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SHIKHAR Presentation

Innovative Trenchless Technique for Underground

Power Cable Installation

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited

Yogesh Gupta
Anuj Kumar
Business Plan-Content

Need Analysis (Why ? )

As Is Trenchless Technique (What ? )

Proposed Trenchless Technique(How ? )

Technical & Economic Evaluation

Financial Projections

Development & Operational Plan(When?)

Business Plan- Need Analysis

Total Length 1850 Ckt Km; Road Restoration Cost :

Annual Growth 50Km/Yr 50-60 Lacs/Km

Business Plan- As Is Trenchless (HDD) Technique

Business Plan- Proposed (HDD) Technique
3 Stage Operation : a) Pilot Drilling b) Pre-Reaming (Sodium-Bentonite Solution
injected) c) Pull Back (Cable is directly pulled instead of High Density Polyethylene-HDPE
Sodium-Bentonite slurry acts as lubricant during cable pulling & avoids any damage to
cable jacket.
Superior thermal conductivity resulting in 20 % enhancement of current-carrying
Post-installation, Sodium Bentonite act as cushion to cable and avoids any failure due to
vibrations from ground traffic movement.
Non-usage of HDPE pipe results in reduction of trenchless installation cost by 25-30 %.

Business Plan- Technical Evaluation
Technical Evaluation
Parameter "As Is "(Trenchless with HDPE Pipe) Proposed Solution (Trenchless
with Sodium (Na)-Bentonite
Derating of cable 20% De-rating due to poor heat dissipation Improved soil thermal
by HDPE conductivity due to Na-Bentonite
Cable pulling torque applied High & uneven. Tractors/Manual pulling Less jerk & Uniform torque
Jerk - likely to damage outer jacket of cable
Chances of cable Prone due to entrance of foreign stone Reduced risk. Slurry acts as
outersheath damage pieces during cable pulling lubricant during cable pulling .
Cable laying cycle time High Low

Cable Docketing Provided by HDPE pipe Formation of semisolid gel act as

shock absorber for cable
Fault Location Time consuming & Inaccurate Quick & accurate

Economic Evaluation
Installation High Cost, approx. Rs. 1500/ mtr Low Cost, approx Rs.1100/
mtr(Without HDPE pipe)
Repairing High cost & time consuming Low cost & quick

Business Plan- Financial Projections
Cost Saving (From Proposed Plan due to Non-use of HDPE pipe)
Cost Component Trenchless with HDPE Proposed(Trenchless with Na-Bentonite)
HDPE Pipe Cost/Km Rs 4.25 Lakh/Km NA
Na-Bentonite Cost/metre NA Rs 25000/Km
Trenchless Installation Cost ( Current Rate) : Rs 14 Lakh/Km
Cost Saving with Proposed Solution : (4.25-0.25) = Rs 4 Lakh/Km
Installation Cost with Proposed Solution ( 14-4)= Rs 10 Lakh/Km
% Cost Reduction : 28.57 %
Revenue Generation(From Proposed Plan due to High Ampacity)
Ampacity of 11 KV 3CX300 mm2(at TR : 150C-Cm/W) : 300 Amperes
Ampacity of 11 KV 3CX300 mm2(at TR : 100C-Cm/W) : 357 Amperes
% Increase in Power Evacuation : 1 MVA
Extra MU Available : (1000x600x25)/10 6 =15 MU

Internal Savings (TPDDL Usage) External Savings (Pan India )*

Cost Saving : 50 Km/Yr X 4 Lakh /Km = Market Demand for 11 KV cable(Through

INR 2 Cr/annum Trenchless) : 3260 Km/yr

Cost Saving : 3260 Km x 4 Lakh/yr = INR

Additional Ckt Capacity : 15 MU/yr
130.46 Cr/annum

* : Source :
Business Plan- Development & Operational Plan

Development Plan
5 Pilot Projects (11 KV-100 mtr) for Proposed Solution Conducted (HDD with Na-
Bentonite & without HDPE as against Indian Society For Trenchless Technology standards.
Cable Physically inspected upto 12 mtr to verify damage to cable jacket for all pilot
Sheath Voltage test done along with Megger/Hi-Pot.
Soil Thermal resistivity result taken periodically for validation.
Paper Presentation at CPRI, Bangalore.
Customized for Power Sector - Technique is currently practiced in Oil & Gas Sector.
K rho Read
Measurement Time Sensor W/(mK) Ccm/W Err Temp (C) Time
7/1/2012 13:08 TR-1 1.592 62.8 0.0092 36.57 5
7/1/2012 13:28 TR-1 1.582 63.2 0.0096 36.42 5
7/1/2012 13:44 TR-1 1.602 62.4 0.0099 36.64 5

Operation Plan
1) Submitted & Approved by Engg for Specs Revision.
2) Vendor Identification for Na-Bentonite
3) E-filling for Patent under process
Annexure 1 : De-rating Factor