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Power of Subconscious Mind for

Effectiveness at work, business and in life

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To help participants
understand the working
of sub-conscious mind
and thus use it to be
effective at work,
business and in life.
Understand the
Conscious and
Subconscious mind
The Three Laws that
activate the working of
Subconscious Mind
Steps to help you to
modulate your
Subconscious Mind to
be more effective.
Session Statement
May 29, 1953
Success = Conquest of Self (Mind)

Its not about

conquering the
mountains its about
conquering self!

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe; it can achieve.
Napoleon Hill.
Drawing Exercise
The Conscious Mind
It is the objective or thinking
No memory
Holds one thought at a time
1. Identifies: sight, sound,
smell, taste, touch or
2. Compares: goes to
subconscious for stored
3. Analyses: Accept or reject
4. Decides: Decision leads the
subconscious mind to action
What is it?
Subconscious Mind
Huge memory bank
2 Functions: Store and Retrieve
It is subjective, doesnt think or
reason independently.
It works to make our behavior
fit a pattern consistent with
emotionalized thought, desire
and hope
Homeostatic impulse: Keeps
thinking & acting consistent
with what youve said & done in
past. Keeps you in your comfort
How do you ride a bike?
1. Unconscious Incompetence
2. Conscious Incompetence
3. Conscious Competence
4. Unconscious Competence.
that activate
Law of Subconscious Activity
Any idea or thought that
you accept as true in your
conscious mind will be
accepted as true by your
subconscious mind.
When we believe that
something is possible, our
subconscious broadcasts
mental energies and we
attract people,
circumstances in harmony
with the new thoughts.
Law of Concentration
Whatever we dwell upon,
Energy flows where
attention goes.
We cannot think one
thought and get another
Law of cause and effect.
Remember more is less
Discipline yourself to
focus on whats important
to you, keep your
conversation free of
negativity, doubt & fear.
Law of Substitution
Your conscious mind can
only hold one thought at a
You can substitute one
thought for another.
The crowding out principle
allows you to replace a
negative thought with a
positive one and thus take
charge of your emotional
Think of the solution than
the problem, think of the
future rather than what
has happened in the past.
Whats my Learning ?
1. Beware of what you
read, see, talk,
associate with
2. Focus on things you
want not on things you
3. Whenever you feel
unpleasant trace it
back to your thought,
change the thought &
you will change how
you feel.
3 Laws
1. Visualize
Clearly see the
outcome you desire.
See yourself and
everyone else
concerned happy with
the outcome
Concentrate on
visualizing the
Frequency, clarity,
intensity and duration
of your visualization
will decide the
Take deep breaths & visualize
2. Affirmations
Affirm your desired
Present, Positive and
I like myself
I earn Rs. xxx per year
I weigh xxx Kg.
I am a free from
Dont worry about the
3. Emotionalize
Emotionalize your
combined affirmation &
Create the feeling that
you will actually
experience when
everything is resolved
Imagine yourself as
already successful, the
goal as attained.
When you are happy and you know- clap your
hands (2)
When you are happy and you know, and you
really want to show, when you are happy and
you know clap your hands.
Repeat with: Stamp your feet, snap your
fingers, say hello.
4. Act as if
Walk, talk and act as if
you were already the
person you desire to be.
Behave as if you have
already achieved the
Law of Reversibility-
Feelings determine
action but action can
also determine feeling
5. Feed your mind
PMA diet
Read books, magazines for
personal and professional
Listen to educational
audios, watch
motivational videos,
attend seminars
Read and study in your
area of expertise, commit
to constant and never
ending improvement
6. Associate with Positive People
Associate with people
who pull you up not
push you down
Your reference group
can either condemn you
to failure or bless you
with success.
You are an average of
the five people you
spend your most time
with. Jim Rohn.
7. Teach others
You become what you
teach. You teach who
you are.
When you articulate
and explain you
internalize the concept
You really know
something to the
degree to which you
can teach it to someone
Thoughtfulness Leads to Success!
Dont spend your life in a
form of sleep.
Be aware of the stream of
disorganized thoughts
that run through your
Live Consciously!
Be alert, aware and
Control your thought
process and direct it to
the destination of your
own choosing.
To help participants Understand the
understand the working Conscious and
of sub-conscious mind Subconscious mind
and thus use it to be The Three Laws that
effective at work and in activate the working of
life. Subconscious Mind
Steps to help you to
modulate your
Subconscious Mind to
be more effective.
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