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WhatsApp. What is it?

Social Media Presentation- Instant Messaging

By: Erin Perrino
EDT 180: Technology Problem Solving Digital Technology
Definition of WhatsApp
WhatsApp is a social media used for instant messaging.
Advertised as a simple, secure, and reliable messaging.
This app can be used on phones and other devices worldwide.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp
Instead of using data, WhatsApp uses internet connection.
This app can be used between different cellular devices and other technologies capable of
Free downloading the app.

With WhatsApp, individuals can communicate even if they are in different countries, free of charge.
Convenient The app is easy to use, and simple to download.

WhatsApp contains features similar to other social medias such as uploading photos and videos that
stay on a 24 hour loop.
Fun Users can send gifs, videos, documents, and so much more with the convivence of the app.

So What? Benefits of Using WhatsApp
Free text and calling worldwide.
Works among iPhone, Android, Windows PC, Mac, and Windows Phone.
Does not use data; instead, internet is used.

WhatsApp Features
With WhatsApp, individuals can use a feature called Speak Freely which is
the apps version of FaceTime along with voice calls and instant messaging.
Instead of using data, WhatsApp uses internet connection as a means of
providing its services.
WhatsApp includes security measures to insure that messages are secure
between the conversationalists exclusively.

Other Features
WhatsApp has the capabilities of voice messages. This means that one
may choose to simply record and send a message using their voice instead of
typing out messages.
Documents can be shared more effortlessly between individuals such as
spreadsheets, PDFs, slideshows, and more.
Like other social medias such as Snapchat and Instagram Stories, WhatsApp
has a feature to post pictures and videos to ones page that last for 24
hours. Let friends and family know what you have been up to!

Why Everyone Needs WhatsApp
Similar to other instant messaging tools, WhatsApp has the capability to use group
chats up to 256 individuals at once, this way important people such as friends,
family, or coworkers can be contacted efficiently and effectively.
WhatsApp can sync to all devices, this means that conversations may continue using
smartphone, or a computer, or any device capable of downloading the app.
WhatsApp even works in different countries. Stay connected with friends abroad!
This is an app that may be used by anyone wishing to connect with other individuals
without using their data
Data Supporting WhatsApp
Most Popular Instant Messaging
Apps Four Most Popular Instant Messaging
# 1- Messenger
#2 WhatsApp
#3 WeChat
#4 Line

Messenger WhatsApp WeChat Line

How Does it Work? What is the Catch?
Simply download the app, provide a phone number, and connect away.
WhatsApp can even access contacts already stored on the cellular device to
make it easier to connect with friends and family.
Enjoy free messaging, face-to-face communication, and voice messaging! No
Cant wait? Download the app at

A Note of Thanks
Thank you for your time and interest.
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