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CyberRange SCPE

AppSec Tech Roundup

CyberRange SCPE
Q2 2015, Vic Fernandez presented need of CyberRange 3-5 Day
course using Avalanche NEXT as test device.

Course design focused on identifying and mitigating Cyber Range

Operation Scenarios within minimum Avalanche NEXT product

Avalanche NEXT did not (does not?) support all areas of course
and also would require Avalanche Commander/Landslide? usage.

Course development is pending at the present time.

Spirent Communications
CyberRange SCPE
Proposed Operational Scenarios

Spirent Communications
CyberRange SCPE
Proposed Modules
8 Modules 5 have Lab Activities
Some of the material is based on existing Avalanche/Avalanche
NEXT material:
Course Overview
Layer 4-7 Test Methodology (Update)
HTTP Testing Concepts (Lab) (Update)
TCP Testing Concepts (Update)
Generating Internet and Web Traffic using Avalanche and Avalanche
NEXT (Lab) (New Development)
Malware (Lab) (New Development)
Security (Lab) (New Development)
Avalanche and Avalanche NEXT Test Management (Lab) (Update)
Spirent Communications
CyberRange SCPE
Delaware State University Negotiations
In negotiations with DSU to provide training for the staff on
Avalanche NEXT as well as assist in development of Cyber
Security curriculum including Certification and testing.
Curriculum would include an IT Practical approach and a Computer
Science Theoretical approach.
DSU partnership could provide funding for training delivery and
New area of revenue generation for Spirent. How far do we want to
push this potential?

Spirent Communications
CyberRange SCPE
Potential Issues
Avalanche/Avalanche NEXT NEO release timeframes.
Lab purchases required to support Vendor specific content and labs.
Customer expectations on Industry leading training:
Previous SCPE courses focus on Spirent test development with a minor on
CyberRange SCPE focus on Industry/Vendor practices with a minor on
Avalanche/Avalanche NEXT.

Requires AppSec team development help. Maybe some guest topic

May require Industry SME consulting.
Spirent Communications
CyberRange SCPE
Topics for Discussion
Identify key elements AppSec training could offer:
3 Day, 5 Day, 10 Day?

Amounts/types of industry training?

Expert topic forums?

Identify Customers/Universities to partner with.

Field Sales forecast for AppSec training materials

Spirent Communications
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