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No fill! Journal, 215(4), 6.
Peptide P11-4

No pain! Jablonski-Momeni, A., & Heinzel-Gutenbrunner, M. (2014,

May 15). Efficacy of the self assembling peptide P11-4 in
constructing a remineralization scaffold on artificially-
induced enamel lesions on smooth surfaces. Journal Of
Cost: Orofacial Orthopedics/Fortschritte Der Kieferorthopadie,
$300 for a box of 10 75(3), 175. doi:10.1007/s00056-014-0211-2

applicators good to Prakash, A., Parsons, S.J., Kyle, S., & McPherson, M. J.
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University of Leeds. (2011, August 23). Filling without Presented By:

drilling: Pain-free way of tackling dental decay reverses
acid damage and re-builds teeth. ScienceDaily. Retrieved Karissa Grado
October 25, 2016 from Dental Hygiene Student
ptide+p11-4&rank=4 Morgan Fowler Regenerating Teeth: The New Dental Hygiene Student
dimension of Self-Assembling Peptides. (2017. Jan)
How it Works Steps Step 1: Perform professional
Self-assembling peptides are cleaning on teeth before
peptides that undergo spontaneous treatment of applying
assembly to form nanostructures Curodont.
and repair organic tissues. Peptide Step 2: Clean and dry the
P11-4 is a self-assembling peptide affected tooth surface with
that treats white spot lesions in a sodium hydrochlorite 3% for
non-invasive way that requires no 20 seconds.
drilling on the tooth and is pain-free.
Similar to a sealant in the way it is 1 Professional dental cleaning
Step 3: Apply acid etch of
applied to the tooth, but works in a 37% phosphoric acid to the
different way and is 3x better. This tooth surface for 30 seconds
new regenerative technology is to roughen up enamel for the
painted on the surface of the peptide to adhere to the
carious lesion and helps stop the lesion.
lesion from progressing any further. Step 4: Tooth is prepped and
P11-4 has been shown to start the ready for Curodont to be
re-mineralization process of the painted onto the tooth
tooth, by producing hydroxyapatite 2 Clean the affected tooth
surface. Ensure moisture
crystals that are essential in forming surface with sodium
hydrochlorite 3% (20 sec) control and let dry for 2
enamel. minutes until it is not visible.

3 Acid etching with phosphoric acid

P11-4 Peptide matrix gel 3537%. (30 sec) Pictures from Day 1-Day 180