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Ciputra Properti
Company Profile
PT Ciputra Development Tbk is one of Indonesia's leading property
companies. Established in 1981, the development of large-scale
residential properties and commercial is the company's core
business and expertise.

Headquartered in Jakarta, the company has expanded its

operations and is currently developing and operating a residential
and commercial properties in major cities throughout Indonesia as
well as international projects located in China. Developed
commercial properties include shopping centers, hotels,
apartments and golf courses. Wide property range and a strong
network to promote the company to become one of the diversified
property company in terms of product, location and market
Main Issues

In various aspects of business, the Company is

constantly faced with various forms of risk. To that end,
the Company strives to focus and continuously
improve its effort and ability to manage risks. Anything
that could potentially become a risk is classified and
analysed thouroughly through the implementation of
ERM, so as to prevent it from developing into a risk
that will hinder the performance of the Company. The
Company acts prudently and cautiously in managing
its business against various risks inherent in the
Companys decisions and activities.
Risiko Utama dari Perusahaan
Properti (Ciputra) :
Risk of Land Availability
The Company has already set a plan for its business development,
including land acquisition in various regions with high growth rates,
such as in the central business areas of Jakarta. However, the
Company often finds that there is a limitation in land availability. Any
failure of its acquisition plans will impact on its strategic plan and
may affect the Companys financial and operational results in the

Risk of Legal Certainty

The Company strives to obtain the Building Permits and development
rights of the lands it has acquired. This is an absolute requirement
from the legal aspect, as stated in the land laws. Failure to do so will
potentially result in a dispute concerning the status of the land rights
with the previous owners.
Risiko Utama dari Perusahaan
Properti (Ciputra) :
Risk of Property Fluctuation
High unemployment rates, availability of financing,
interest rates, consumer confidence and demand for
property products, both retail, office,hotel and
residental. These conditions create risk.

Financial Risk of Financing

Property development activities require substantial
capital investment. However, there is no guarantee of
the availability of additional fnancing, both short term
and long term

Risiko Utama dari Perusahaan Properti

(Ciputra) :
Risk of Competition
In recent years, property industry in Indonesia has
been dominated by intense competition, not only
among local property developers, but also
theforeign developers. Increasing competition could
result in increased costs for land acquisition, excess
supply of land and the slow approval process for
new property development from the authorities.
These issues could adversely affect the Companys
operations and performance
Risiko Utama dari Perusahaan Properti
(Ciputra) :
Economic Risks
The property industry faces an economic risk that includes
factors, which, acting solely or collectively, may have a
negative impact on the property industry. The fluctuation of
Rupiahsexchange rate against the US dollar, interest rates
and inflation, do bear a major impact on the financial
position of the Company, consumer purchasing power,
consumer spending, and demand in the retail market.

Other Risks
The Companys business activities may be affected by
economic conditions, socio-political, natural disasters,
terrorist attacks, fires, and other risks
Penerapan ERM
After knowing the risks companies, The
Company has taken an important step by
establishing risk management and by
integrating it with the multi-aspect
approach known as the Enterprise Risk
Management (ERM), which has been
implemented since 2009. The risk
management progress and results in 2013
were more heartening than in the previous
Dampak Penerapan ERM terhadap
From the above example, some solutions and
steps taken Ciputra company , the Companys risk
management aims to manage risks that will be or
are being faced to the Company. The method is to
assess risks, develop strategies to address these
risks, and mitigate these risks by employing or
managing existing resources. Strategies that can
be taken are diverse, namely by transferring the
risks to another party, avoiding the risks, reducing
the negative effects of risks, and hold some or all
of consequences of a particular risk.
Kegiatan Nyata Penerapan
ERM yang dilakukan Ciputra
In 2013 the Company hired an external
consultant, APB Group, to help establish
the Companys Strategic Risk Profile.
This was done in order to obtain a
clearer picture of issues that will hinder
the achievement of the Companys
strategic goals, especially in the housing
sector, which remains the Companys
most substantially valuable sector
Kegiatan Nyata Penerapan ERM
yang dilakukan Ciputra
This risk profiling activity employed
two approaches, the bottom up and
top down approaches, with the
methods covering documentation
review, interviews, discussions, rich
picture diagram analysis, and the
Ishikawa diagram
Rekomendasi untuk Manajemen
Risiko Perusahaan Ciputra
In addition, the APB Group further provided the following
recommendations on the Companys risk management:
Dissemination of risk management policy manual to the project
level is required

Implementation of risk parameters should be done in a more

comprehensive manner

Assessment on risk management implementation across all

entities within the Ciputra Group should be performed

Revisions to the risk management policy manual should be

made in order to make it more aligned with real conditions in
the projects of the Ciputra Group
Question-dalam bahasa
How the implementation of ERM and its implementation in the property
company Ciputra?

What kind of culture of company property? Why is culture important to

consider when implementing ERM?

What are some of the key factors in the ERM and implementation that
led to the current success of the organization?

Why property company Ciputra decided to adopt the committee

structure to manage the ERM program and instead appointed senior
Chief Risk Officer?

Who are some of the key players involved in the decision on ERM
property company today?
Bagaimana penerapan ERM dan implementasinya di perusahaan
properti Ciputra?

Apa jenis budaya dari perusahaan properti? Mengapa budaya penting

untuk dipertimbangkan ketika menerapkan ERM?

Apa adalah beberapa faktor kunci dalam ERM dan implementasi yang
menyebabkan keberhasilan saat ini dalam organisasi?

Mengapa perusahaan properti Ciputra memutuskan untuk

mengadopsi struktur komite untuk mengelola program ERM dan
bukan menunjuk senior Kepala Risk Officer?

Siapa beberapa pemain kunci yang terlibat dalam pengambilan

keputusan tentang ERM Perusahaan properti saat ini?
Extending The Case
No 3:
Involving individuals risk assessment
Forward Hedging strategies (Contractto buy or
sellanassetat a givenpriceon a specific date in thefuture.Investorsuse this
device toavoidmajorlosses if the price of the assetchangesdramatically
before it is exchanged
Transfer Risk )

Financial Strategies
No 5
Risk Committee
Internal Audit
APB Groups