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Tutorial 1

(Introduction to Law)

Name: Ang Shu Xian

1. Law is referred to as a body of rules and principles governing the
affairs of a community and enforced through a set of
establishment put in place which include the courts, the police
and the prison system. Comment.

The law is enforced through a set of establishment put in place

which include the courts, the police and the prison system because
the aim of the law is to attain justice in society. Therefore, the aim of
a given law is to encourage the doing of what is right or just in a
particular set of circumstances. Implement law into courts is to
make sure the judge to do a right decision to attain justice.
Implement law into police is to make sure the police follow the
correct procedure in duties.
2. Although law is important as a source of rules of conduct,
society would be still be unable to function effectively unless its
individuals possess some form of moral standards and beliefs-
which may be term as ethical considerations. Critique the
above statement in the light of the relationship between law
and morality.
At first, there seems to be no distinction between law and morality
as both are normative. When discussing the relationship between
morality an law, it is important to define the term morality and law
itself. Morality is a personal or social set as standards for good or
bad behaviour or character or the quality of being right, honest or
acceptable. While law in other hand , defined as a body of rules
which are enforced by the state. Some actions are illegal because the
whole society disapproves the actions based on moral or religious
grounds even thought they harm no ones life or property. For
example, in Malaysia the same sex marriage is against our law while
some of the country is legitimate such as New York.
a) A doctor negligently left a scissor in a
patient stomach after an operation

Private law torts (negligence)

b) Tresspassing a land belonging to a
private person

Private law torts (trespass)

c) Recently, there are many exhanged
student at Univeristy Malaya to promote
culture diversity from all over the world

International law public international

d) A JPA scholarship to study Economics at
University Malaya was awarded to Elizabeth
for 4 years,however she was not happy with
the university and decides to quit her study.

Private law - contracts

e) A group of teenagers had set a fire to a
house which resulted occupants died
and the house was badly damaged.

Public law criminal law

f) Malaysia has a trade agreement
with China for more than 50 years.

Internatinal law private international

g) Husband is a Malaysian citizen, while wife is
Singaporena, they get married in Kuala
Lumpur and later they were not happy with
their marriage and decides to divorce.

Private law - trust