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What habitat am I?

I earned my name from being the

foot of the mountain. I am known
for my red clay soil and am called
the rolling hills.
What habitat am I?
I have lots of flat land that is good for
farming. You may see peanut and cotton
crops on the side of the road here.
What habitat do I belong to?
I am a plant with sticky coating on the
outside of my leaves. It helps me to catch my
food. I am called a carnivorous plant.
What habitat am I?
I am the highest populated habitat in the
state. The state capital, Atlanta, is found
What habitat is this?
Black bears eat rainbow and spotted trout in
the streams and rivers in this habitat.
What habitat am I?
I am the largest habitat in the state. You may
see plants such as Spanish moss growing on
live oak trees here. Spanish moss is also
called an air plant.
What habitat do I belong to?
I am a Loggerhead sea turtle. I share my
habitat with the right whale, Bottlenose
dolphin, manatees, and sharks.
What habitat am I?
It rains and snows here more than anywhere
else in Georgia. The high elevations cause us
to have cold winters.
What habitat am I?
I have a humid climate and my land is
covered mostly in water. The largest swamp
named the Okefenokee Swamp is located
What habitat am I?
I am a large body of salt water. There are
many barrier islands, also called the Golden
Isles, on my 110 mile coastline.