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Auditing Operating System and Network

Micah Caraggayan
1. It is a sequence of number 2. It is a control message
used to detect missing form the sender and a
messages. response from the
receiver are sent at
a. Call-back devices
periodic, synchronized
b. Message transaction log intervals.
c. Request-response technique
d. Message sequence numbering a. Request-response technique
b. Call-back devices
c. Message sequence numbering
d. None of the above
3. Among the choices 4. What are the techniques that a virus
could use to infect system?
below, which is the main
The program can attach itself to:
task the operating system
I. An .EXE and .COM file
II. An .OVL program file

a. Allocates computer resources to III. The boot sector of the disk

users IV. A device driver program
b. Manages organizational structure
c. Translate low-level languages a. I, III and IV only

d. None of the above b. I only

c. I, II, III, IV
d. none
5. It is a system that 6. Statement 1: The information in the
enforces access control access token is used to approve all
actions attempted by the user during
between two networks. the session.
Statement 2: In distributed systems,
a. Firewall end users may control (own)
b. Virus
c. Network a. False ; True

d. Program b. False ; False

c. True ; True
d. True ; False
7. ___________ is the 8. Statement 1: At login, the operating
system creates an access token
computer equivalent of a that contains key about the user,
telephone wiretap. It is a including user ID, password, user
group, and privileges granted to the
log that records both the user.
users keystrokes and the Statement 2: Most antiviral programs
systems responses to run in the background on the host
computer and automatically test all
them. files that are uploaded to the host.

a. Access Token a. True ; True

b. Keystroke Monitoring b. True ; False
c. Event monitoring c. False ; True
d. None of the choices d. False ; False
9. A ___________ accepts 10. ________ is an
or denies access audit log that summarizes
requests based on key activities related to
filtering rules, and then users, applications, and
directs the incoming calls system resources.
to the correct internal a. Vaccine
receiving node. b. Firewall
c. Keystroke monitoring
a. Network-level firewall
d. Event Monitoring
b. Firewall
c. Application-level Firewall
d. Either a or c