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Rehabilitating Cities

The connection between

sustainable economic
development, social justice and
the solution of urban problems.
Sustainable Economic Development
a socio-ecological process characterized by the
pursuit of a common ideal.
Istheorganizing principlefor sustaining finite
resources necessary to provide for the needs of
future generations of life on the planet.
Itis a process that envisions a desirable future
state for human societies in which living conditions
and resource-use continue to meet human needs
without undermining the "integrity, stability and
beauty" of naturalbiotic systems.
Social Justice
justiceis thefairandjustrelation
between theindividualandsociety.
Socialjustice assigns rights and duties in
theinstitutionsof society, which enables
people to receive the basic benefits and
burdens of cooperation.
Sustainable Economic Development and
Social Justice
Proponents of sustainability frequently emphasize
the importance of adding social justice to their
efforts, while social justice advocates increasingly
incorporate the ideas of sustainability into their
own agendas.
Sustainability and social justice is the
two central ideas to organize
teaching and target new directions
for collaborative research.
Solution of urbanization problems
Systematic development of urban centers and
creation of job opportunities,
Regional planning with city planning,
Encouraging industries to move to backward area,
Municipalities to find own financial resources,
Amendment of Rent Control Act,
Adopting Pragmatic Housing Policy.