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ÚWhat is BlueEyes?
ÚWhat is BlueEyenot?
ÚHow are blue and eyes related?
ÚThe data acquisition unit
ÚCentral system unit
ÚThe hardware
m Human cognition depends on highly
developed abilities to perceive, integrate,
and interpret visual, auditory,and touch
m Without a doubt, computers would be
much more powerful if they had even a
small fraction of the perceptual ability of us
human beings. Adding such perceptual
abilities to computers would enable
computers and humans to work together
more as partners.
m ëhe Blue Eyes technology aims at creating
computational devices with perceptual
abilities.In the current booming Ië sector
with the most of the young stars aiming to
be a part of it, they are very much tied up
with computers.
m A blue eyes is a project aiming to be a
means of stress reliever driven by the
advanced, technology of studying the
facial expressions for judgment of intensity
of stress handled.
m Blue eyes technology consists of a portable
measuring unit and a central analytical
system. ëhe mobile device is integrated with
blue tooth module providing wireless
interface between operator worm sensors
and central unit.
m Identity cards are assigned to each of the
operator and adequate user profile on
central unit side provides necessary data
personalization so that different people can
use a single sensor device.
m °ata acquisition unit fetches the physiological
data from sensor and it is sent to the Central
System Unit .
m Central System Unit performs the online data
analysis and provides visualization interference
Communication between °ata Acquisition Unit
and Central System Unit is carried out by
connection manager Communication with the
operator is carried on using a simple 5 key
keyboard, a small LC° display and a beeper.
m Voice data can be transferred using a small
hand set, interfaced to °ata Acquisition Unit.
m performs the analysis of the raw sensor
data in order to obtain information
about the operator·s physiological
condition.(the data analyzer consists of
saccade detectors ,pulse rate analyzers
,custom analyzers)
m ëhe physiological data is presented using
a set of custom-built GUI controls
m Bluetooth is the name of a new wireless
technology that is now becoming
commercially available. Cables have
become the bane of many offices, homes
etc and Bluetooth essentially aims to fix this.
m A Bluetooth chip is designed to replace
cables by taking the information normally
carried by the cable, and transmitting it at
a special frequency to a receiver Bluetooth
chip, which will then gives the information
received to the computer or similar device.
ëhe hardware mainly comprises of data
acquisition unit and central system unit.
m °ata acquisition unit ¶s main task is to fetch
the physiological data from sensor and to
send it to central system to be processed .
m Here the sensor used is the multi sensor
m each component of the multi sensor system
should be optimized and the multi sensor
system itself should be optimized too.
m Blue Eyes software's main task is to look after
working operators' physiological condition.
m ëhe Blue Eyes software comprises several
functional module. System core facilitates
the transfers flow between other system
modules that transfers raw data from the
Connection Manager to data analyzers,
processed data from the data analyzers
toGUI controls, other data analyzers, data
logger etc.
m Central System Unit maintains the other side of the
Blue tooth connection, buffers incoming sensor
data, performs on-line data analysis, records the
conclusions for further exploration and provides
visualization interface.

m Central System Unit hardware is the second peer of

the wireless connection. ëhe box contains a
Bluetooth module(based on ROK101008) and a
PCM codec for voice data transmission
m A data logger is used to record the
measurements like temperature, relative
humidity, on and odd, open and close,
voltage, current, pressure and events over
m ëypically, data loggers are the small
battery-power devices that are
equipped with a microprocessors, data
storage and sensors.
m Most data storage utilizes the turnkey soft
ware on a personal computer to initiate the
logger and view the collected details.
m ëhe System Core fundamental are
single-producer-multi-consumer thread
safe queues
m Any number of consumers can register to
receive the data supplied by a
m ëhis approach enables high system
scalability new data processing modules
m ½
  module provides a user
interface for the supervisors. It enables them
to watch each of the working operator·s
physiological condition along with a
preview of selected video source and
related sound stream. All the incoming
alarm messages are instantly signaled to
the supervisor.
m ëhe Visualization module can be set in an
off-line mode, where all the data is fetched
from the database.
m Prevention from dangerous incidents Minimization of
ecological consequences financial loss a threat to a
human life
m 
   system provides technical means for monitoring
and recording human-operator's physiological condition.
ëhe key features of the system are:
m Visual attention monitoring (eye motility analysis)
m Physiological condition monitoring (pulse rate, blood
m Operator·s position detection (standing, lying)
m Wireless data acquisition using Bluetoothtechnology
m Real-time user-defined alarm triggering
m Physiological data, operator's voice and overall view of
the control room recording
m Recorded data playback
m 
    system can be applied in
every working environment requiring
permanent operator's attention:
m at power plant control rooms
m at captain bridges
m at flight control centers
m Blue Eyes system is thus a versatile system which can
be modified to cater to the working environment. ëhe
software which coordinates the various activities is
precise and can be made more accurate by utilizing
latest algorithms for pattern recognition and different
neural network techniques.
m With the advent of Blue Eyes we can always dream
of an interactive computer, which can more or less
replace a human being barring the physical motion
but with all the necessary emotional backup. It may
seem to be a fiction, but in near future it will be the
life lead by ´BLUE EYESµ. For instance ordinary
household devices -- such as televisions, refrigerators,
and ovens -- may be able to do their jobs when we
look at them and speak to them etc.