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Provider of Nursing

1. Provides direct nursing care to sick
or disabled in the home, clinic,
school, or workplace
2. Develops the familys capability to
take care of the sick, disabled, or
dependent member
1. Formulates individual, family, group, and community-centered
2. Interprets and implements programs, policies, memoranda, and
3. Organizes work force, resources, equipments, and supplies at
local level
4. Provides technical and administrative support to Rural Health
Midwives (RHM)
5. Conducts regular supervisory visits and meetings to different
RHMs and gives feedback on accomplishments
Community Organizer
1. Motivates and enhances
community participation in
terms of planning,
organizing, implementing,
and evaluating health
2. Initiates and participates in
community development
Coordinator of Services
1. Coordinates with individuals,
families, and groups for health
related services provided by
various members of the health
2. Coordinates nursing program with
other health programs like
environmental sanitation, health
education, dental health, and
mental health
Trainer/Health Educator
1. Identifies and interprets training needs of the RHMs, Barangay
Health Workers (BHW), and hilots
2. Conducts training for RHMs and hilots on promotion and disease
3. Conducts pre and post-consultation conferences for clinic
clients; acts as a resource speaker on health and health-related
4. Initiates the use of tri-media (radio/TV, cinema plugs, and print
ads) for health education purposes
5. Conducts pre-marital counseling
Health Monitor
1. Detects deviation from
health of individuals,
families, groups, and
communities through
contacts/visits with them
Role Model
1. Provides good
example of
healthful living to
the members of
the community
Change Agent
1. Motivates changes in
health behavior in
individuals, families,
groups, and communities
that also include lifestyle in
order to promote and
maintain health
1. Prepares and submits required
reports and records
2. Maintain adequate, accurate,
and complete recording and
3. Reviews, validates, consolidates,
analyzes, and interprets all records
and reports
4. Prepares statistical data/chart and
other data presentation
1. Participates in the conduct of
survey studies and researches
on nursing and health-related
2. Coordinates with government
and non-government
organization in the
implementation of