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Existence of

Class Notes
Goldilocks & the 3 bears
Remember the story of Goldilocks &
the 3 bears.
Think about what the words just
right meant.
What are some
conditions that are just
right on Earth to allow
life to exist?
Cornell Notes
Title: Existence of Life

Topic/Objective: TEKS 7.9A

Analyze the characteristics of objects in the
Solar System that allow life to exist.

Essential Question 1: What characteristics

are needed for life to exist?
Just Right.
A habitable planet has abiotic
factors (non-living) and
characteristics that are just right
for allowing life to exist.
Earth is the only known planet at this
What makes Earth just
Draw and label a diagram of the planets going
across your paper in order with the sun on the

Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus


Earth is in just the right location for life to exist (not too hot, not too cold)!
Characteristics that Allow Life to Exist:
1. Temperature
Life is limited to a temperature
range of -15C to 115C.
Because of its distance from the
sun, Earth has a temperature
range of 0C to100C, which allows
life to exist.
The length of day and night also
contribute to temperatures that
can sustain life.
2. Presence of Liquid
Earths temperature range allows
water to exist in liquid form.
0C is the freezing point of water and
100C is the boiling point of water.
Water is regularly available.
Landforms allow water to run from
high to low elevations and replenish
as the seasons change.
3. Composition of
The Earths atmosphere thickness traps heat &
protects it from the Suns harmful UV radiation.
It also protects it from small to medium sized
It contains gases including nitrogen, oxygen,
argon, & carbon dioxide. (NOArCo2)
4. Energy Source
With a steady input of either light or chemical
energy from the sun, cells can perform the
chemical reactions necessary for life
These give us food sources including plants
and animals.
5. Nutrients
All solid planets and moons have the same
general chemical makeup so nutrients are
Planets with a water cycle or volcanic activity can
transport and replenish the chemicals required by
living organisms (vitamins).
Essential Question 2:
Why is Earth the perfect location for life to exist?

The temperature is not too hot and not too cold

(length of day and night)
Water can exist in liquid form, many sources available
Atmosphere has needed gases for living things
Sun provides energy so plant cells can carry out
Earth has nutrients necessary for life to exist
Review Questions
1. What characteristics are needed for life
to exist?

2. Why is Earth the perfect place for life to