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Reading: Discussion

Grammar Spot
Q1. Find these words in the previous text about
Sidney Fisk: usually, often, rarely, never.
What kind of words are they?

Q2. What tense are most of the verbs in the text?


Q3. Find two examples each in the text of the

Present Continuous.
Q1. Adverbs of frequency (AF)
Often use adverbs of frequency with the Present
0% ---------------------- 50% -----------------------100%
never rarely not often sometimes often usually always
They go before the main verb, but after the verb be.
I usually start class at 9am. Theyre usually late for netball
She never eats seafood. Shes never late for school.

He rarely sees Tim these days. Were rarely home during

Q2. Present Simple (PS)
Talks about his general lifestyle and daily habits
The Present Simple is used to express:
1. An action that happens again and again (a habit).
E.g. I go to work by car.
She drinks ten cups of tea a day.
I wash my hair thrice a week.
2. A fact that is always true.
E.g. My son has brown eyes.
The sun sets in the west.
Yuki comes from Japan.
3. A fact that is true for a long time (state).
E.g. She teaches in this primary school.
He lives with his parents.
I prefer tea to coffee.
Q3. Present Continuous (PC)
Present Continuous: Hes working in Mexico. Hes
travelling to France.
PC is used to express:
1. An activity that is happening now.
Dont turn the TV off. Hes watching it.
2. An activity or situation that is true now, but is
not necessarily happening at the moment of
Im taking Korean language classes this year.
Q3. Present Continuous (PC) ctd
3. A temporary activity
Im staying with my friends until I find a
place of my own.
4. A planned future arrangement
Were meeting at 10am outside the hall.