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By Masethe Sehoana
Five topics where provided for presentation and among them I chose global warming
as my topic.
Global warming is defined as the increase of average temperature on earth.
Global warming is the cause ,climate change is the effect.
Scientists often prefer to speak about climate change instead of global warming.
Global warming is caused by the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
This is done by deforestation and burning of fossil fuels(e.g natural gas, petrol ,diesel or coal)
Climate change is one of the major challenges of our time and adds considerable stress to our
societies and to the environment
From shifting weather patterns that threaten food production, to rising sea levels that increase the
risk of catastrophic flooding.

Figure 1 Figure 2

Figure 1 shows that the global temperature has been increasing over the past 150
years and it started increasing rapidly in the late 1900s.
Figure two also shows dramatic increase of carbon dioxide from the 1900s.
The earth has always been heating up and cooling cycles that
are natural. But global warming and climate change became an
issue during industrial revolution.

Industrial revolution denotes the period when humans began to

reproduce items using power driven machines. To power this
machines energy was derived from wood and coal. This increased
the amount of carbon dioxide ,among other gases present in the

The industrial revolution also denotes a period of

increased deforestation and pollution due to human
Rise in sea levels When water is
heated it expands, and when ice from
Antarctica melts it increases the sea

Strong storms and rain- Due to

high pressure differences caused by
increasing global temperatures the
storms and rain have became strong
and violent

Drought- global warming is just

associated with extreme weather
patterns and drought is one of them
( there is really no mechanism of
how it is caused).
Reduce carbon dioxide emissions- green houses
This can be achieved by using renewable
energy sources like solar , wind and tidal.
Stop or reduce deforestation
This can achieved by stopping the
unsustainable cutting of trees
Starting planting trees organisations
Innovative constructions which include trees in
their designs like the ones in china
Enforcing strict restrictions against the emissions of
greenhouses gases
Educating the people of the dangers of global
warming and climate change.
Global warming is real, and bigger than almost all problems faced by humanity because
it affect the very planet we live in.
Human beings need to understand how the planet works or else they will not have a
planet to leave in, in the near future.
If global warming is not reversed, human beings will be faced with two options
extinction or evolution. But evolution is highly unlikely.