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Karima Ayoub
Uncontrollable/overwhelming thoughts that people our age face
and how they impact a person
The intended audience are teenagers who feel the same way and
experience the same struggle. The audience is also partially people around
the teenager as well.

What could a 16-year- o Referring to myself throughout the text shows

that the intended audience is people like me,
old girl possibly be
my age.
thinking of so diligently?

Once I told my friend that I

wanted to be an Engineer
The purpose of the text is to illustrate the struggle of having no control over your
thoughts. It is partly beneficial to have no control over these things, but it can also be
extremely stressing at times. Also, it is to reassure other teenagers that they are not the
only ones going through this struggle.

How does the purpose affect the structure/content of the poem?

It affects the structure because it caused me to not separate the poem into different
It affects the content because I shared my thoughts, feelings, and personal
experiences throughout the poem since I wanted to show the level of stress and anger
I felt.
My tone varies throughout the text depending on what Im saying and the
stylistic devices Im using.
For example, My thoughts.
What could a 16-
Thinking about year-old girl possibly
college, career, and This virus needs
be thinking of so
courses medication
Thinking about This drug needs
change, challenge, treatment
and choices
Sound, Syntactical, and Poetic
Syntactical Devices

Anaphora: Parallelism
Once I told This virus needs
Repetition: medication
Thinking about
My thoughts This drug needs
I was screaming
This addiction needs
I mean loudly and by filtration
These thoughts
need control"
Poetic Devices
They are a drug, Rhetorical Questions:
an addiction What could a 16-year-
old girl possibly be
thinking of so
diligently? Boys,
Simile: perhaps?
Personification: My thoughts are
Thats not a wise like a virus eating
me alive" What are you doing
decision it yells
with your life?
Dont follow your heart it
Sound Devices

Rhyme: Onomatopoeia:
Once I told my friend Alliteration: Thats not a suitable
that I wanted to be an career choice it
Engineer Thinking about college, whispers
career, and courses
She told me I wouldnt
make it because it was a Thinking about change,
males career challenge, and choices
Thinking about dreams, doubts,
and death
Thinking about passion,
problems, and people
How do people use one or more
languages in various contexts to
express their individual identity?
How do individuals define themselves
according to the practices of a
The End