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Although my room in residence is small, it is very cozy. On the single
bed under the window is a spread quilted by my grandmother
before her death. It is my most treasured possession. Beside the bed
is a small bookcase filled with my books and papers. The bookcase
is painted white, and the top and sides have a pattern of vines
running over them, stenciled in green. Next to the bookcase is a
small antique armchair from my grandmother's house. The chair is
upholstered in a rich cream brocade material, sprinkled with tiny
pink roses. Over the chair is a framed photograph showing my
family's summer camp. In the picture, the sun is setting beyond the
hills, which look blue in the distance, under a pink and gold sky.
Against the wall opposite the bed is my desk, painted white like the
bookcase and covered with more books, papers, pens, and pencils,
while on the floor between the bed and the desk is an oval hooked
rug in varied shades of blue, green, and rose. The residence is old
and crumbling, and the hall outside my room is dingy and dark, but
my room itself is always a bright and welcoming haven for my many
friends and me.
1. Queen Victoria, one of England's greatest monarchs, ruled
for sixty-three years.

1. Harvey Jensen, the pro at the country club, is giving me golf


2. James Hilton's book, Lost Horizon, has been filmed twice.

3. Chemistry, Sue's favorite subject, is easy for her.

4. Mr. and Mrs. Miller, our neighbors for the past eight years,
are moving to Dallas.

5. Adam Sandler, the star of many film comedies, also had his
own television show.
6. Dick's new suit, a gray flannel one, makes him look much older.

7. The theater, an old and drafty one, is nevertheless always


8. My math teacher, Miss Manguba, has taught for ten years.

9. The garage, a two-car one, is attached to the house.

10. My friend, a graduate of De La Salle, is now studying law.

11. Our dog, a golden retriever, is ten years old.

12. Mrs. Santos, the president of the company, will speak at the
1. To be objective in my decision is hard.

2. Does Joan have enough change to make a phone call?

3. I was happy to give you a ride home.

4. To move to a larger house would be unwise for us now.

5. Fred was frightened to be alone in the old house.

6. To be a doctor is Ann's ambition.

7. To win the presidency is Senator Brown's ambition.

8. Did you have time to feed the kitten?

9. Our plan is to go to Tennessee in October.

10. To play tennis every day is Jim's ambition for the

1. The old gray mare limped down the lane.
2. The silver-winged plane soared.
3. Johnnys baby sister cried for hours.
4. The first three girls giggled.
5. Fourteen good pilots died in the war.
6. The chairman of the meeting left early.
7. The chrome-plated motorcycles glistened in the sun.
8. The pioneers in our family fled from Macau.
9. The dogs buried bones rotted in the ground
10. Carols best china plate broke into a hundred pieces.