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Nouns and Pronouns

Grammar Review
Mr. Schmitt
A noun is a person, place or thing.
Common noun-general name for a person place or
Ex: monster, animal, store.
Proper noun-name of a particular person, place or
Ex: Big Foot, Mr. Schmitt
Concrete noun-name of something perceived by the
Ex: student, fur, computer
Abstract noun-name of an idea, quality or state.
Ex: intelligence, bravery, loyalty.
Types of nouns (cont.)
Singular noun-one person, place, thing or idea.
Example: photograph, chair, brain, fork
Plural noun-more than one person, place, thing or idea.
Ex: wolves, candles, televisions
Collective nouns-name of a group of people or things.
Ex: herd, pack, organization
Compound noun-single noun formed from two or more words.
Ex: footprint, bedroom, blackboard.
Possessive noun-noun that shows ownership or relationship.
Ex: coachs son, Mr. Schmitts desk, the girls toy.
A pronoun is a word used in place of a noun or
another pronoun. The word that a pronoun stands for
or represents is called its antecedent.
Personal pronouns change form.
Ex: The student offered to help his friend during class.

Ex: Some girl lost her phone in the cafeteria.


Personal Pronouns Singular Plural

First Person I, me (my, mine) We, us (our, ours)
Second Person You (your, yours) You (your, yours)
Third Person He, him, she, her, it (his, They, them (their, theirs)
her, hers, its)

Possessive pronouns show ownership or relationship. The possessive pronouns are

printed within parentheses in the chart above.
Directions: Circle the pronoun and underline the antecedent in the following sentences.

1) Mr. Schmitt taught his classes how to analyze

and critique an informational text.
2) Jehad ate more than his friends before football
3) Fawzi used the skills that Mr. Schmitt taught him
to become a better student.
4) Yesmine forgot to do her homework for her last
class of the day.
5) After JeVon and I left school, we played video
games for five straight hours.
Directions: Highlight all of the nouns in the following sentences.

1) Dearborn High School teachers care about their

2) Ms. Jaffer made sure her students understood
the material she presented in class.
3) Mr. Schmitt likes to play softball on Sundays.
4) The boys father was pleased with his sons
academic performance.
5) The crowd watched in amazement as Michigan
State pounded U of M at Spartan Stadium.