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ACTIVITY 1: (2 mins)
On your meta cards, write 5 most
common computer problems you
have encountered. Present your
Why do we encounter these
computer problems?
What should we do to prevent these
computer problems from occurring?
What is computer maintenance?
Computer maintenance is the
practice of keeping computers in
good state
What computer maintenance tasks should we
do to prevent these computer problems from
1. Backing up files
2. Using updated antivirus software
3. Updating the system
4. Using disk tools
Disk tools includes:
1. Disk clean up
2. Disk defragmenter
What is Disk Cleanup?
Disk Cleanup is a Windows maintenance utility.
This utility is designed to free up disk space on a
computer hard drive. The way Disk Cleanup works
is by scanning and analyzing the hard drive to see
if there are files that are no longer needed. Disk
Cleanup then removes the unnecessary files and
frees up more available space. Erik Albers
Steps in Disk Clean up

Step 1. Click Search

icon on the task bar
Erik Albers
Step 2.
the drive
you want
to clean
up and
click OK
Erik Albers
Step 3. Wait till the disk clean up finished
calculating how much space will be freed

Erik Albers
Step 5. Select the files to delete

Check the The Total amount

of space you will
boxes of
gain back
files that
you wish to File Description
have box
cleaned up Click OK to
finish Erik Albers
Step 5. Click Disk Cleanup Step 4.

Erik Albers
Step 5. Wait till the cleaning is done

Erik Albers
What is defragmentation?
Defragmentation reduces the amount of
fragmented files on a hard drive.
It recognizes related data files and puts
them in the same physical location
Data stored inside the
hard drive was closely
Defragmentation reduces the amount
organized of
fragmented files on a hard drive.
It recognizes related data files and puts
them in the
Data is divided into
same physical location
multiple chunks of data
that are stored on the
hard drive
Steps in defragmenting
your hard drive

1. Open the disk

optimization tool by
searching for
"optimize" or "defrag"
in the taskbar.
2. Select your
hard drive and
Analyze. Note
that if you
have a SSD,
this option is
grayed out and
not available
3. Check the
files in the
4. If you want to
defragment your
drive, click
Optimize. It's
best to do this
when you don't
need to use your
computer for
anything else, so
you can let
defragment the
drive efficiently.
5. Once you are
done, click the
CLOSE button
Perform disk clean up and
Performance Rubric
nt 5 4 3 2 1
Mainte Access and reviews Open Security and Open Security and Knows that Unaware that
nance all of the system Maintenance window Maintenance window maintenance maintenance settings
Settingsettings using the but locate some but unable to locate settings are found are accessed in the
s Security and specific settings specific settings in Security and Security and
Maintenance Maintenance, but Maintenance window
window unable to launch it
Disk Selects the hard- Selects the hard-drive Selects the hard-drive Accesses Disk Unable to access or
Cleanu drive in Disk in Disk Cleanup and in Disk Cleanup and Cleanup but doesnt launch the Disk
p Cleanup and selects deletes some files deletes files know how to select Cleanup utility
and deletes the hard drive
particular files
Disk Selects and analyzes Selects and analyzes Selects and analyzes Accesses Disk Unable to access or
Defrag the hard-drive in the hard-drive in Disk the hard-drive in Disk Optimizer but launch the Disk
ment Disk Optimizer, and Optimizer, but assesses Optimizer, but doesnt know how Optimizer utility
correctly assesses some drive that needs incorrectly assesses the to select the hard
the need to optimization need to optimize the drive
optimize the disk disk
15 100
14 98
13 96
12 94
11 92
10 90
9 88
8 86
7 84
6 82
5 80
4 78
3 76
2 74
1 72
1.Define computer virus.
2.List down common viruses and
describe each