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Current Supported Online Mapping 12/19/11 (5 mo.

data) Sys output less nagios: > 78,412 requests/day or 1 every 1.1 sec Legend: app DB spatial oth
apps on MassGIS geocoding
apps on MassGIS apps on non-MassGIS
apps on MassGIS maps server to GeoServer servers
maps server servers apps on non-MassGIS apps on non-MassGIS
CZM MORIS to ArcIMS (maps) + to ArcIMS (maps) + servers to GeoServer + servers
State Facilities to GeoServer +
ASA ArcIMS (geocoding) ArcIMS (geocoding) ArcIMS (geocoding)
OpenLayers/GeoExt OLIVER ArcIMS (geocoding) to ArcIMS (geocoding)
22 launches/day
(12) HTML viewers
21e, title5, DEP wetlands, DEP (4) WIRE EOHHS
Michael Steintz AppGeo .NET Rob DEP, Huaining Zhu
(Joshua Rosenthal) Sousa
Wetlands Change, DCR snow
Aaron Richer
EOHED (2) priority, mema_ecemp, order form, Geocoding
CZM MassBays Google maps+ 750 users CZM coastguide, WSPA, DCR dams, OpenLayers .NET
Lowell and SCR Editing WMS John Kauer
Jessica Casey
Habitat Atlas wind, wind w/ owners
ASA Watershed Aleda Freeman
OpenLayers/GeoExt UIC
Charlton Galvarino CPA DEP, Huaining Zhu
OpenLayers/GeoExt CPC Stuart Saginor, DEP, Huaining Zhu
Aleda Freeman Aaron Richer
EOPS SPOLIVER PriHab MapBuilder OpenLayers .NET
ASA Dan Bibel,
Aleda Freeman Comment Tool
OpenLayers/GeoExt DFG Dan Koch
In Development
911 Editing
Peter Grace MassAudubon
OpenLayers/GeoExt get_xy (utm) MCP ESRI ArcIMS
(4) HLI, Trails, DEP DEP Breeding Bird Atlas,
Forestry, Res.
Aaron Richer Aaron Richer Butterfly Atlas 23 AXL mapservices
OpenLayers OpenLayers OLIVERs (2) ASA
OLIVER output: > 2,001 images/day
Mgmt. Plan DCR OpenLayers/GeoExt
OpenLayers/GeoExt David Kimball
Broadband WMA > 1,482 geocodes/day
275 launches/day OpenLayers DFG
Survey Kevin Robicheau EJ OLIVER > 42 queries/day
Google Maps OpenLayers Aleda Freeman
(6) JSP viewers Aleda Freeman OpenLayers/GeoExt
(2) Boat Ramps, DOR LA3, Census by
Biomap2 DFG town or legis, DCR WPA, ESRI
Dan Koch, Kevin
legis, DCR Acecs Load Balancer
Robichaeu OpenLayers
Aleda Freeman
1,121 layers or tables GeoServer SDE
1,843 SLD styles
Aleda Freeman
output: 74,549 req./day Pergamon
apps on non-MassGIS servers - to GeoServer (map, info, extract) GeoServer Michael Trust
OS Toolbar Fish from cache: 30% Aleda Freeman
Gabriela Laird DEP, Huaining Zhu Aleda Freeman
ArcMap .NET Aaron Richer
MA Legis Tufts Harvard OpenLayers
Ed Bell OpenGeoportal OpenGeoportal VTP
Jared Brown,Tallan, Inc. Patrick Florance Bonnie Burns
Northeast Ocean Google PB Well DEP,
Data Viewer
OpenLayers OpenLayers Search Well
Aaron Richer
staging ESRI
DEP, Huaining Zhu
ASA Flex
MVPC Tax Cut OpenLayers OpenLayers
ArcGIS Server
MapsOnline Chris Wren
Jerrard Whitten Google Maps DEP iProtect 8 mapservices
MIT GeoWeb PeopleGIS Google Maps + WMS + WMS Tim Corcoran, N. Midd. Reg. Deeds geocoding In Development
Joshua Rosenthal
Lisa Sweeney Aaron Richer AppGeo .NET Peter 338 requests/day
OpenLayers MapBuilder Girard, Dick Howe DCR
Gabriela Laird
(2)DOE MAPC Gull Tracking
Brian Philpot (John Kim) Javascript
Town of Amherst ASP DataCommon MAPC MRWA Gabriela Laird Webservices Wiki:
Christian Spanring Christian Spanring MHC
Michael Olkin OpenLayers
Google Maps + WMS
OpenLayers MACRIS
Kathryn Catlin apps on MassGIS IIS to ArcGIS Server display/massgis
MassAudubon DAR over 82 page views/day
DOT MassTrac Matthew Smith NERACOOS GPV DCR ITD Habitat DB
Delphi-TS OpenLayers City of Boston Organic nagios real time monitoring,
Cambridge Systematics Map and Model AppGeo .NET VoIP status NHESP
David Lozzi Barbara Rizzuti 2008 Distressed Javascript
Farms email alerts, stats -- uses
Viewer Private Property
Gabriela Laird, David editing Javascript Javascript 1,440 requests /day
OpenLayers + crash mapping USGS Natl Map J. Ru Morrison Regina Obe
Kimball In Gabriela Laird In Gabriela Laird In
Gabriela Laird
Sharepoint Flex + WMS Development Development Development
Calvin Meyer Eric Bridger OpenLayers Webservices Google group:
81 members