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Service Tire

Truck Centers
Service Tire Truck Centers
Founded as Service Tire Company in 1955 by Walter Dealtrey Sr. (1928-2002).

Management/Ownership Team -
Ronald Bennett President/CEO Joined STTC in 1970 as service and
retread shop person and later became President.

Walter Dealtrey Jr. COO/Sec/Treasurer Joined STTC in 1986. Spent

10 years in Sales and Store Management before current position.
Focuses on Operations and Financial aspects.

Howie Harding VP of Sales Promoted in 2017 after multiple roles

within the sales force.

Dan Watson- VP of Production Joined STTC in 2016 after 25 years

with Goodyear

Each has years of hands-on experience in all aspects of STTCs operation and
are committed to its success.
Added Services and Products
Wheel/Powder Coat Three central
locations. Highest quality. Assembly line,
phosphate treatment, 450/day, multiple
Aluminum Wheel ReconditioningVIS
Process Have at two locations
Mechanical services in many locations
OTR available for all locations In House
Repair System.
Alignment both Drive-In and Mobile
Truck routes to supply large fleet accounts
Highly trained and motivated sales force60+ working
out of their truckshands onlittle turnover
Regional Sales Managers (4) to develop salespeople
& work with Branch Managers on operational tasks
Regional OTR Sales Representatives (3)
Fleet Sales Managers (3) solicit key accounts both
local and nationally
Service Trainers (2) Full-time dedicated to service
training, OSHA compliance, MSHA and TIA
Office Trainer Full-time focused on branch office
billing functions.
Branch Managerslong time, key people of STTC -
little turnoverwell trained in their leadership roles,
dedicated, strong incentive programs.
Centralized computer system, well-run and
liked. Supplier interfaces, good and timely
information, many automated functions, all
branches on-line.
STTC On-Line Allows customers on-line
access to check retread status, new tire
inventory, copies of signed invoices & more
STTC On-Line Allows employees to access
inventory & account information after hours.
Branch inventory sharingdone through
internal delivery system provided to all
branches by STTC trucks.
Retread Plants
Millions produced since 1967
4M as of 12/10.
Four plants - Bethlehem & York PA, Millbury
MA, and Millville, NJ.
All have newest equipment upgrades.
Well trained retreaders low turnover.
Well paid with Piece Rate Pay Plan.
Low warranty rates - .4%
Productivity to control manufacturing costs
BibTeadNext for casing management
Training/Personnel Development
On-Line Training with 40 classes. Many mandatory
for all employees.
New Hires Must complete 19 basic sections.
Service Managers - Annual 2 day training meeting,
Office Managers Annual 2 day training meeting.
Store Managers - Annual 3 day group meetings and
quarterly regional benchmarking meetings.
Sales Personnel - Semi-annual 2 day meetings (plus
in-house and supplier training programs).
Continuous Training Leadership, Selling Skills,
Product Knowledge, Basic Supervision, Service

Member/Owner of Captive Insurance

company (Raffles Insurance LTD) since 1993
for Auto, Work Comp, & G/L Insurance.
Rates have increased less than industry
averages. Full-time Safety Manager.
Employee Safety Program with safety
incentives, penalties, and goals.
Sales Strategy
STTC sales strategy portraits (brands) our company as
providing the most reliable and safe services (Service Is
our Signature) accompanied by high standard quality
products communicated by highly trained personnel; thus
will allow customers to reduce overall tire costs.

STTC Vision: perceived as the only tire company that can

deliver what we say we can; our brand is service with
quality products.

Value Perceived by Customers: is one that creates a

benefit through cost savings, increased vehicle
productivity, increased profit, safety, trustworthy and
their customers satisfaction on execution
Sales Strategy
STTC Philosophy:
Tire Acquisition Tire Maintenance Tire Recycling

Sustainable Tire Program: process approach in creating a

consistent execution to the tire program with no variables,
creates a higher customer satisfaction and increased profits

Customer focus: consultative approach, diagnose sales

Differentiate: customize tire program to each customer and
Marketing: show ROI, define the ease of implementation,
Market Share: target fleets which understand value and poses
new business
Commitment to quality brand products
Drives value and loyalty
Commitment to retreading excellence
Appearance, durability and performance
Openness to change
Willing to listen to the dealers
Quality field people
Knowledgeable, strong expectations, head