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Worlds largest multinational company

in terms of revenue with 275,000
employees working in more than 120
Offering consultation, management, IT
and out sourcing services.
Is a member of S&P 500 index and also
listed on the New York Stock exchange.
Has been ranked on number 146 in the
FT Fortune Global 500 list.
Four Types of Work Forces
Consulting: - Provide management consulting, the
application of technologies to business and process design
work. The unit is also responsible for the delivery, sales and
leadership of most of the project based work of Accenture.
Services: - This unit usually focuses on the outsourcing
engagements in the areas of maintenance, business
operations, IT and Application development, HR and help
desk services. Sometimes they also work as an internal
Enterprise team.
Solutions: - The technology solutions subsidiary of
Accenture usually focuses on those specific technology skills
that are needed to deliver projects or arrangements
regarding outsourcing. The unit consists of a majority of
those employees of Accenture that are working in the
delivery centers in the developing countries like India, Brazil
and Philippines.
Enterprise: - The unit is focusing upon the supporting and
managing of all the activities that are conducted across the
Accenture business including facilities, legal, client financial
management, security and marketing.
Matrix Culture with Five
Operating groups

Technology, communication and

Health and Public services.
Financial Services.
Technical and Functional Domain

Responsible to develop Accentures functional,

strategic, industry, operational, process and
change consulting capabilities.
To develop the full range of Accentures
system integration, IT outsourcing capabilities,
technology and consulting with the help of
Technology Growth Platform.
Providing Lots of specific services to clients
such as finance and accounting, Human
resources and procurement as well as other
services assigned for the needs of certain
specific industry.
Problem Statement

To cope with the changing business

environment such as
Decentralization of Authorities.
Promoting team work environment.
To provide Workers autonomy.
To improve Task integration methods.
To reduce the companys IT department
cost up to 30%.
Proposed IT Solution
Should design a new server that will
provide decision making authority at
individual and lower managerial level
which is supervised by the executives.
Should Develop a Hybrid expert
management information system that
will enhance the decision making power
and reduces the risk.
Should introduce an Advance peer to
peer networking routing to enhance
team working in the organization that
can reduce the cost of meetings and
In order to reduce the overheads like
electricity and maintenance cost
Accenture should develop a database
system that should be based on
microchip technology.
Project Scope Statement (Project Plan)

To update its current IT

systems with the significant
changes in the business
infrastructure and modern
To Automate the IT
functionality of the
company by acquiring new
expert based IT systems.
To reduce the cost of IT
system's functionality and
enhance its efficiency.
Project Deliverables (Project Plan)

Project Deliverables (Project Plan)

Promote decentralization of authority by providing an
opportunity to the operational managers to participate
in decision making.
Promote the team working and shared expertise
culture by introducing modern routing equipments that
could enable the employees to share their expertise.
Introduce modern virtualization software to run
multiple applications through a single centralized host
Support the strategic management of Accenture to
carry out economical and financial computing at a
single point and evaluate their decision effectively by
introducing expert based centralized data base system.
Success Criteria (Project Plan)
Conduct a cost and benefit analysis
for each IT system to decide whether
to keep it or not.
Take the feedback of customers and
employees of the organization to check
the viability of the project.
Check the market feasibility by
conducting different sort of marketing
analysis i.e. SWOT, PESTEL, Porter
five etc
Work Plan (Implementation plan)
Conduct an analysis of the
functionality of current IT systems
and update them according to the
modern standards.
Introduce new IT systems such as
Hybrid expert management
systems, Cloud Computing and
modern database management
Analyze the resources and
capabilities of the company
before starting the work.
Create a team of randomly
selected personnel from all the
three organizational levels i.e.
tactical, operational and strategic
Resources and Budget (Implementation Plan)

Significant amount of Research and

Development budget is allocated.
Outsource the work that needs the support
of some external professionals.
External investors are convinced to
provide financial resources to the project.
Major portion of the resources are
allocated to the primary stage to conduct the
feasibility study.

(See figures of the assumed budget in the

next slide)
Assumed Budget
Category Rate Total Resources Planning
23 hrs/week
Feasibility starting 9/11
study $750,000 Primary team thru 2/12
Intangibles $200,000 kHz & co
28 hrs/week
320 days@ starting 9/11
Travel $3000/day $960,000 Project Office thru 8/12
Material/Supp 320 days@ $2,240,00 40 hrs/week
lies $7,000/day 0 Jed & Jeff for 46 weeks
Sentential 3 hrs/week
Legal $200,000 associates for 8 weeks
Sub- 320 days@ $1,440,00 6 sub-
Contractors $4,500/day 0 contractors
Total $5,790,000
Stakeholders (Implementation Plan)
Communicate the benefits of the
project to all the stakeholders and
Remove the expected resistance for
the project by conducting seminars
and workshops on periodic basis.
Develop a proper action plan to
reduce the risk of failure and
resistance from stakeholders.
Risk Assessment (Implementation Plan)
Brainstorm all the potential risks
that might affect the probability of
the successful completion of the
Assign a scale i.e. (high, medium
and low) to different levels of
probabilities and impact of each
potential risk upon the future
performance of the project.
Multiply the probability of different
levels with the impact of the risk to
get the total effect of the risk over
the entire project.
Identify different activities that
would mitigate the impact of risk
over the project and the
contingency plans that would save
the project from absolute failure.
Quality Control
Enhance the quality of the
products & project
Executive committee
should conduct surprise
audits to check the quality
of products on periodic
Award different incentives
to motivate the employees
and insure quality control in
the long run.
Cost Benefit Analysis and Project
Introduction of Expert system will reduce cost of
labors and increase managerial decision making
Should arrange training session for managers
and employees to reduce expected risk.
By developing a centralized database system
would reduce cost of tactical managers and their
IT systems.
By Developing a web base networking system
employees will access the database and other
information easily.
By modernizing the networking devices like
routers and boosters will reduce the risk of data
loss and enhance the speed of IT systems.
Risk Analysis
With Introduction of Expert based IT systems most
of the employees will lose their jobs.
Decentralization of Authorities and workers
autonomy would reduce the efficiency of decision
making power.
The breakdown of a centralized data base system
may lead to a huge lose of information at once.
Promotion of team work may promote the labor
union culture.
Online Web based data base systems will be more
exposed to external cyber risk.
External legal and environmental risks can cause
failure of the project.
Alternative solutions
Plan- B
Accenture should use Voice Data
Integration Technology to get a
low cost substitute for circuit base
voice network.
It should use a wireless
technology in case of sudden
break down of the centralize data
base system.
It should use the Multiservice
Access Technology in case of
getting out of budget for
installation of expert systems.
It should develop a team of highly
recognized personnels that will
deal with the unexpected political
or legal circumstances in curse of
the proposed project.
Plan C (Alternative solutions)

The project team should decide

about the future of the project and
should made strategic decisions in
that regard.
They should also conduct a fresh
cost-benefit analysis to check the
financial or return base viability of
the project.
SWOT Analysis
It should check the budget of the project
that whether it is enough or not?
Evaluate the Benefits of the timely
completion of the project.
To check whether there are sufficient
funds with Accenture for the
contingencies plans.
Should evaluate the potential drawbacks
of the proposed project.
Should check the available opportunities
that Accenture needs to capture.
Gap Analysis
Will provide contingencies plans in case of failure
or delayed performance.
It will provide guide line about how to fill up the
gap between the expected objectives and the
existing outcomes of the project.
Monte Carlo Analysis

It would help the project manager to

calculate the probable total cost of
the project.
Would provide a better environment
to the managers for the proper
communication of strategic
Provides quantitative figures about
the performance of project team.