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Our Culture of Safety

Weaving Safety into Our Culture


Patient Safety

It is an awesome responsibility and a privilege to

care for sick patients and their families.
We want patients and families to feel 100%
confident in our ability to protect them from
errors that may occur while in our care.

Each one of us is a thread that weaves

a culture of safety in our organization.

Assuring Safety Every Day

Despite the best efforts of health

care providers, errors occur while
caring for patients

Promoting a Culture
of Safety- What does that mean?

Senior leadership continues to promote a culture of

safety by walking through departments and talking
to staff each month.
Many of you have participated in the Leadership
safety rounds in your department.

This is your opportunity to let leadership know of your

concerns regarding safety. KCC leadership staff
want to know if you get the right amount of
communication to do your job safely, are you
provided with all the tools that you need to keep
your patients safe.
Culture of Safety
Another way that senior leadership
promotes safety is to ask staff about
how our operations can improve.
Often times it is the ideas of the staff
that bring new and improved solutions
to everyday issues.

Patient Safety Activities

These activities
promote patient safety.
1. Clean your hands - Do it often!

2. Screen and immunize all eligible patients for vaccine

preventable illnesses such as Influenza and
Pneumococcal pneumonia.

3. All staff will get an annual influenza vaccination.

Patient Safety Activities

4. Identify your patient before administering

medication or starting a procedure.

5. Answer call lights promptly.

6. Provide accurate hand off communication which

alerts the next care giver of any special patient

Patient Safety Activities

7. Keep the call light and the telephone close to the

patient to prevent overreaching and falls from the bed.
8. When making hourly rounds, just observing your
patient is not enough. Did you ask all of the appropriate
9. Reading back verbal orders and documenting critical
lab tests confirms that we are consistently putting the
patient first..

Weaving Safety into
our Work Environment

1. Notify your manager or supervisor of

any unsafe conditions.
2. Encourage your co-workers to do the
3. Report errors. We learn from our

Communicate well and
do it often!

Communication breakdowns can lead to

delays in treatment.
Let your manager know when
something needs improving.
You may have an idea that no one else
has thought about.

Partnering with our
How can patients be involved?
Encourage patients to take part in
decisions regarding their care.
Let patients know it is ok for them to
remind staff to clean their hands.
Encourage patients to take notes and
ask questions.

Partnering with
our Patients
The more we know about our patients the
easier it is to safely care them.
Remind your patient to:
Bring an updated list of their
medications to their hospital stay or to
the clinic
Bring their treatment portfolio to each
Bring their Karmanos identification card
Sustaining the
Safety Culture

While all of the practices listed here

may seem simple, they are not
universally practiced.
Patient satisfaction is improved by staffs
consistency with the little things.
Encourage your team to do the right