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RiSEA Propulsion Pte Ltd


SubSea Group - Singapore

02 | Company Overview

| About Us
RiSEA Propulsion Pte Ltd is headquartered with full production in Singapore and has the pleasure of describing our latest
product summary for a full range of SubSea Propulsion and Thruster Systems, designed for manned submersibles, Rovs,
Auvs and other SubSea applications.

We design, manufacture and support subsea applications with the intention of having a worldwide reputation as the
standard of excellence in the industry.

SubSea Propulsion

SubSea Electric Thrusters SubSea Hydraulic Thruster AUV Propulsion Modules

RiSEA Propulsion Pte Ltd (SubSea Group) offers our Electric Advanced SubSea Thruster Systems in a standard range
whereby the electric motor is designed as an integral part of the thruster hub. There are no reduction gears required
producing very quiet and efficient Units. Designs are based upon over 40 years of experience in the Offshore SubSea
Marine Industry.
03 | Our SubSea Products

Designed for all types of Rov's, Auv's and Manned

SubSea Electric and Hydraulic Thrusters
AUV Propulsor and Fin Actuator Modules
Manned SubSea Propulsion Systems
Pump Jet Propulsion Systems
Electric Podded Propulsors Electric/Hydraulic Power Modules
Electric Excavators and Hydraulic Grabber Systems
Pressure Compensators
Pressure Housings
Electric ROV Inspection Vehicles
04 | Company Overview

RiSEA Propulsion Pte

SubSea Group
Largest SubSea Propulsion
Product Line World Wide

Major Military Contracts for

Advanced Technology

Over $ 200,000 USD

Invested in Motor Control

Major Growth Forecasted

for the SubSea Industries
over next 25 Years.
New SubSea Products
under Development
Over 40 Years Experience
in the Industry

Share Holder Owned

05 | Performance Guarantee
SubSea Propulsion Technology
Performance Guarantee
Efficiencies Maximum System Efficiency
E-Motor mounted directly to
propeller shaft
No reduction gears required

Performance Maximum Bollard Pull

Low Noise Levels
Fully balanced system with
or no vibration

Advantages Simple Installation

Lower Installation Costs
Water Cooled
Light Weight
Carbon Fibre Propellers &
Pressure Compensated units
Complete Portfolio
Full speed control from 0 to
Full Serial Interfacing
RS 235 & Can BUSS
Various Voltages available

PWS Thruster fully operational

Shielding even if water enters the
thruster unit

Standard Subsea Thrusters

SubSea Hydraulic Subsea Thrusters
AUV Propulsion Modules
Portfolio High Power Subsea motors
Pressure Compensators
Pressure Electronic
06 | SubSea Electric DC Thrusters
Model Power Range Standard Input Bollard Thrust Weight (Lbs) Feedback mode
Hp Kw Power Lbs kgf Air Wet
Volts Amps
Depth of Operation is 600 meters without pressure compensation. Controller is an integral
part to the thruster assembly. For greater depth of operation please contact engineering
SSE10 1.0 . 3.4 7.9 Motor Controllers are
0 75 260 42.5 19.3 10.5 to be located in a one
SSE20 2.0 6.8 9.0 (1) atmosphere
0 1.49 260 85.0 38.6 12.0 housing available as
SSE30 3.0 150. EMS supply or
0 2.24 260 11.8 0 68.2 18.5 13.9 customer furnished
SSE50 5.0 215.
0 3.73 260 15.2 0 97.0 24.0 16.5
SSE80 8.0 340. 154.
0 5.97 260 22.0 0 5 34.5 24.0
SSE12 12.0 510. 231.
Designed for Rovs, Auvs & other subsea applications
00 8.95 600 18.5 0 8 48.5 33.0
All models feature DC Brushless rare earth motors for maximum reliability and power. Standard voltages are shown. Voltages from 120 to 480
SSE15 15.0 11.2 637. 290.
Vdc. Models feature power & control electronics housed within motor case for maximum reliability & simplified installation. Models SSE100
00 a sensor feedback for
and utilize 600motor21.0 5 The0Motor Control
controller. 60.5 is42.0
part of the system design and EMS supply.
SSE20 20.0 14.9 850. 386.
00 are normally mounted
Modules 600
in the27.5
EMS one0 (1) atmosphere
0 72.0 52.5Housings rated upto 6000-meter ocean depth are available. Control
Modules are mounted inside the housing
Full ocean depthand furnished complete
oil filled/pressure with power and communication connectors of our or client design and
manufacture. Also furnished as optional serial communications to a customer furnished control system.

All Models feature an aluminum (Carbon-Fiber optional) Propeller, designed for bi-directional rotation with Kort nozzles for high bollard thrust &
open water efficiency. Clockwise & counterclockwise rotation propellers available for all models.

Models rated to 600-meter depth as standard. 1,500 meter, 3,000 meter and full ocean depth ratings also available.

Direct e-motor drives with no planetary gear reduction units resulting in Silent and Reliable operation with lightweight & compact designs
at competitive pricing. Custom configurations include alternate voltages, subsea connectors, power ratings, mountings & depth ratings, etc.
07 | SubSea Electric Thrusters & Propulsion Systems
08 | Integrated Motor Controllers
High power DC Servo/Thruster Drives for underwater
vehicles are a high-performance custom servo thruster drive,
developed to meet requirements of Marine & Subsea markets.

It has been specially designed for BLDC servo thruster motor

control on thrusters and electric propulsion systems onboard
Auvs, Rovs or manned submersibles and can deliver up to 20
kW continuous power.

Ultra-high efficiency for undersea operation

Key features are an optimized 4 Quadrant Non-Simultaneous

IGBT commutation algorithm which helps to minimize both
switching losses and EMIs. This power stage scheme together
with state of the art IGBT modules allows to achieve an overall
efficiency > 98%

It uses digital Hall sensors for both servo motor commutation and
velocity feedback loop, avoiding using external feedback devices.
Hall sensor inputs are high noise tolerant, allowing reliable
operation even when feedback and power cables need to be
wired closely in hermetic subsea connectors.

Reliability in mind

Reliability is critical for subsea operations and has been designed

for long term operation, selecting the best electronic
components according to customer MTBFs specifications.

The DC Servo Drive incorporates all the power stage, control

blocks, communications and I/O boards in a single PCB. Each
electronic section has been carefully designed for ruggedness
and performance in subsea operation conditions.
09 | Hydraulic Thruster Systems
The HPT is a "unique" series of SubSea Hydraulic Thruster Systems, designed to be integrated with
an highly efficient piston type hydraulic motor and incorporated to fit to the mounting strut as an
integral part of the thruster hub with the Nozzle constructed in fiber composite , high density
material. They come complete with Nozzle, mounting bracket and are offered from 12 to 110
Technical System Specifications
Thrust Propelle Weight Weight Maximu Motor
Max r in Air in Water m Capacity
Static Diamete Operatin
(Kgf) r g

HPT230 210 Kgf 230 12.2 8.7 350 10

HPT300 360 Kgf 300 14.3 7.3 300 23 & 32
HPT380 415 Kgf 380 22.8 18.4 300 45
HPT420 570 Kgf 420 25.7 15.7 300 63
HPT500 1280
1075 Kgf
Kgf 750
500 142.4
48.5 74.5
25.5 400
300 160
107 &&
HPT950 1500 Kgf 950 174.8 90.8 400 250

An efficient and compact piston type hydraulic motor is designed to be fitted to the thruster strut as part
of the thruster hub. This motor has variable horsepower (constant torque) characteristics. The
hydraulic motor has optimum running clearances and hydraulic balance to assure sustained high
efficiency over the life of the motor. The inertia of rotating parts is low... parts are symmetrical,
providing dynamic balance and free of vibration.
010 | AUV Propulsion Modules

The SubSea DC Electric Drive Module incorporates all the power electronics and control building blocks required to precisely control the
dc permanent magnet, brushless thruster motor. Each section of the drive has been carefully engineered for utility, ruggedness, and
performance in a wide range of operating conditions. The Control Modules are normally mounted and designed as an integral part of
the Main Propulsor Module.

Model Module Thruster Prop RPM Developed Control Fins Module Control
Diameter Power Thrust Quad Total Power Power
Options Ft Options Required
A9PM 9 inch 375 watts 575 32 lbs-f 24/48 Vdc
228.6 560 watts 500 45 lbs-f As required by 24/48 Vdc 12/24 Vdc
mm vehicle body
A12PM 12 inch 600 watts 475 48 lbs-f design 48 Vdc
304.8 900 watts 450 75 lbs-f Each fin 48 Vdc
mm individually
A18PM 18 inch 1200 watts 425 100 lbs-f controlled 48/72 Vdc
457.2 1800 watts 400 145 lbs-f 48/72 Vdc
mm 2500 watts 385 205 lbs-f 48/72 Vdc
A21PM 21 inch 3750 watts 325 300 lbs-f 48/72/140
533.4 4500 watts 315 365 lbs-f 48/72/140
mm 6000 watts 300 485 lbs-f 48/72/140
Higher Power options, special configurations and voltages offered please contact
FEATURES engineering
Dual propeller Counter
High reliability, Rugged
The New Counter Rotation
Design design assures that No Gyroscopic
Simple Plug-In Modules require only Power & Comm. Moments are transferred to the
ROV vehicle. Very fast response
Modules rated upto 600M (Standard) times are assured with Silent
& Vibration Free Operation
Full Speed and individual Fin Position
Series rated from 375 to 6000 watts

Direct Drive Reliability (no

Drive Electronics
011 | AUX Propulsion Units (APUs)

Naval Auxiliary Propulsion Units - APUs

For Naval Frigates - Cruisers - Carriers - Submarines
RiSEA Propulsion Pte Ltd is recognized as one of the worlds leading Electric Podded Thruster and
Propulsion Systems Manufacturer and introduces its unique Auxiliary Electric Podded
Azimuthing / Retractable Propulsion Units for all types of Naval Vessels.

. Naval Solutions
Offering Dynamic Electric Propulsion.with its Electric-Podded Technology, Engtek offers
compact designs, silent operation with low maintenance costs which are only a few of the
Remarkable properties.

FEATURESAzimuthing and Retractable

High Thrust to HP Ratio

High reliability Rugged design

Direct Drive reliability (no gearbox)
Lightweight Design
Environmentally Friendly
Proportional Thrust with VFD Low Harmonic Drives
Effective Thrust Underway
Excellent Maneuvering with Emergency Steering..
The system is ROBUST with little required maintenance and is RUTHLESSLY RELIABLE
012 | Electric & Hydraulic Excavator Systems

New generation subsea excavator systems

RiSEA Propulsion Pte Ltd announces its New Generation of Variable Mass Flow SubSea Excavators
operated hydraulic or by direct electric motor drives (400 to 3400 Vac) pressure compensated and
built as an integral part of the excavator unit.

The Variable Mass-Flow Excavation systems are designed to cope with highly variable soil conditions
with cutting capabilities enhanced to tackle stiff clays of up to 50 kPa.

Sonsub LTD.has developed the ROV-deployed excavator system named Aeolus utilizing our Model
E250VM hydraulically driven excavation unit, the Aeolus system has been developed to deliver
mass excavation of seabed material with undrained shear strength of less than 20kPa or excavation
of seabed material which has been previously cut or fluidized.

The intended fields of utilization for the Aeolus are excavation of mechanically cut or fluidized soil,
pipeline/flowline free-span removal tool, pipeline/flowline trencher, trench back-fill tool, drill cutting
removal tool (in "free-fly" mode), and cable/umbilical trencher when excavator head is mounted
onto "heavy" track based equipment. The system went through a very successful trial campaign.
013 | Integrated Electronic SubSea Pressure Housings

Two types - Pressure vessels and pressure compensated

External pressure ratings to 6500msw plus

Any size, diameter or length

Aluminum, stainless steel, titanium

Equipment housings or simple junction boxes

Integrated combination units - IE; PVs with piggy back J/Bs and compensators

Independent Certification and Design Approval as required

Aesthetic & Functional designs

Pressure testing as required

Fluid, Fibre, Electrical penetrations

014 | Integrated SubSea Pressure Compensators

The PC440 has set new standards for benefits / cc and cost / cc

The PC2000 and PC3000 are the 2 litre and 3 litre variants

0.44cc (0.77 pint), 2 litre (3.52 pint), 3 litre (5.28 pint) swept volumes

Unique design feature of all units allows for no oil loss spring change-out

Rolling and convolute bladder types to 100 litres (22 gallon)

Suitable for balanced or positive pressure compensation and reservoir applications

Positive pressures ratings up to 1.3 Bar

Pressure rated in excess of 3.5 Bar for fast charging

Visual indicator standard. Integrated analogue and digital sensor options

Compact, lightweight, simple mounting

015 | Seal Delivery Vehicles (SDVs)

Tiger Seal SDV Series IV

Shallow Water Combat Submersible
The Shallow Water Combat Submersible (SWCS) or SDV (Swimmer Delivery Vehicle)
enables the crew to approach their objective tactically without being detected.
It is a swimmer delivery vehicle which can carry assault swimmers. The SWCS
can be used for offshore intervention or coastal intrusion. It is able to
maneuver on and below water surface to carry 4 or 6 combat assault
swimmers with their gear.

The typical Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) is a large electrically-propelled

torpedo-like craft which can operate from a dry deck shelter fitted to a full-
size submarine. The cylindrical deck shelter is hooked up to the subs escape
hatch, functioning as an underwater docking bay for the mini-sub. The vehicle
can also be launched from shore or a small support vessel. 4 SEAL passengers
and 2 crew can ride in the SDV, wearing breathing apparatus.

One of the roles of combat swimmers is to conduct amphibious reconnaissance

or raids. In order to achieve tactical surprise, it is essential that the approach to
targets must not be compromised.

One of the methods used is by means of the sub-surface craft which

has advantages as follows.
To transport assault swimmers to a target from launching mother ship.
To carry necessary combat equipment, like demolition charges, electronics,
counter measures or weapons for each specific operation.
To approach the target through underwater to avoid observation by the
through radar, visual observation or patrol. Shallow
016 | Contracts Business Review

2014 Contracts
The Boeing Company 10x Model SSE1500
Advanced Naval Projects SubSea Thrusters rated
Huntington Beach, Calif at 4,500M + 2x Pressure
USA Housings + Motor
Controllers + Pressure
L&T Larsen & Toubro Ltd Dual Propeller Counter
India Rotating Propeller AUV
AUV Propulsion Prototype Propulsion Assembly +
with Navy Tender for 15 4x Fin Control Modules
Wuxi Oriental Ship Project 37KW Dual
Research & Development Winding Low RPM
Co. Ltd Propulsion Module for
Dept 702 China Seal Delivery Vehicle
SDV Naval Project

ECA Robotics SAS France 8x Model SSE100 SubSea

ROV Project rated at 600M Thrusters at special
330Vdc windings and
rated upto 600M

600 Tonne Midget

Hyundai Heavy Industries Submarine Project
Co., Ltd - Special & Naval Korean Navy Model
Shipbuilding Division A25RTE Aux Propulsion
Option for 4x Mini Subs
Hull P141 & Hull P142
018 | SubSea Electric / Hydraulic Power Packs

SubSea Electric Hydraulic Power Systems represents a full range of submersible electric
hydraulic power units. These robust HPUs reflect demanding needs on submerged
intervention spreads and hydraulic propulsion systems.

The model range spans over 6 classes of HPUs which range from 18 up to 400 Kw shaft
output power. All motors are 4-pole, 3 phases AC operating at 50/60 Hz. operating
voltages range from 400 Vac to 3.3 kV.

The units operate oil filled and compensated to ambient pressure. The housing is made
from machined and anodized aluminum 6082T6. Fasteners, fittings and connectors are
made from AISI316 stainless steel.

The units are configured with internal PT100 sensors for temperature measurements and
water ingress sensor. Signal interface is by Burton 5506-2004 as standard.

Single or dual pumps can be delivered as required. Regulator options cover remote
differential pressure, load sense, cut off pressure regulators and power limiters in many
combinations. Other options are available by contacting SubSea Propulsion Technology
engineering department.
018 | SMART

Self Propelled SMART Mine Hunting

Counter Charge AUV Systems
New generation Mine Hunting AUV Systems
RiSEA Propulsion Pte Ltd introduces the MH500AUV-Self propelled Mine Counter Charge AUV
System used to identify and destroy naval mines. Its target can be located at least 500m
from a launch point and offered as part of a system designed specifically for the SDV (Seal
Delivery Vehicle) or a standalone Auv system offered by our company.
Typical mission profile calls for identification and destruction of a target detected by other
means. Normally it will be detected by means of mine hunter's bow sonar. Missions against
targets stored in data bases are also very likely.\

The vehicle is a disposable, torpedo like, small remotely operated vehicle. It carries mine
disposal equipment to detect and classified target. While target is identified by vehicle sonar
and TV camera this equipment is used to initiate mine explosive. Specific feature of one of
Mine Hunting AUV (MHAUV) versions is vertically oriented shaped charge. For the shaped
charge or semi armor piercing (SAP) gun, an aiming procedure is required. This is achieved
using MHAUV maneuvering abilities and laser aiming device.
019 | Remote Operational Vehicles (ROVs)
020 | In-House Projects Test Facilities

SubSea Pressure Testing Facility in Singapore

As part of our investment to support the SubSea Propulsion Product lines, we are
planning the addition of a modern and fully equipped pressure tank facility to
the company's workshop in Singapore.

Using a fresh water pressure tank with a length of 1500 mm, an internal
diameter of 900 mm and a maximum pressure capacity of 500 bars, the
testing facility is able to pressure test our unique series of subsea propulsion
systems, motor controllers, junction boxes and other underwater technology
equipment to be tested.

For optimal accuracy and computer generated profile programming, the test
facilities at SubSea Propulsion Technology Pte Ltd are able to provide fully
computer controlled operation. Electrical and optical measurements are
undertaken in real-time, and equipment inside the tank can be subjected to
live camera monitoring. Moreover, penetrators for connectors are
incorporated into the lid of the tank.

In extension of the test facility, an overhead crane with a capacity of 1500 kg

ensures that even very heavy or unwieldy equipment can easily be pressure

Water Test Tank Facility

021 | Contacts

Location Address Contact

RiSEA Propulsion Pte Ltd SubSea 20 Harbour Drive PSA Tel: +65 8111 3490
Group VISTA #07-4B (Singapore)
Main Sales & Marketing / General Singapore Mobile +62 8117788802
Offices (Batam)
Executive Ind Park Email:
Production : 20 Benoi Road block c1 no 3 batam
(Singapore) center Indonesia
Batam - Indonesia
RiSEA Propulsion Europe Paris France

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