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Ethics serve as a means of self regulation

and a source of guidelines for individual

behavior and responsibilities.

Professional code of ethics is a system of

rules and principles by which that profession
is expected to regulate its members and
demonstrate its responsibilities to society.

Nursing ethics is a branch of applied ethics

that concern itself with activities in the field of

O The nurses primary responsibility is to those

who require nursing care.

O The nurse provide care, promotes an

environment in which the value, customs and
spiritual believes of individuals are respected.

O The nurse holds in confidence and maintain


O Share the responsibilities for initiating

and supporting actions to meet the health
and social needs of the community.

O Sustain an cooperative relationship.

O Take appropriate actions to safeguard the


O The nurse carries personal responsibilities

for nursing practice and maintain

O The nurse uses judgment in relation to

individual competence when accepting and
delegating responsibilities.

O Maintain standards of personal conduct.


O Plays a major role in determining and

implementing desirable standards of
nursing practice and education.

O Develop professional knowledge.

O Participate in stabilizing and maintaining

equitable social and economic working
condition in nursing.

Nursing ethics shares many principles with medical

ethics, such as beneficence, non- maleficence and
respect for autonomy. The various principles may be
listed as:

O Respect for persons- It directs to treat individuals

with respect.
O Respect for autonomy- People honor anothers right to
govern himself or herself.
O Respect for freedom- Patients be exempt from
control by others to select and peruse personal
health goals.

O Respect for beneficence- Obligation to do well and

not harm other people.

O Respect for non-maleficence- Prevent doing harm to

others. Eg, administration of harmful drugs .

O Respect for veracity- It is concern about truth telling.

Professionals should always provide accurate and
reality based information.
O Respect for rights- Right is a claim to a specific
good or service.

O Respect for fidelity- Keeping ones promises or

commitments. Important to keep patients faith on

O Confidentiality- It is the duty to respect privileged

information. Respect the patients need for privacy.

O Respect for justice- Person should be treated with

equality and fairly.
O The code of ethics for nurses was developed as
a guide for carrying out nursing responsibilities
in a manner consistent with quality in nursing
care and the ethical obligations of the

O The ICN code of ethics guide nurses in everyday

choices and it supports their refusal to
participate in activities that conflict with caring
and healing.
In India, nurses are following the International council of
nurses code for nurses 1973 as given below:

1. The nurse respects the uniqueness of individual in

provision of care

1.1 Provides care of individuals without consideration of

caste, religion, culture, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic
and political status, personal attributes, or any other
1.2 Develops and promotes trustful relationship
with individual(s)

1.3 Recognizes uniqueness of response of

individuals to interventions and adapts
2. The nurse respects the rights of individuals as
partner in care and help in making informed choices

2.1 Appreciates individuals right to make decisions

about their care and therefore gives adequate and
accurate information for enabling them to make
informed choices.
2.2 Respects the decisions made by individual(s)
regarding their care.
2.3 Protects public from misinformation and
3. The nurse respects individuals right to privacy,
maintains confidentiality, and shares information

3.1 Respects the individuals right to privacy of their

personal information.

3.2 Maintains confidentiality of privileged information

except in life threatening situations and uses discretion
in sharing information.
3.3 Takes informed consent and maintains
anonymity when information is required for quality
assurance/ academic/legal reasons.

3.4 Limits the access to all personal records written

and computerized to authorized persons only.
4. Nurse maintains competence in order to
render Quality Nursing Care

4.1 Nursing care must be provided only by registered


4.2 Nurse strives to maintain quality nursing care

and upholds the standards of care.

4.3 Nurse values continuing education, initiates and

utilizes all opportunities for self development.
4.4 Nurses values research as a means of
development of nursing profession and participates in
nursing research adhering to ethical principles.
5.The nurse if obliged to practice within the
framework of ethical, professional and legal

5.1 Adheres to code of ethics and code of

professional conduct for nurses in India developed by
Indian Nursing Council.
5.2 Familiarizes with relevant laws and practices in
accordance with the law of the state
6. Nurse is obliged to work harmoniously with
members of the health team
6.1 Appreciates the team efforts in rendering care.

6.2 Cooperates, coordinates and collaborates with

members of the health team to meet the needs of
7. Nurse commits to reciprocate the trust invested in
nursing profession by society

7.1 Demonstrates personal etiquettes in all dealings.

7.2 Demonstrates professional attributes in all


1. Bioethical issues concerning birth

2. Bioethical issues concerning death
3. Specific bioethical issues
1. Bioethical issues concerning birth:

O Family planning
O Amniocentesis
O Sterilization
O In vitro fertilization
O Surrogate mothers
O Abortion
2. Bioethical issues concerning death:

O Euthenics
O Right to die issue
- withholding treatment
- withdrawing treatment
- Right to refuse treatment
3. Specific bioethical issues:

O Organ transplantation
O Xenon transplantation
O Truth telling

A dilemma is defined as a situation requiring choice

between two equally desirable or undesirable
alternatives. Usually there is no perfect solution in most
of the ethical dilemmas some of the current ethical
dilemma in nursing profession are-

O Euthanasia
O Abortion
O Right to refuse treatment
O Truth telling