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Topic- Online Student Registration System

IT-803 Major Project |

Department of Information
Roll No 0133IT121008
Branch IT
Online Registration System will reduce the hectic job of assessing
the records given by the candidates manually.
Being an integrated online examination system it will reduce
paper work.
To allow faculty to give additional time to students with
To allow faculty to fill attendance of the students.
Attendance must be filled on the end of the month.
Manipulate the data of the students.
Students will also aware about their attendance by checking on
their student portal.
Students will able to update their personal details but not their
academic reports.Academic reports must be filled out by the
student only at the time of their registration (the reports will be
verified to the administrator).The reports will be further updated
by the admin.

Introduction To Project
The Online Registration System allows registrar or admin,
through Internet, to register, remove, or add students
within the registration period,also able to check how many
student get registered and the student also able to see
their attendance if it is uploaded by the faculty members or
registrar who know the registration login id and password.
The admin is also able to change its login id and password
and also providing many other facility like admin can
update any student record also able to fill any student
attendance. The Registerar doesnt have to maintain any
register,file or copy.
What is the Online Registration System (ORS)?
The System provides for students the option to register themselves
by providing their some basic details on the form, without the
advisors prior approval, offered by their colleges during the
scheduled registration periods. The students can modify their
personal details by just clicking on the update button and also able
to see their academic report.
The ORS Features:
The students may or may not have prior experience
using such system. Ideally, any student can identify
him/herself to the system, to do the following:
1. Register, Add Student during the registration
2. Some fields are mandatory to be filled.
View the following:
See all its academic and personal details.
Update its personal details
Student Information
Degree Analysis
Academic Records
Change the login password
3. Login information Policy:
The student should be in compliance with
The Login information (username and password) is
the same as for the Evaluation and Moodle systems
and it is integrated with them. i.e. if the password
has been changed for any of these systems, the
online password will be changed sub-sequentially and
vice versa.
If the student loses or forgets his/her password,
he/she should do the following:
The Student has to contact with it counselling
department. For verification the admin ask some
simple questions about their personal and in last give
the verification message to the contact number which
he/she filled on the Registration form

Existing System:
The whole process of Registering Student and
evaluating their data after the registration, was done
manually till date. Processing the data i.e. checking
and distributing respective records used to take time
when the software was not installed.

Disadvantages of current System

The Current system is very time consuming.
To take registration of more candidates more
invigilators are required but no need of invigilator in
case of online Registration process.
The chances of paper leakage are more in current
system as compared to proposed system.
Records losing possible more as it is done manually.

Proposed Research Work:

The online registration created for taking online
registration has following features.
In comparison to the present system the
proposed system will be less time consuming and
is more efficient.
Result will be very precise and accurate and will
be declared in very short span of time because
calculation and evaluations are done by the
simulator itself.
The proposed system is very secure as no
chances of leakage of records paper as it is
dependent on the administrator only.
The logs of appeared candidates and their
attendance are stored and can be backup for
future use.
Can see its all records.
Update all the details about the student.
Delete any student record.
Fill the Attendance of the students.
Can change its ID and Password.

Admin can do the following things

given as below:
Can view their profile.
Can update their profile.
Check their Attendance.
Can see about their course.
Can see their Academic report but cant
able to change it (because this will be filled
by the Administrator.

Students can do the following

things given as below:
Welcome Page
After filling the form
Home Page (after pressing
Admin Login
Admin Page:
Show all record
Update Record (in Admin Page)
Update Record (in Admin Page)
Successfully Updated
Delete one student record whose
roll no. is 8:
Successfully Deleted
Verified (Is it deleted or not):
Fill Attendance
Change ID and Password
Student Login
Student Home Page