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RAB success + drop rates


060519 (34) RAB success drop rate INTERNAL V1.3.ppt


Description Status Slide
1 RAB_CS estab fail: Iu fails to establish solved Case 1

2 RAB_PS estab fail: Invalid RAB parameter combination FRQ92567 (UMR7.0?) Case 2

RAB_PS release (RAB_DR_PS) >15%, phys chann reconf procedure N01889352

3 added CR 1791
Case 3

2 Overview
CSSR, RRC (MOC,MTC) success rate lower than

RNC need to have a call setup success rate as measured from PM counters
>99% (requirement from TMD)
Average CSSR Kln_B CW 39 (26.9.-2.10) is 97,9%
Without RAB_CS failure and RAB_PS limitation CSSR would be 98,15%
For CSSR, 2 parts are contributing
RRC success rate (CSSR), in essence the RRC_SR without Inter-RAT
cell re-selections and registrations see UNO (11) RRC success rate
RAB success rate (this slides)

Case 1: RAB_CS establishment failure cause IU fails to establish starting in

TMD RNC_Kln_B at 24.8.05 and persisting 25.10.05 MSC patch D609
removed, closed

Case2: RAB_PS failure invalid RAB parameters accounting for app. 0,4%
RAB failures absolute due to UEs requesting simultaneously Internet and a
second service which is not supported by UTRAN
FRQ92567, 2 non real time RABs, candidate for UMR 7.0

3 Overview
Case 1: RAB_CS Iu fails to establish

Actis mpa1380883 (22.8.05)
2 root causes are currently known:
Faulty RNC CMP card managing the Iu. In this case almost all RABs are affected
and the RAB_SR normally goes down to a very low value
25.10.05: SAG MSC failure patch D609 removed (1 case remaining 27.10.)

25.10.: D609

4 Overview
Case 2: RAB_PS Invalid RAB Parameter Combination

Product limitation of RNC
Impacts KPIs depending on end-user behavior

5 Overview
Case2: RAB_PS Invalid RAB parameter combination
IU Flow Chart

RNC Attach request


Attach accept
The first PDP context is
Activate PDP Context request activated for internet services
RAB Assignment init

RAB Assignment outcome

Activate PDP Context accept after 35s from the first PDP context
the user asks for a second PDP for
MMS services (same SLR/DLR

Activate PDP Context request
RAB Assignment init
This RAB combination (a PDP for
internet services and a PDP for MMS
RAB Assignment outcome
services) is not supported and the
Invalid RAB parameter combination second RAB and the second PDP are
Activate PDP Context reject
Insufficient resources

6 Overview
Case3: RAB_PS_DR >15% (RAB_release) Status: 13.05.06

UMR5.0: RAB drop rate for PS calls is app.20%. This is reported from several
projects (VF-D2, TMD, SFR ticket N01889352)
Contributions by transition failures
FACHPCH (app 3,5%), RAB_PS_DR 17%
FACHDCH (not significant)
DCHFACH + activation + improvement of cell change order (app. 10%) RAB_PS_DR 7%
Counters needed for analysis are
RAB release counter
Transform_from_Cell _FACH_fail and transform_from_Cell_DCH_fail
Transitions FACHPCH are not supported by many UEs, but account to the failure
rate. No action
transFromCellFachFail 2-3,2,1 CELL_PCH - Configuration unsupported app. 3,5%
of all FACH failures (depending on QC chipset UEs in the network)
have been subtracted from counters
results in Iu release request failure radio interface procedure
Transitions FACH DCH
Very sporadic, no big impact on RAB_PS_DR, however see counter analysis behavior
Transitions DCH FACH
Timer changes T302: 4s 1s, N302: 3 7, RAB_PS_DR improvement app. 3%; QC issue
CR 1791 to avoid some frame offsets, however not yet fully aligned with QC analysis
Activate Cell change order and change CCO timer from 1020s
RAB_PS_DR improvement app. 10%
Design change needed to allow separate parameters for CS and PS

7 Overview
Case3: DCHFACH failures

DCH-FACH failures mainly result in 2 different Iu release requests

Radio-Connection-with-UE-lost (~95% of cases)
Failure-in-the-radio-interface-procedure (~5% of cases).

Without CCO active: With CCO active:

40% of problems are DCHFACH reduced by 4,
DCHFACH, thereof CCO failures now significant
95% fail RF itf and 5% UE lost

50%:488 CCO fail

95%: 678 DCH->FACH fail

30%:162 DCH->FACH fail

5%:32 DCH->FACH fail 15 DCH->FACH fail

A significant part is triggered by poor radio

(CCO active which cannot be parameterized for PS only, remainder UE-lost)
8 Overview
Case3: DCHFACH failures:
Radio Connection with UE lost
RNC NodeB Terminal
PhysicalChannelReconfiguration (FACH)

Cell update (Cell Reselection)


Timer=10 s N302

Iu Release Request

(Radio Connection with UE lost)

RRC connection release

9 Overview
Case3: DCHFACH failures:
Status: 13.05.06
Failure in the Radio Interface Procedure

RNC NodeB Terminal

PhysicalChannelReconfiguration (FACH)
Measures in lab needed to
confirm absence for non QC
based UEs
Cell update (Cell Reselection)

Cell update Confirm


Cell update (Cell Reselection)

Timer=10 s Cell update Confirm

Cell update (Cell Reselection)

Cell update Confirm

Iu Release Request

(Failure in the radio interface procedure) RRC connection release

10 Overview
Case 3: Phys/Transport Channel Reconfiguration Failure No Reply
Status: 13.05.06
from UNO (33) BRA Case 2, but also valid for Phys Channel reconfiguration failure in DCH FACH

Synch RL Reconf Prep
The DCCH PDU is not
Synch RL Reconf Prep decoded correctly in the
UE while the DTCH is
Synch RL Reconf
CFN=x decoded correctly
Commit (ActTime CFN=x+ActTimeMarg)
20 ms DCCH PDU SN= n+1 ~ n+6 (+DTCH PDU)
TrChRec (ActTime
5 x 40 ms

PDU SN=n+6 not

tpoll = 200 ms acknowledged


Still old
Re-TX DCCH PDU SN= n+6 x+600 ms

Re-TX DCCH PDU SN= n+6 maxdat=20

RL deletion

TrChRec not yet decoded

Cell Update (RL Failure; Qualcomm:RLC unrecoverable error) completely at the ActTime
=> UE still in old bearer
New bearer


Qualcomm chipset 6200
produces RLC unrecoverable
error not supporting call re-

11 Overview
Case 3: DCHFACH failures
Status: 13.05.06

QC based UEs cannot properly decode Frame Offsets of

Solution: 0,1,5,6 depending on UL/DL and data to being sent.
T302 and N302 changes:
T302: 4s 1s Non-disclosure does not allow to
N302: 3 7
RAB_DR_PS reduced by app. 3% distribute this information

Timer changes:
Improvement of 11,5%,
however only with CCO off

12 Overview
Case3: Activation of Cell Change Order & Parameter

Activation of cell change order

Tcco timer (=T309 cell based + minimum db parameter rnc based)
cell iub t309=5
swp fn=mrd_timer5 data_no6=f md=hex)

Activation of CCO:
RAB_PS_DR from 17,5%7%
CCO timer from 1020s

13 Overview
Case3: Activation of Cell Change Order
Further Measures

Next Steps
Many customers dont activate cell change order, because it introduces
Ping-Pong effect on 3G-2G transitions
A design improvement is needed to be able to separate parameterization
for PS and CS calls
Goal: keep PS as long as possible in 3G
CS calls should go to 2G if needed
UMR5.0: no separation is possible, thus parameters are chosen such by the
operator, to extend the coverage 3G as much as possible leading to ping pong
for PS calls

14 Overview
Case3: FACHDCH Failures
Radio Connection with UE lost
RNC NodeB Terminal

Transport Channel Reconfiguation (DCH)

Transport Channel Reconfiguration Complete

Last PDU

Timer=10 s

Last PDU

Iu Release Request

(Radio Connection with UE lost)

RRC connection release

Failure case UE lost not

significant, however other
15 Overview
Case3: FACHDCH failures
Other causes

A considerable amount is caused by (1020%)

UMR3.5 :transFromCellFachFail(CELL_DCH - other)
UMR 5.0:transFromCellFachFail(CELL_DCH - Rejections by AC failure/CC failure)
does not count for the RAB_PS_DR, because caused by admission control and is
not a failure


this counter is incremented also in case the transition is rejected by Admission

Control (see customer doc.)
evidences is given correlating mtype 124 with mtype 150 (acRejections)

16 Overview