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III. Architecture
A. Columns
a. Columns are part of Post and Lintel type
b. Egyptians used post and lintel
architecture in their buildings
c) The Greeks adopted post and lintel from
the Egyptians modifying and developing
their own style of column or order

d) There are three types of Greek columns--

which are still used today.
1. Doric
The first of the Greek order (the oldest)
2. Ionic
The second Greek order (the middle)
3. Corinthian
The third type of the Greek order
Columns are the post part in construction; the
Greeks also modified the Lintel part
Pediment (Lintel):
Frieze: statues; usually of the
B. Buildings
Many Greek buildings remain in partial

These buildings and styles

influenced Roman architecture
that followed.
1. Acropolis

Main temple complex in Athensand Greece

Built by Pericles; Golden Age of Athens
2. Parthenon
Athenas Temple at the Acropolis
3. Athena Nike Temple
Athena Nike cont.
c. Review