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Plan of Action to Legalize

By: Avery Lauber

Step 1: Communicate
First talk with your local legislator/ representative about marijuana legalization

Get them interested in this issue about legalization of marijuana

Make sure they know the facts and reason behind your advocacy for

Step 2: Baby steps, Start by Introducing Legalization
of Medical Marijuana
Do not bombard your representative/ legislator with legalization and
recreational use all at once
Introduce the idea of legalizing medical marijuana first

Vermont did this and marijuana flourished from there

In 2004 they legalized medical marijuana

In 2007 dispensaries were created

In 2013, they passed decriminalization of marijuana

In February 2017 they introduced a bill to legalize it for recreational use 3

Step 3: Embracing Opposition and Debate it
You are going to have opposition on the issue

You are going to want to talk with the people who oppose your views,
especially if you want to pass a bill
In Vermont when they were passing the medical marijuana bill and they
debated the pros and cons
The pros outweighed the cons, so they passed the bill making medical
marijuana legal in Vermont

Step 4: Create the Bill
At this point the local representative/legislator is interested about the issue

You want to create the bill about legalizing medical marijuana

You create the bill by talking with your local representative/legislator about
what you think the bill should be about
In California they created prop 64 and it passed legalizing marijuana for
recreational use, but small steps first so medical marijuana for right now

Step 5: Introduce the Bill
This starts off with the representative/legislator introducing the bill to your
local state senate or house of representatives
For this step to be successful your bill for for medical marijuana will need to
be passed
If it is passed this bill will most likely blossom into marijuana being
decriminalized and recreational use being acceptable

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