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Final Presentation


Presented To : Sir Ejaz Mustafa

Presented By
Shehzaib Sunny Jaweria Akhlaq
Taimoor Ahmad Tahir Sultan
The Power to Lead

HBL was the first commercial bank to be

established in Pakistan in 1947.

HBL is one of the largest Banks of Pakistan with

having 1,450 branches across the country & a
customer base exceeding five million relationships
& having total assets of Rs. 434,931,930,000.

The Government of Pakistan privatized HBL in

Mohammad Ali Habib was the founder of this

The first branch of HBL started functioning on

30th August, 1941 at Muhammad Ali Road
Bombay, where Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali
Jinnah first of all opened his personal account

With a domestic market share of over 40%, HBL

was nationalized in 1974.

On December 29, 2003 Pakistan's Privatization

Commission announced that the Government of
Pakistan had formally granted the Aga Khan Fund
for Economic Development (AKFED) rights to 51%
of the shareholding in HBL, against an investment
of PKR 22.409 billion (USD 389 million).
Habib Bank Limited Rating

HBL is currently rated AA (Long term) and A-

1+ (Short term) and has a balance sheet
size of USD 10.2 billion. It is the first
Pakistani bank to raise Tier II Capital from
external sources.

Enabling people to advance with confidence

and success

To make our customers prosper, our

staff excel and create value for

To earn profit for the Bank itself and for its shareholders.

To promote and boost up business sector inside the


To provide employment opportunities to people.

To help in development and industrialization of the


To provide loan and advances to help out in self

employment schemes.





Culture of Innovation

A well-developed and properly coordinate structure is

an important requirement for the success of any

At present the Bank operates through one central and

23 Regional Offices and 1439 branches, all over

Each Regional Head Quarter is headed by a Chief

Executive and assisted by General Manager
Operations and General Manager Support Services.

The Regional Head Quarter controls the branches in

their area.

Overseas operations consist of 65 main

branches, two affiliates, two representative
offices and two subsidiaries.

President, from Head Office at Karachi

controls the officers of the Bank with the help
of the senior management.
Functional responsibilities of the Banks are broken into
seven groups know as
International Operations Group
Corporate Banking and Treasury Investment Group
Retail Banking and Operation Group
Finance, Audit and Administration Group
Assets Remedial Management Group
Credit Policy Group
Corporate Bank, Financial Institutions and Project
Finance Group
Organizational Chart of HBL

Senior Executive Vice


Executive Vice

Senior Vice President

Vice President


Officer Grade-I Officer Grade-II Officer Grade-

Departments of HBL

Deposit department
Clearing Departments
Inland Remittance Department
Bills Departments
Advances Departments
CD Department
Foreign Exchange Department

Accepting deposits
Making Loans and advance.
Accepting Deposits

Current Deposits
Profit and loss sharing account (Saving)
Fixed deposits
Making Loans and advances

Demand Finances
Running Finance
Over Draft
Discounting bills of Exchange


Goodwill & historical background

First bank which started the scheme of personal loan.

HBL is Pakistan's largest commercial bank with domestic

network of 1,425 branches with an international network
of 48 branches in 26 countries

HBL has focused more on its marketing through using

both BTL & ATL activities.


E banking and IT department is not that strong

as compared to other banks.
Centralization can be considered as weakness
for HBL.
Customer Relationship Management is still
comparatively weak
Discouragement from the government in case
of deposits and opening of bank accounts


Opportunities for growth and expansion in

cash management.
Faster market growth represents opportunity to
grow and diversify
Large deposit base and funds flow can help to
avail related market opportunities


Adverse & unstable government policies

Political instability in country
New and small banks in Pakistani banking
industry i.e. Standard Chartered Bank, Faisal
bank are considered as a threat for HBL.
Downfall of Economic situation in country
According to HBL perspective ALLIED bank is considered to
be an important competitor due to its strong e banking.
There networking systems and IT department is very strong
as compared to HBL.

National bank is competitor for HBL because national bank

comes under government.

MCB is also an other competitor because the rates they are

offering are much high as compared to HBL.

Small banks are considered to be strong competitor because

they are more focused towards Individual customers market
compared to the Business Customers, which make them the
direct competitors of HBL.
Products & Services
Individual Customers

Deposits Account
HBL Car loan
HBL Car To Car
HBL Credit Cards
HBL Debit Cards
HBL Fast Transfer
HBL Phone Banking
Deposits Account

HBL offers a wide range of accounts suited to meet

individual customer needs.
1) Term Account
2) Current Accounts
3) Savings Account
4) Foreign Currency Account
1)Term Account

Customers can invest savings in HBL term deposits

for a fixed duration and earn profit while keeping
their savings secure.

HBL Advantage Account

Investment Plus Deposit
HBL Advantage Account

Profit per
1 Year 12%
3 Year 14%
5 Year 15%
10 Year 18%
Multiple options for tenure and profit payout
Loan facility up to 90% of investment
Minimum investment of Rs. 25,000
Withdrawal at end of fixed term
Investment plus Deposit

Account for Institutions

Multiple options for tenure and profit payout
Profit paid at maturity
Minimum investment of Rs. 20 million
Withdrawal at end of fixed term
2)Current Accounts

1. HBL Freedom Account

2. HBL Business Value Account
3. Current Account
4. Basic Banking Account (BBA)
HBL Freedom Account

Customer can use money as please with

HBL Freedom Account. On a monthly
balance of Rs. 25,000 or more free services
Free cash withdrawal & deposit transactions through any
HBL branch
Free online funds transfer transactions
Free Bankers Cheques
Free HBL cheque deposit transactions at any HBL branch
Free cheque books
Free duplicate account statements
Free debit card issuance (for individuals and sole proprietors)
Free ATM transactions through HBL network
Free SMS alerts on transactions above PKR 25,000/- (for
individuals and sole
HBL Business Value Account

Unique transactional account for Businessmen

Profit calculated daily, paid every quarter
No minimum balance requirement
Nominal monthly maintenance charge of Rs. 50
HBL Debit Card and Inter Branch Transaction
System (IBTS) facilities
Funds transfer to any bank through HBL Phone
Current Account

Minimum balance of Rs. 5,000

Unlimited transactions
Non-profit bearing
HBL Debit Card and Inter Branch
Transaction System (IBTS) facilities
Funds transfer to any bank through HBL
Phone Banking
Basic Banking Account (BBA)

Can be opened with only Rs. 1,000

No minimum balance requirement
Up to 2 withdrawal and 2 deposit
transactions free every month
Unlimited withdrawals through HBL
Debit Card
Non-profit bearing
3) Savings Account

HBL Value Account

PLS Savings Account
Remittance Munafa Plus Savings
Daily Munafa Account
Daily Progressive Account
HBL Value Account

7.19% profit per annum

Profit calculated monthly, paid every quarter
Deposit ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs.
Two withdrawals free every month
PLS Savings Account

5.06% profit per annum

Profit paid bi-annually
HBL Debit Card and Inter Branch Transaction
System (IBTS) facilities
Funds transfer to any bank through HBL Phone
Minimum balance of Rs. 20,000
Unlimited transactions
Remittance Munafa plus Savings Account

Special account for receiving foreign remittances

5.12% profit per annum
Profit paid every month
Minimum balance of Rs. 20,000
Daily Munafa Account

Profit calculated daily, paid every month

Up to 8.84% profit per annum
HBL Debit Card and Inter Branch Transaction
System (IBTS) facilities
Funds transfer to any bank through HBL
Phone Banking
Minimum balance of Rs. 20,000
Daily Progressive Account

Unique transactional account for Institutions

Profit calculated daily, paid every month
Up to 11.57% profit per annum
Inter Branch Transaction System (IBTS) facility
Funds transfer to any bank through HBL Phone
Minimum balance of Rs. 20,000
HBL Car loan

HBL Car Loan helps customers get their preferred car through a
simple and hassle-free process, backed by superior service and
support. Choice of used, new local/imported and reconditioned
imported car

Features :
Repayment options ranging up to 7 years.
Up to 85% of financing for the car of your choice.
Insurance at all times for complete peace of mind and security.
Round the clock support available through HBL Phone Banking.
Eligibility Criteria
Citizenship Pakistani Pakistani
Age 22-60 years 22-65 years
Rs. 20,000 Rs. 25,000
monthly Income

Copy of CNIC
2 recent passport size photographs
Latest original salary slip and personal bank statement for last 3
months for salaried individuals
Bank statement for last 6 months and bank letter confirming
details of account and proof of business for self employed
HBL Car To Car

Pay only for what you use

Upgrade of lifestyle
Eligibility Criteria
Salaried Individuals Businesspersons/
Citizenship Pakistani Pakistani
Age 22-60 years 22-65 years
Minimum monthly
Rs. 20,000 Rs. 25,000
Copy of CNIC
2 recent passport size photographs
Latest original salary slip and personal bank statement for
last 3 months for salaried individuals
Bank statement for last 6 months and bank letter confirming
details of account o Proof of business for self employed
business persons
Benefits of HBL Credit Cards

Affordability :Buy now, pay later or Pay as much as you want

Flexibility :Cash advance & Balance transfer facility
Security :You cannot lose cash if you dont carry it! In the
event that customer card gets stolen/lost, call HBL Phone
Banking to have card blocked immediately.
Convenience SMS alerts,24/7 access to HBL Phone Banking,
Statement by email, Statement by fax, Internet banking,
Mobile top-ups ,Utility bill payments, Internet shopping
Supplementary cards
Benefits of HBL Credit Cards
Gold Card GreenCard
Minimun Gross salary
Rs.50,000 Salaried individuals Rs.15,000

Rs.180,000 Self-employed business Rs.25,000

RupeesCredit limit range
Rs.150,000 Minimu Rs.20,000
Rs.500,000 Maximum Rs.149,000
HBL Debit Card
No Interest
Ease & Security
No Liability
International Recognition& Acceptability
Spending Limits
24 hour Customer Service
Global Customer Assistance Service

HBL and New Jubilee Life Insurance Company

Limited (NJLI) introduce Amaan (Retirement Plan)
and Tabeer (Child Education & Marriage). These
products have been designed keeping HBLs
customer base as the focus and will provide life
insurance along with an investment option.
Amaan - retirement plan
Tabeer- Child Education
Amaan - Retirement Plan
Tabeer- Daughters Marriage
HBL Fast Transfer

HBL Fast Transfer lets you receive your remittance

instantly and absolutely free. HBL - Pakistans largest
banking network - provides unmatched convenience
and a confirmation SMS to inform you that your money
is ready for collection.
HBL Phone Banking:

HBL Phone Banking services for Deposit

Account customers
HBL Phone Banking services for HBL Car To
Car and Car Loan customers
Mobile phone prepaid vouchers
Business Customers
Long history of being a partner of growth for business and

Annual Turnover between PKR 50 million to PKR 300


The Corporate Banking Group focuses on personalized

services to large corporate borrowers who need tailored

Active player in a multitude of sectors

Business Customers

1Corporate Banking

2Commercial Banking

3Investment Banking

4Zarai Banking
s Leather FMCGs


Power ls
Aviation oil automotive
Corporate Banking

Range of solutions for your business NEED

If you are a corporate customer, with a turnover of at l PKR 300

million, HBL have a range of solutions designed to help customers
with banking needs
Corporate Banking
Working Capital Finance, including Overdraft, etc.
Pre and Post Shipment Export Financing (PKR and
USD based)
Import Financing (PKR and USD based)
Receivable Discounting
Islamic Banking facilities
Cash Management Services
Letter of Credit.
Corporate Banking

1) Cash Management
HBL offers a comprehensive platform for
customers to avail Cash Management
Services throughout Pakistan. HBL Cash
Management Services reduce the cash
turnaround of your company, thereby making it
cost efficient.
Corporate Banking
2)Islamic Banking
Islamic Banking is a growing market segment that offers
attractive opportunities to potential and existing
customers. At HBL, Islamic Banking offers Shariah
compliant products and services to meet the short and
long term requirements of business, trade and industry.

Shariah Compliance
HBL Islamic Banking products are in strict compliance
with the tenets of Shariah and bear Shariah Compliance
Certification from an independent Shariah Advisor.
Corporate Banking
Products and Services
Commercial Banking
HBLs Commercial Banking Group targets medium sized
companies with a turnover of at least PKR 50 million.

HBL business units are located in Karachi, Lahore,

Faisalabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala and Peshawar. Each unit
is dedicated to service business clusters located within
these cities.

HBLs have the ability and the resources to meet the

needs of your business with our pro- active, responsive
and experienced Relationship Managers who are
committed to understanding your business.
Commercial Banking
Working Capital
Procurement of Inventory
Procurement of Machinery
Expansion of production facilities
Import of raw materials
Investment Banking
HBL offers full-service Investment Banking
capabilities to its clientele.

This year alone, HBL has closed over thirty

transactions with a cumulative worth of over USD 2
The Investment Banking Group functions in three
specialist business areas:
Project Finance,
Debt Capital Markets & Syndications
Equity Capital Markets & Advisory.
Zarai Banking
HBL Zarai Banking facilities are spread across the
country and provide financing through more than 800
of our branches.

HBLs presence in all agriculture belts of the country

ensures easy access to farmers in rural areas.

HBL Zarai Banking provides loans to small-scale land

owning farmers as well as large institutionalized and
alliance based finance, enhancing agricultural harvest
and, in turn, economic output of the country.

Crop Inputs
Farm Implements
Tractors/Agricultural Vehicles
Fish Farming
Group Lending
Thank you