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Tragedy of MV Doa Paz

Group 5 (K3-6D)

1. Winda Puspitasari (0514040110)

2. Farida Nurlaily (0514040123)
3. Enggarsari Cahyani (0514040127)
MV Doa Paz
Date of build 1963
Builder Onomichi Zosen
Launching 25 April 1963
First Name Himeyuri Maru MT Vector
Owner afterwards Sulpicio Lines asal Date of Build 1980
Fillipina Owner Vector Shipping
Substitute Name Doa Paz Fisrt Name Oil Nic-II
(until now)
Substitute Name Vector
Class and Type Passsenger Ferry
(until now)
Length 2602 Tonnage 629
Panjang 93,1 m Length 51.7 m
Beam 13,6 m Beam 11.6 m
Speed 18 knots Depth 3.6 m
Capacity 1518 penumpang Installed power 250 bhp
The route of MV Dona Paz
(Tacloban City Maynilla City)
The route of MT Vector
(Limay City Masbate City)
Where the accident occurred ?
The Chronology
1 2
On December 19, 1987 at around On December 20, 1987 at about 6:30,
8:00 pm, Vector left Limay, Bataan the passenger ferry and Doa Paz
on his way to Masbate with a crew of cargo left the port of Tacloban to
13, containing 8,800 barrels of oil Manila. MV Dona Paz has listed only
delivered by charterer ship Caltex 1568 passengers embodied and 60
Philippines (now Chevron) crew members.

4 On December 20, 1987 at around
When the two vessels collide, the 10:30 pm, both ships collided on the
Vector's flammable and combustible high seas around Dumali Point in the
material charge causes flames into Tablas Strait between Marinduque
water and burns rapidly to Doa Paz and Oriental Mindoro
List of Victims
Before the Accident
MV Dona Paz
Passengers (Listed) 1568 persons
(Not Listed) 2771 persons
Crews 60 crews
Total 4399 persons
MT Vector
Crews 13 crews
After the Accident (Died)
MV Dona Paz
Passengers 4315 persons
Crews 60 crews
Total 4375 persons
MT Vector
Crews 11 crews
Total of all 4386 persons
Survives 26 persons
The Facts
MV Dona Paz MT Vector
o The ship has no radio on board o Invisible
o There are no qualified ship masters o No qualified master
o No surveillance equipment o Operation without the correct license
o No emergency evacuation plan has been established o Ships are not eligible for sailing
o Crew members did nothing to direct or assist o Under unqualified crew
passengers after the collision o Four hours after the collision and the explosion, MT
o Life jacket is locked Vector sank
o Captain is watching a movie in his betamax and crew
members are drinking and watching television at the
time of the collision o The exact cause of the collision has not been
o Two hours after the collision and the explosion, MV determined
Dona Paz sank o At the time of the incident, the strait was a bit choppy
o The Strait of Tabla is famous for its waters filled with
Both ships have not communicated with each other before the sharks, survivors recorded the incident of the shark
accident occurred. It is internationally required that all ships directly
carry VHF radios. The vector is found to have an expired radio o The Philippine Maritime Authority first received the
license. The radio license for Doa Paz is fake. notice of the accident eight hours after the collision
Collreg 1972