Thinking laterally about the
health & wellbeing of your

Dr Sarah Leach General Manager Health Services

Yvette Denning Health & Wellness Coordinator
Local Government Workforce

Local Government - Workforce Profile

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Australian Centre for Excellence in Local Government Workforce Survey 2012-13

Local Government Workcover Injury Claims Data

4 June 2008

Council Injury Hotspots: Community Support Services

2010-11: > $9 million

worth of workplace
injury claims made in
this industry alone.

The average cost per

claim: estimated to be

Health An Australia Wide

Why is health my problem?

The Health of Australians

Males 1 in 2 (prostate, bowel, lung, melanoma)

Cancer Females 1 in 3 (breast, bowel, lung, melanoma)

Musculoskeletal 1 in 4

Mental Health 1 in 5

Cardiovascular >1 in 5
Chronic Kidney 1 in 10
1 in 10

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)

Preventable Behavioural Risk Factors

Alcohol 1 in 5
Smoking 12.8%
>50% not meeting
activity >60% inactive

15-24 y.o at risk group
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)
Preventable Biomedical Risk Factors

Hypertensi 1 in 3

2 in 3 adults
Obesity 1 in 4 children

High 50% males and females

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW),

Health why its your issue

Impact of Health in the Workplace

Nearly all (96%) working-age people reported one or more risk

factors and three-quarters (75%) reported multiple risk factors

Absenteeism for those with at least 1 risk factors was more

common than absenteeism for chronic disease when
compared to those with no risk factors; and the net annual
loss was proportionally greater too

The average Australian absentee rates in 2013 was 8.93 days

per employee per annum, at an average cost of $2741 per
employee for sick leave costs and lost productivity

AIHW 2010

Chronic Disease and Impact on workplaces

The Workplace ROI

Australian Case Studies (Comcare & HAPIA)
Heart Foundation
- 33 per cent decline in absenteeism
- 5% decline in voluntary turnover
- 42% of workers report being more physically active
- 79% report improvement in their health
Tomago Aluminium
- Lost 4.5 kilos (up to 20kg)
- Lost on average six centimetres waist girth
- Improved resting heart rate
- Reduced blood pressure.
Boral Australia
- Bwell program
- ROI approximately 4 to 1
- significant drop in all major health risk factors
- The number of employees exhibiting 3 or more risk factors has dropped by 37%
QLD Govt Public Works
- After 5 years= ROI of $9 for every dollar spent through three interventions (blood
pressure, cholesterol and glucose screening).
- 27% reduction in Work Cover premiums, and reduction in sickness-related absenteeism.

The longer a workplace wellness program is in place the greater the

outcomes. Improved morale and improved corporate image can see
an improvement within the first year of implementation. Whereas
improved health of employees may take several years to establish
16 (Buck Consultants, 2012).
Workplace health and wellness ROI

Quitting at any age adds years to your employees life.
- Quit at 30 and add another 10 years.
- Quit at 50 and halve the risk of smoking related death
Increased productivity: reduce sick days related to respiratory illness and
reduced time in smoking breaks (5-30min in unofficial smoking breaks per
day= $$$$ )
Decrease early retirement of skilled workers due to ill-health
Lower cleaning and maintenance costs
Enhanced corporate image

Healthy eating
There is a correlation between a balanced diet and being more productive at
work. With reports of 1-2% increase in productivity exhibited following
targeted health programs.

Mental health
Every $1 invested in mental health returns $2.30

Solutions lateral thinking

Private Health Insurance as a
resource for good health

The changing role of Private Health

GMHBA Health Insurance - at the heart of healthy communities

Our Mission
Supporting the health of our
communities for generations

Our Vision
Australias leading regionally based
health fund most recommended by
our communities for the
contribution that we make to their
health and wellbeing.

GMHBA The future
Demand for healthcare is clear and growing:
- Ageing population
- Increased focus on health
- Increased preventable - non communicable diseases

GMHBA disease prevention and management programs

MAV Local Government Employee Health Plan

For Local Government and Water Industry Employees in Victoria and


I want more ideas.

Resources Mental Health
Heads Up - access to free tools and resources for a mentally healthy
workplace -
Mindspot - free telephone and online service for persons with
symptoms of anxiety or depression -
Beyond Blue -
Sane Australia - online and free call service, providing information,
support and referral to people concerned by Mental Illness
Black Dog Institute
Mind Health Connect -
MyCompass - is an interactive self-help service that aims to promote
resilience and wellbeing for all Australians.

Resources Smoking
Quit -
Lung Foundation - Lung Foundation Australia supports all aspects
of lung health from asthma to cancer to COPD. -

Resources Alcohol
Dry July - is a fundraiser that challenges you to go booze-free for a
month to support adults living with cancer. It helps you get healthy
and clear your head while also raising funds for an important cause. -
Australian Drug Foundation - the Australian Drug Foundation is
one of Australia's leading bodies committed to preventing alcohol
and other drug problems in communities around the nation. -
Turning Point- to provide leadership to the drug and alcohol field in
Victoria, Australia. -

Resources - Healthy Eating
Shape Up Australia, Australian initiative to reduce waist measurements
and improve health and wellbeing -
Live Lighter, LiveLighter (WA) aims to encourage Australian adults to lead
healthier lifestyles -
Rethink Sugary Drink, highlighting the amount of sugar in sweetened
beverages -
Food Cents, is an education program that helps families to achieve a
healthy diet and to save money on their grocery shop.-
The Parents Jury, online network of parents who are interested in
improving the food and physical activity environments of Australian children.

Resources - Physical Activity

My Fitness Pal,

Bicycle Network, We believe physical activity is vital for a happy,
healthy life. So we make bike riding part of every day. Our strategy is
to make bike riding easy for everyone. -
Just Stand, Stand up for your health!
Big Stretch -

Resources - Other

Vic health app review, free or low cost training

GP2U app
SISU Wellness in house health screen (BP, BMI, %fat)
Healthy Together Victoria
Better Health Channel, Better Health Channel has provided health
and medical information that is quality assured, reliable, up to date,
easy to understand, regularly reviewed and locally relevant. -
My Dr, myDr is an Australian healthcare website dedicated to providing
Australian consumers with the most comprehensive and relevant health
information resource in Australia. -
Victoria Walks, creating walkable communities and increasing the
health of Victorians. -
Man Therapy, online mens health website talking about all mens
health in mens speak. -
Healthdirect -

GMHBA practicing what we preach

GMHBA Staff Health Initiatives

Thank you!

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Health & Wellness Coordinator
GMHBA Health Insurance

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