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The congress is organized by:

In collaboration with :
Organizing Committee
Bengt Sderberg, Sweden Chair & President of ISPO International
Jean-Pierre Lissac, France Vice- Chair & President of ISPO France
Jaap Harlaar, The Netherlands Chair of World Congress Scientific
Jan Geertzen, The Netherlands Chair of previous World Congress
Committee 2013
Mike Barkley, South Africa Chair of Member Society hosting the
next World Congress 2017
Scientific Committee
Jaap Harlaar, The Netherlands (Chair)
Ed Lemaire, Canada (Member)
Man-Sang Wong, Hong Kong (Member)
Harmen van de Linde, The Netherlands (Member)
Magnus Lilja, Sweden (Member)
Grald Dauny, France (Member)
Domnico Menagerp, France (Member)
Ashok Johari, India (Member)
Abel Toriola, South Africa (Member)
The World Congress is ISPOs biggest
event. ISPO expects to gather about
3,000 delegates from all the world.
plenary sessions
training sessions
scientific poster sessions
industry exhibition
Target Audience
Prosthetists & Orthotists
Physical & Rehabilitation Doctors
Orthopedic surgeons
Physical and occupational therapists
Rehabilitation engineers
Health professionals
Clinical psychologists
Orthopaedic shoe technicians
Social institutions and others involved in taking care
of patients in need of a prosthesis or an orthotic
AIM phrases ISPOs drive on how to
broaden and advance Prosthetic &
Orthotic (P&O) services focused on
the improvement of quality of life
for users of P&O devices.
instructional courses
manufacturers workshops
poster sessions
Adapted technology in Paediatrics
Developing Countries Prosthetics: Lower Limb above
Building P&O in Developing knee
Countries Prosthetics: Lower Limb ankle &
Education foot
Evidence Based Practices Prosthetics: Lower Limb below
General knee
Orthotics: Lower Limb Prosthetics: Upper Limb
Neurological Quality Of Life Issues
Orthotics: Lower Limb Rehab Medicine & Surgery
Orthopaedic Seating & Wheelchair
Orthotics: Spinal Special Shoeware
Orthotics: Upper Limb Sports & Physical Activity
Knud Jansen Lecture
Given by Chapal Khasnabis, Technical
Officer, Department of Essential Medicines
& Health Products (WHO)

Presentation s focus: the concept behind

Global Cooperation of Assistive Technology
(GATE) and its relevance to the prosthetics
and orthotics sector, the international
development goals, the Convention on the
Rights of Persons with Disabilities and,
above all, the common people.

More about Chapal Khasnabis on

Keynote Speaker: Malcolm
Malcom MacLachlan, Professor of
Global Health at Trinity College
Dublin and Extraordinary Professor
of Rehabilitation at Stellenbosch
University, South Africa.

Presentations focus: non-physical

aspect in the success of Prosthetic

More about Malcom MacLachlan on

Keynote Speaker: Jules Becher
Jules Becher, paediatric physiatrist,
University Hospital VU medical
centre in Amsterdam. Involved in
the field of Cerebral Palsy for
almost 30 years and an expert on
central nervous movement

Presentations focus: How gait

analysis is required to indicate the
right AFO in CP
More about Jules Becher on
Keynote Speaker : Jean
Jean Dubousset, Emeritus Professor
at Ren Descartes University in Paris.
Award-winner for his work on 3D
spinal correction, malignant tumours
in children, etc.

Presentations focus: 3D spinal

correction and the multidisciplinary
element which makes practical
progress in the medical field

More about Jean Dubousset on

Important Dates
Event : 22 -25 June 2015

Symposia and Instructional Courses Submission Deadline: 15 September 2014

Abstracts Submission Opening: July 2014

Abstracts Submission Deadline: 01st December 20 14

Registration Opening: October 2014

Early bird fee Deadline : 23 March 2015

Registration Fees
Registration Early-Bird Fee* Regular fee*
(Opens October 2014) (Deadline 23 March 2015) (as of 24 March 2015)

ISPO Member 495 595

Non - ISPO Member 595 695
Member Emerging markets 199 260
Non Member Emerging 250 299
Student 99 99
Accompanying partner 99 99

Hotel room reservations can be booked as of October 2014.

*NB: All fees are inclusive of French VAT charged at 20%.

Metal packages : Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze guarantee
a strong corporate presence during all phases of the event

Single items like advertisements, online banner, flyer insert,

travel grants

You can decide on the one that suits you best!

Contact: Helene von Groote
More than 100 exhibitors from more than
20 countries
Dates: 22-25 June 2015
Possibility for exhibitor workshops
Exhibition guidelines available on

Contact: Helene von Groote