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LESSON 7: Ways of Disposing Materials

according to Their Properties


Old Sagay Elementary School

1.Observe proper ways of

disposing waste materials by
sorting them according to its

2. Identify ways of disposing

waste materials according to
Identify whether the material is
decaying or non-decaying

1. Plastic bag Non-decaying

2. Scratch paper decaying
3. Tin can Non-decaying
4. Styro cup Non-decaying
5. Vegetable craps decaying
Introduction to the
New Lesson

If you were to dispose these

materials, how will you do it?
Lets Explore
Materials needed:

Meal leftovers Weeds

banana peelings tetrapack of juices
kangkong stem glass bottles
camote leaves cartons/ paper
twigs pieces of cloth
What to do?

1. Get the materials that you need.

2. Place all the materials on your working area.
3. Sort the materials according to their
4. Observe and describe the characteristics and
properties of each material. Record your
description in Chart 1
What to do?

5. After describing each of the materials based

on their characteristics and properties, identify
each of the materials whether they are kitchen
waste, garden waste, or factory returnable.

6. List the identified materials in Chart 2 under

its corresponding column.
Chart 1
Name of Material Description Properties
( Odor, Color etc. ) ( decaying/ non-decaying)

1. Meal leftover
2. Banana peel
3. Kangkong Stem
4 Camote leaves
5. twigs
6. weeds
7. Tetrapack of Juice
8. Glass bottles
9. Paper
10. Pieces of cloth
Chart 2
Kitchen Garden Factory
waste waste Returnable
Guide Questions

1. What materials did you use in

the activity?
2. What can you say about the
materials you gathered?
3. Which of the materials are still
Guide Questions

4. How did you classify the

5. Which of the materials arre
kitchen wastes? Garden waste?
6. Which of the materials are
factory returnable or can be
Guide Questions

7. How are you going to dispose

the waste materials?
8. What did you learn from this
Presentation of
Group Work

How did you find your activity?

What materials did you use?
How did you group the materials?
What can you say about the
properties of the leftover foods?

What are the properties of each of

the material?
Which of the materials will decay?
Which will not?
Which materials are returnables or
can be used as recycled?

If you are asked to dispose these

materials, how will you do it?
What are the ways of disposing
waste materials?
What did you learn in this activity?

Pollution- the action or process of

making land, water, air dirty and not
safe or suitable to use.
Biodegradable- capable of being
slowly destroyed and broken down
into very small parts by natural

To dispose the materials properly is to use

a technique or procedure we call the
utilizes waste into factory returnables,
fertilizers, feeds, fermentables, fuel,
fine crafts and filling materials. These
are what we identified as then multi-Fs
Recycling scheme.

Recycling is collecting, processing

and manufacturing materials instead
of throwing them away. Recycling
lessen the amount of garbage we
have to dispose.

Why disposing of used plastics and

rubbers by burning is not a good
Identify ways of disposing the following
materials. Choose your answer from the box.
A. Make a compost C. factory returnable
B. Recycle/Reuse D. feed to pets

1 2 3

4 5

Conduct an interview to the barangay officials

in your community. Ask them how they
implement solid waste management

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